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  1. No no, precisely the opposite. Wielding at least one Balanced weapon gives you +10 to all Parry tests. RAW, of course. I can see both sides. If you're wielding a shield in one hand and a massively unwieldy weapon in the other, then perhaps it's harder to get your whole body positioned where it needs to be to parry effectively with the other weapon. But yeah, I'd probably house-rule it.
  2. Right. Body doesn't get it, but Subskin Armor exists and Bionic heart gets you 3 Armor (no TB bonus) for the body, instead of 2 TB and 2 Armor for Limbs (subskin and bionic limb). Although, the DM could certainly argue that Subskin Armor doesn't stack with Bionic Limb since there's no skin there!! Head only has 1 Armor available (Cranial Armor), since Subskin Armor doesn't apply to head. Nice that they kept heads as the weakpoint. Very classic. :-D
  3. Wait what? Bionics give +2 SOAK to a location? *pulls out Core book and starts reading furiously* As for the +3 to Toughness, that may be a leftover memory from 1e! :-D Edit: HOLY EMPEROR! +2 Tougness BONUS!? Robo-assassin tank build here I come!!
  4. The damage used to determining Prone is definitely after Toughness and Armor. 1. Stunned, not Prone. 2. Prone. 3. Stunned and Prone. (hello, +40 to hit with melee!) As for vehicles... isn't there something in Only War about Concussive attacks Stunning the occupants? I'd say that a concussive attack has little effect on large vehicles, but perhaps on a bike it would do something. Force an Operate test with penalty equal to the Concussive Quality x 10 or crash?
  5. You definitely don't get -10 to WS when attacking with a non-Defensive weapon, even if you're holding one. As for the properties not stacking, the text explicitly states that Defensive only applies to the weapon with the property, whereas Balanced makes no such distinction, but ADDITIONALLY specifies that two Balanced weapons don't affect each other. This is an example of the exeption proving the rule. They have specifically ruled out the case that a Balanced weapon's Parry bonus does not affect parrying with another weapon that is also Balanced. The implication being that the Balanced Quality does apply to other weapons wielded if they do not have the Balanced Quality.
  6. Haha, I bought both of those on my last DH1 charcter. Totally worth it.
  7. About to start playing a new DH campaign... AND if I don't eat lunch for 2 days I can buy this app without impacting my finances in the slightest! Totes gonna buy this badboy.
  8. Greetings acolytes, I like servo skulls. They're neato. The core book only has ideas for 4 or so of them. Are there more in the other books? I didn't find any... Anyway, give me your ideas for servo-skulls! I figure they're basically floating pieces of gear (one is a glowglobe, another a medi-kit, another a laud hailer, the last a combi-tool). What other servo-skulls would be fun?
  9. ? They increase the Toughness of a location by 3, rarely enough to put you into the next bracket. Heart Replacement (or whatever it's called) and Subdermal Armor and Skull Plates do give you AP though, that's true! Edit: Now with the real names! Subskin Armor, Cranial Armor, and Bionic Heart. Yeah, definitely good stuff. Good reason to get that hot-shot las gun out of storage. :-D
  10. Woah, what wierd wording for Balanced. It seems like the actually intended for Balanced to give the wielder +10 on ALL WS Parry tests, even with a different weapon. Otherwise, why would they specify that two weapons' Balance qualities don't stack? They could have simply written, "Balanced weapons give the wielder +10 to Weapon Skill tests made to Parry with that weapon." Boom, no confusion. Even the Defensive quality specifies that the Parry reaction has to be done with the weapon with the Defensive Quality to gain the bonus. I would actually rule, although this is pretty crazy, that it DOES stack. So... best craftsmanship shield while wielding a sword = +35 to parry. Hah. Rad.
  11. Morbid, the changes to DoS just give people 1 additional DoS. It does create kind of silly situations where rolling a 39 vs. a target of 40 is 2 DoS, but that's likely an acceptable cost for the ease-of-use improvements. If you want to switch back to the full 10, then by all means, do so. As for Accurate, I disagree with NFK to a degree (of success lolol). Mostly because I think comparing the Long Las to something like the Autocannon is a bit silly. They have hugely different rarities and applications. Comparing the Long Las to other starting weapons is more reasonable and even then it's comparable. Max damage, as you said is 3d10+3. Felling helps keep the LongLas in play for longer, but doesn't do much else. Pen 1 is negligible. Although, you can use the Long Las on Overcharge and get +1 pen and +1 dmg... Regardless, compare that to a lasgun. If your roll nicely with the Semi-Auto action, (need 4 DoS) to get max damage, (just like with the Long Las!) and you're doing (1d10+3)*3 Pen 0, but who cares. No Felling, also largely irrelevant. BUT, you can choose 3 targets! Shooting 3 weak cultists? Assign 1 hit to each! Or maybe 2 and 1. Regardless, more flexible with that there semi-auto. Now, of course, armor and toughness are applied to each hit, but for that loss you get to choose the targets. So, in short, the long las vs lasgun or sniper rifle vs autogun have different strengths in different applications. None of them holds a candle to a hotshot vs armor targets or a bolter vs any target. And heavy weapons, like the Lascannon and the Autocannon, well, those are in a whole other category. Accurate ain't OP, yo.
  12. As cps said, the presence of armor has no effect on the efficacy of a Primitive weapon.
  13. Huh. Interesting. Definitely something to bring up with the GM about house-ruling. I'd say that a first aid attempt can only be made once "per injury" and only within 12 (or even less) hours of receiving the injury. That means, after a fight you can get first aid once, but the next day you can't do it again, the wounds don't need first aid, they need long-term care. There's some fiddliness with "per injury" and if you got into two fights, you'd need to make sure that First Aid from the second fight didn't heal more than any damage actually taken. :-p
  14. Uh, wouldn't that leave the attacker with 3 DoS? Regardless, it seems like a contested roll with DoS vs DoS is a good way to go. You'd need to work out if dodge would get some penalties though, for compact areas and such.
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