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  1. Tx a lot Red your resume is quite good and the game look interesting ! Can you tell me the number of hours a game take usually ?
  2. Hello guys, We've been purchasing quite a few boardgames now and we are looking for one that require fewer players. I cant decide if I should pick this one or go with the Game of Thrones card game (2 players game in both case), the latest beeing more expansive with all the expansions. Also I havent found a player of HH and the different topics in the forum are a bit confusing without the big picture. Could anyone quickly explain the game mechanics ? Many thanks !
  3. Hello ! In combat some heroes seems to cancel each others text. What if both heroes request that you ignore each other text BUT one of them copy an opponement card text ? You simply ignore both text cards completely (i.e. they cancel each other and you cant copy anothere player card text) ? Thanks for an answer !
  4. Tx for the few tips =) I think I figured it out : you always need to bluff the OL that you might escape and accept the loss of a dungeon it force him to use cards. Ours knew we wouldnt run so he was always accumulating tons of power and his best cards for the end. Seeing that your fleeing he might waste some good cards and lot of powers trying to get some last minute kill wich would in turn give our heroes more chances at continuing if he miss his opportunity. So fight, bluff, run or not. And mostly, early game dont face an OL who seems to accumulate all his best cards for the end, thats probably what killed us the most. we gave him too much exp by trying to finish every levels for more goodies. Of course he was always encouraging us to continue "It wont be too bad !" Hehe right... Sneaky sneaky OL. I think we'll start a new one and we'll see a lot of differences in our choices.
  5. Simple question : how ? Lets see we have the best bronze equipement and 1 follower (shadow soul) that allow our fighter to get his 3 attacks most of the time, we purchased one silver dice also for each character. The ol bought goodies like siege engine, 2-3 more generals and one creature type silver upgrade the main reason we feel its kinda already over. I mean look at those skeletons : 4 dices of dmg (1 more cause of an upgrade) + armor piercing 3. We have at best 16 lifes 4 armor. How the hell are we suppose to win this campaign now. Next game he'll be able to upgrade the rest of his common and uncommon creatures too. The ol can chose the upgrades he want while we have to deal with random items pick most of the time. Seeing how insanely bad things went in the last 2 dungeons levels we made we feel its not about the game being "advance" or "harder" but more unbalanced and just downright weird. We should have run more often and close some dungeons forever ? Leave the ol destroy 4-5 cities without trying to stop him once while we run for... 4 lifes/2 energy add on ? I really cant figure it out we need some general hint. We LOVE the game its fun once in a while but winning seems to depend a hell of a lot more on luck then strategy Tx for any tips and encouragement !!
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