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  1. I'm also learning to let go of Feint. Instead, I rely on Beregond with Gondorian Shield. That way, you can just let the attacks resolve and you can simply defend them. It makes it easier to focus Hama's power on cards like Foe-Hammer and Hands Upon the Bow.
  2. Another important thing for beginner players is to remember that once you are engaged with an enemy, that enemy doesn't count its threat anymore when you quest.
  3. Regarding the number of heroes, it doesn't say anywhere that each Saga box has to bring 4 new heroes. Khazad-Dum only included 2 heroes, if I remember correctly, so they could slow down the pace of printing new heroes in subsequent big boxes and saga expansions. I also support the theory of 6 boxes with 3 quests each, aligned on the "books" making up The Lord of the Rings. For the books where Frodo is not involved, they may just decide to change the concept and not even use a token mandatory hero. I am doubtful concerning Gandalf as, based on the 2 versions in printing, he would have to be pretty powerful. Having the players getting a hero that strong would require the quest to be much more difficult than a normal quest; I'm not sure it would work well with the idea of the saga expansions being enjoyable only with a single Core set... Maybe they could make it so that the players are forced to use certain heroes during these scenarios (ex: must use either Aragorn, Gimli or Legloas during the 3 hunters quest; must use Merry or Pippin during the attack on isengard scenario, etc.) instead of giving an "extra" one... but then, with the new rules established for dead heroes during the saga, it could lead to some paradoxes.
  4. Another question regarding this card: If I choose to use the objective's ability, am I obligated to add the top card of my deck as my edge card or can I peek and decide to just leave it on top of the deck? If I can "peek first", then would I be allowed to play a different edge card from my hand? If you are forced to play the card from the deck, then what is the point of the card text saying to look at the top card of the deck first?
  5. They just had a bunch of announcements made regarding edge of the empire (rpg) as well as an x-wing preview. I think FFG is simply trying to not overload its SW fan base with news on all their related lines of products. We should be seeing some news on the next cycle within a couple weeks. Also, it could be that they are waiting to get some lessons learned from the Warhammer experience with their multiplayer expansion and are not fully ready to reveal the SW one. Although it was announced right along with the core set (since it's mentioned in the rulebook), I don't think Balance of the Force was already fully designed at the time (maybe not even yet as of now either), so they are probably refining it. As for any conspiracy theory involving Disney's purchase of LucasArt, there's nothing giving them credence. The basic approach Disney took is to only keep movie-related production control and then license everything else. Disney has no experience in producing card games, and they have it already licensed to FFG, so why should we be worrying? The videogame example is different, in that LucasArt was developing the games themselves and Disney decided they were not videogame developers, hence now they are licensing it instead (didn't Ubisoft or some other company get a license deal already by the way?)
  6. There are no S&V or S&S sets in the Desolation of Hoth expansions. You can consult CardGameDB.com for these type of questions; they have a great deckbuilding tool that can show you which expansions contains what objectives.
  7. Sadly, I cannot tell you that for the simple reason that I haven't played the scenario yet. In fact, I haven't played any scenarios released after Foundations of Stones, even though I've kept buying expansions as they came out. I only restarted playing recently and I've been trying updated decks against the earlier scenarios. I haven't seen a lot of demand for spoiled encounter / quest cards, so I'm not sure it's needed. If you have specific questions, I can answer them, but I think I gave a good overview of the quest earlier in this post already.
  8. Siege (meaning you quest using Defense instead of Willpower).
  9. I'm really not familiar with image hosting; if someone has better instructions on how to share images, let me know. In all cases, here's a link to a Flickr account I just created: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96454752@N05/8841180232/. Let me know if it works. I have scans of all the cards (I scan them for use on OCTGN). Not sure if I'll upload them all, but since there were questions about the new hero, here it is. Feel free to repost if you can somehow make it appear directly in the forum.
  10. Rapier: It was available at my FLGS. I seriously have no idea why they had it this early. I live in Gatineau (Ottawa area), Canada. Normally, expansion packs are available at the date FFG posts the "available now" news on their front page; I've seen it happen a couple time when it was available a day or two earlier, but that was usually after some preview / spoiler had already surfaced somewhere (and I've had case where it was late by as much as a week). In my case, I went to the store to pick up the latest Star Wars FP that was announced on Friday, and I just saw they not only had it, but also The Druadan Forest and Future Proof from Netrunner (which is also theoretically supposed to release on the 31st). Which was great since the store pays the taxes for you if you buy 3 boardgames (LCG counts as boardgame at that store), so I got all 3.
  11. Yes, she is. But she still has crappy stats… When I first saw her, I thought: Oh, maybe there'll be a couple secrecy cards in there! But instead, all you get is these "play a single sphere" cards, which I can't say I find all that impressive except for the Leadership one. There could be a combo somewhere I don't get, but honestly, I didn't find the player cards all that impressive (ok, I'm sure going to try Forlong, but besides that? Mighty Prowess might be nice in the Khazad Dum scenarios with all these orcs…).
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