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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to John Constantine in Finally! Some MoM news!   
    I believe I never claimed otherwise. I was just asking if I'll need to pay for Conversion Kit additionally to that 100$ cost of the base game.
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Shirys in Fantastic, wanna buy it all! Reprints in Schedule I see   
    So glad i kept all my first edition stuff. This is beyond exiting!
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    Jeffrey Paul got a reaction from spotH3D in A Bit Mixed On This...   
    I for one don't usually quibble about the price of a game for number of pieces included - unless it's way off (yeah I'm looking at you, Queen Games' Escape - Curse of the Temple).  What also matters is the quality of the product (filet mignon costs more than a top steak, but the quality makes it preferable for me).  So if the game experience is great then I'm happy to pay more for a game, as the fun-factor is more than just the sum of a game's parts.  Product development and playtesting are just two of the intangibles that you don't hold in your hand, but are "in the box" when you buy a game.
    First edition MoM was rife with production errors, had a hugely involved set up time, and sometimes was just plain not fun to play.  Second edition has an app and (it looks like) a good deal of content in the box.  Plus, FF seems to be going out of their way to roll out a second edition in a way that respects those of us who bought first edition.  (Kudos!)
    Also, it is worth noting that the box will have more content than we've seen in the pictures so far - FF isn't revealing all the content yet - like all the new plastic monsters (Star Spawn!!!). I'm intrigued and so I have placed my order for a copy today, and look forward to reading the upcoming preview on Monday to see the new investigators and monsters which are going to be included.  
    I anticipate this will be a hundred bucks well spent.  For those who only care about the number of pieces in a game box, all I can say is... don't buy this.  
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to alexbobspoons in A Bit Mixed On This...   
    If bits in the box were all that drives price, then with lcgs why do we pay so much for simple cardboard? Because of the R&D behind it that makes it well designed cardboard. If any cardboard would do, id be playing top trumps (which i do anyway) or snap instead.
    My point being that while the initial R&D has gone into MoM 1ed, we ha e no idea how long it took them to develop the chamges to the game for 2nd ed, then the integration of the editions, then the app production. Even if the app is based on the decent framework thats only part way, as others have said, look how many pc games are based on, say, the Unreal engine, or Doom3 engine etc but development is still a lot.
    We simply dont know the time gone into this and i for one hope/expect that time to result in a good game, so im happy to pay for that. As a collector im very grateful to FFG for making 1st ed stuff usable (they didnt have to).
    I still prefer FFGs version of value to Games Workshops.
    As always, each to their own opinion and vote with your wallet/purse
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Julia in A Bit Mixed On This...   
    Yup, we can't compare the price a game had 5 years ago with the price of a game that's out now. Consider a 3% yearly inflation (that affects mostly everything) and you'll see there's no such a difference. Additionally, there's a thread over BGG where a guy compared the content of Imperial Assault and MoM 2.0 and in the end the difference is a handfull of tokens and something like 4 or 5 minis, whose price moved to the app's cost.
    In any case, remember that value and cost are two different things: if the game has for you a value that doesn't justify its cost, simply don't buy it, that's all
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    Jeffrey Paul got a reaction from Cotgrave in Finally! Some MoM news!   
    The conversion kit doesn't give you stuff you already have.  It allows you to use stuff you already have for 1E as part of 2E.  The conversion kit will have 2e cards for the 1e monsters and investigators you already have.  
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Cotgrave in Finally! Some MoM news!   
    I second that:
    Absolutely cannot wait.  
    Well done FFG!
    Edit:  Pre-ordered.   ..haven't done that in awhile.  
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to mulletcheese in Finally! Some MoM news!   
    I'm impressed that they added 4 NEW investigators instead of picking some of the existing 48.
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Ringskipper in Finally! Some MoM news!   
    This is such great news, huge fan of the Road to Legend app for Descent so I think this will be great. But $100? I wonder what all is included in the box?
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to alexbobspoons in A Bit Mixed On This...   
    Somewhere it did say the app will be available for desktops/laptops through steam
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Julia in A Bit Mixed On This...   
    You know, it's not like apps rain from the sky and have no cost to develop / produce. Actually, there's a lot more work to be done behind an app than behind the printing of a deck of cards. Remember also that for 100$ you'll also have the convertion kit in the box, allowing monsters and investigators and tiles from first edition to be used also with second edition.
    Plus, I tend to evaluate the price of a game in terms of the experience delivered, not the amount of things in the box: I'm not buying a steak (and even with steaks you pay differently according to the quality delivered), I'm buying an entertainment tool that should grant me several hours of fun. And I hardly doubt I'll spend 100 bucks and play this game once.
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Supertoe in Finalist voting for hero re-skin contest! Please do not post here until poll is open.   
    For my Hero submission I thought it would be fun to be able to play Beorn as more of a dynamic skinchanger, rather then as a static version of his two depicted forms. So I thought of a double sided hero card with Beorn the Man on the Front and Beorn the Bear on the back.     As the Man, Beorn shows his hospitality by sharing his resources with the other heroes. As the Bear, Beorn demonstrates his wrath when his allies are in danger, especially if they are threatened by Orcs (Goblins).    I tried to find quotes from the Hobbit that conveyed these two side of Beorn. When Thorin and Company found refuge at Beorn's home and was given supplies and resources, I took this quote for Beorn the Man:   "Little bunny is getting nice and fat again on bread and honey,” he chuckled. “Come and have some more!”.   and after Thorin was slain during the battle of five armies, Beorn the bear went into a frenzy:   “..his wrath was redoubled, so that nothing could withstand him, and no weapon seemed to bite upon him. ”   Here is the link to the file on my Google Drive, I have also attached the file if the link doesn't work.
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    Jeffrey Paul got a reaction from sedgetone in Road to Legend Feedback ideas   
    What I would love is a way to just use the monster group activation feature on its own.  This would be helpful for:
    [1] swapping in a different monster group than the one suggested
    [2] playing solo with the print scenarios
    [3] finishing an encounter when the app crashes (yes, this has happened a few times, and then we couldn't get the quest to continue with the same monster groups) 
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    Jeffrey Paul reacted to Zaltyre in Best Quests for Non-Campaign Play   
    There are several quests in the the quest vault designed to be one-offs. In terms of official material, I'd shy away from introductions and finales, as these tend to be either overly straightforward (designed for low level heroes) or dependent upon the campaign that has preceded. I also generally avoid Labyrinth of Ruin for this purpose, unless you want to randomly assign skills to the ally (otherwise they may be underleveled if it is an earlier quest.)
    Almost any other quest can be played in epic style. For the most part, I have found both "The Shadow Rune" and "Shadow of Nerekhall" to be great sources for one-off maps in terms of the large campaign books, and almost any quest from a mini campaign is enjoyable on its own.
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