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  1. Disappointing. I would prefer to preorder through my FLGS to support local business, but am interested in the player mats.
  2. I think I'm of the same thinking as you are on this one. I have found myself having an increasingly hard time getting into FF games lately and then product being impossible to buy (LotR LCG/Descent2) or being dropped altogether without enough notice (Android Netrunner reboot). I haven't found this to be the case with games I enjoy from other companies that seem to have longer print runs and less uncertainty for buyers. So while I'm pretty stoked to get a lord of the rings game like Decent or Mansions of Madness, I'm not very confident in that game coming from Fantasy Flight. This is more worrying when the game requires an app. At least with Descent2 I can still play if FF decides not to support the game and drops the app. Being in Canada also seems to add additional challenge, as I've been stuck a couple times in the last year or so not receiving my preorder and then the product isn't reprinted (eg. The Mountain of Fire).
  3. Dear Fantasy Flight. I have a fist full of $$$s to throw at reprints of LOTR LCG releases. Let me know if you want my $$$s. Sincerely, LOTR LCG Fan P.S. not interested in your digital products.
  4. What concerns me more is that they are no longer putting the old sets into the reprint pipeline. R.I.P. LoTR LCG.
  5. Often when FF games reach the point that most of the releases are listed as "awaiting reprint" but nothing is actually on the way it's a clear sign FF is about to pull the plug or release a new edition. This is exactly the situation for LOTR LCG right now, so I wouldn't hold my breath for rereleases.
  6. Fantasy Flight doesn't like to have stock in the supply chain because they might have to sell it to those who want it. I've been waiting for The Mountain of Fire for a year now. It's basically been sold out since it was released. So don't hold your breath.
  7. I still think the decision was made through MBA and/or bean counter reasoning, and will believe this until evidence is provided that suggests otherwise.
  8. Yes. And just because the netrunner designers got blindsided doesn't mean that someone higher up at Flight/Asmodee isn't at the core of this decision and just kept the team in the dark until the last minute.
  9. If the sells weren't there because the product wasn't being distributed. I preordered a copy of the new Netrunner starter when it was announced in 2017, and still haven't got one. My FLGS ordered some and has never received any either.
  10. Android Netrunner was the last FF product line I was interested in purchasing. First they stopped producing Descent 2. Then they dropped the ball on the Lord of the Rings LCG, and releases have dragged to a snail's pace. Then I got in on Arkham Horror LCG, but lost interest after I couldn't get the new releases. Then they stopped producing Eldritch Horror. Was just about to get in on X-Wing but then they announced 2nd edition. And now Android Netrunner. Distribution, design, or licensing - doesn't matter the reason, I just don't trust the Fantasy Flight brand anymore.
  11. Not vestigal but repurposed - the 2e rules state that these are used to hold the tokens identifying particular/unique monsters.
  12. Me too. I can't imagine playing MoM without gluing the monsters in place.
  13. The assumption that doors are closed makes thematic sense to me, since the investigators are likely either sneaking around (and closing doors to limit notice) or hiding from monsters (and closing doors to keep the madness at bay). Shooting around corners does seem a bit odd, though.
  14. I would be surprised if there are any new components in these that weren't in 1st edition. FF seems to want to make both 1e owners and newbies happy, and so putting new components in these re-release sets would be pretty boneheaded.
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