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  1. Oh man, I really spent all day today thinking about making a fan base of homemade cards for the new movies, like a lot.
  2. Along those lines, I'd love to see a fleshed out Apocalypse Engine book for SW. I'd be delighted to see FFG try their hands at that.
  3. Why set it in the timeframe of the corebooks? Run Dawn as written. Not that I think the Dark Times are better, per se, but why do that work? Bail Organa is dead, so who's their patron? Can of worms, and that might be more work than it's worth, but that's up to you. Admittedly, I've been thinking of running Dawn as well using FFG rules, but setting it in the comic book timeframe from Legacy. The work will be worth it, mostly because my play group would want something without a defined ending. Luke being in the same galaxy ruins some of their enjoyment by taking away from their significance, not that it ever has impacted them.
  4. I'm certain FFG can develop an rpg that both keeps the sacred cows of the Roll and Keep system while pushing some driving and innovative mechanics and concepts in an RPG. I'll keep my L5R 4th book, and look forward to the next incarnation of the RPG.
  5. Magali Villeneuve is the artist. She's done all of the core Career images, I think. I've been looking for the F&D art as well, particularly the species art, to no avail. It's pretty tough to track down right now.
  6. I want to mention that there shouldn't be a game in Ashland, but actually in Eugene, like I said earlier in this post. Minor flub.
  7. I'll be bringing some EotE pre-gens to drop in if a get 5 or 6 players. Honestly, I think the crossover works fine without too much alteration, they're simply doing a job for the Rebels as they're on the lam from a botched job in the Core worlds. Otherwise, making a starting character with base XP makes sense. I'm thinking it might be cool to make an Emergent character, someone with Force powers unlocked by spending Duty. I've only read the first episode so far, and I'm getting a feeling that an Ace character might not be the best fit, since the Governor locks down any civilian vehicles right out the gate, unless you're cool with the players getting into shenanigans and blowing past an encounter or two with a chase scene. I do love chases.
  8. Fun Again Games Eugene, OR https://www.facebook.com/FunagainGamesEugene 1-5pm, willing to run an extra episode if a second crew shows up
  9. In regards to the Heal, or resurrect aspect, this isn't entirely unheard of. Cade Skywalker was capable of being people back from the dead. But never after digging them out of a grave. Heal/Harm has a time limit built in: right around the death rattle for light side, and same encounter for the vampiric dark side version. Frankly, this was something I was scared to see in the game, but they pulled it off in a way I like. That whole brink of death thing works for me, and that vampire part is freaky enough that I'm down with it too. As always, houserule it if need be. Lawd knows Move is nerfed in my game (10x Silhouette for base damage? Nope! 5(Sil+1) base damage up in here).
  10. August, of course. But I'm sure that once we get the Foresee power under our belts, it'll feel like yesterday.
  11. Having played in a SW game based on the idea that the movies we have seen are actually propaganda films created by a holovid maker named George Lucas to make the Rebellion look like justified underdogs instead of terrorists lead by royal Jedi bloodlines (all of this is called the Skywalker Paradigm, which you can google), I have some experience with SW adaptations. And I'm keeping up with the comic, which is okay. I would say that getting your players up to speed is a sensitive issue. When you're ready to run this game, give them an elevator pitch, not a sermon. Reveal more and more in digestable morsels, as opposed to breaking down all of the details, issues, alterations, repercussions etc. Your players are smart, I'm sure, they can put it together. But we have certain thresholds of attention. At least I do, and these were some issues I had with our Skywalker Paradigm game. I had fun a lot of the time, but there were huge discussions that I had heard before, or didn't need to hear the whole thing. Either way, good luck with that game, I hope you guys get all inspired and come up with some awesome times.
  12. I played an actor during the beta (actually the Rodian who tried and failed to make it big as Greedo himself, so meta), and used the Scoundrel spec (and Scout for a little action star flavor), and I gotta say I had great fun. However, I'm not sure I need a spec about Entertaining. Deceit worked just fine for our purposes. I'm sure the FFG guys could come up with something that would make me reconsider, but I just don't see the niche, per se. More importantly, I don't need EotE to jump all the way into Warhammer Fantasy territory with a Nerf Herder spec, although a Beast Tamer would totally be awesome (to clarify, I would play a Rat Catcher in a heartbeat, just not in SW). On the Entertainer track again, I could see a Con Man instead, someone who takes fibs and white lies to the Nth by playing their mark all the way to debt.
  13. I wanted to add something to this, and I don't think it's been mentioned yet. Can't the power's upgrade be tapped multiple times, allowing you to see further into the future? Also, as a GM, I might let a player use a destiny point to bend the power, seeing into the past (perhaps in hours instead of days, or what have you). Being flexible as a GM is very important to me, and allows my players to feel free to be a bit liberal in their approach, which I think is much better than the sessions I've experienced where so many people are hunting over their sheets for SOME kind of solution.
  14. This is a percentile system I can get behind. You, sire, are brilliant.
  15. Problem is, the rules need to reflect the fluff. Which means that the line between rules and fluff can get blurry. You're absolutely correct, they do need to reflect the fluff, or we're not playing 40k. This can still be highlighted, even as simply as an emboldened rule within the text as currently presented. Just because the rules and fluff are next to each other doesn't mean that the rules can't be called out.
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