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  1. muemakan said: WTF…………5 rounds????? how on earth did you manage that?? Hi ! yes, I was surprised with the 5 rounds too, basically, it was 3 ends of turns spent in quest step 1, 2 in quest step 2, and going straight through step 3. But I can not say I am 100 % sure I did not forget to count one turn once, especially in game 3. Game 1 I am positive on the 5 rounds, with a base of 7 willpower from Eowyn and Glorfindel, joined very fast by Arwen. And with Beorn released, light of Valinor and the 'Hobbit' Gandalf in the mid-game, I was able to both quest strongly and strike the big minions at the same time. But 5 rounds for game three is surprisingly fast, even with forgiving encounter cards and Eowyn as my quester. I remember drawing treachery cards and engaging several minions with Beorn in the early game, so that I am facing an empty staging area. But 5 rounds is so fast, that I can't help being skeptical that i could not have missed counting one round. If this winning series is going to set a temporary record for EfDG solo, I suggest changing it to 6 rounds to be more conservative. muemakan said: I must admit since posting my last result I haven´t attempted EfDG with new cards but I am impressed. The powerhouse among the new cards I am using in this deck is Beorn, according to me. Also, while I agree that EfDG is always a challenge, it is sometimes an easier challenge depending on the starting three cards guarding the objectives. This deck has a slightly positive wining rate against EfDG, but of course, I get crushed when I reveal 3 spiders guarding the objectives. I am reporting this series as surprisingly successful. muemakan said: With 2 heroes I normally barely stay alive when trying to build up my forces. And how did you cope with the resource problem? Yes, EfDG step 1 is probably the toughest experience for solo players in this game. With the sacrifice of the leadership sphere, the average cost of the cards I play is quite low. Cheap and efficient cards. Very different from the lore-leadership card-drawing, card-playing machines. Basically it can be two different games: whether I have Beorn and a spirit quester, in which case I am struggling to gather some more willpower early from the many cheap allies, but I should be fine fighting the low-engagement minions. Or I don't have Beorn, but the two questers, in which case I am trying not to suffer too much from creatures, knowing I should be fine on the questing side. Light of Valinor is the strongest card here. In both cases, step 1 is challenging, but maybe not as much as it is for many other decks facing EfDG. muemakan said: And how did you manage to win with just one hero??? Wow. In that game, everything was going well. I mean, most of my heroes were badly wounded, but I usually have a good control of what could happen to them with 3 'a test of will' and 3 'hasty stroke'. I had finished step 2 of the quest and just had to race through step 3 when I revealed Hummerhorns as a shadow card, which finished both Beorn and Glorfindel, and one ally. Fortunately, I just had enough willpower left to go through step 3 with Eowyn and remaining allies. muemakan said: Last score should be 97 My notes say that I had 5 victory points and no dead hero, but I remember losing Glorfindel in several games I played yesterday before running through quest 3, and I may have been confused as it is also 5 points. Also 6 total wounds seem too low for my deck against EfDG, unless I have dead heroes . So I think you are right and my score for game 3 should be 97, and I would even change that to 107 to account for the fact that I am not entirely sure I only spent 5 rounds in that game. This brings the total score of the three games to 117, which is still very good I think, and will be an interesting challenge to try and defeat!
  2. Just succeeded a series of 4 solo victories against 'Escape of Dol-Guldur' here are the first 3 (that include the best 2 scores) Heroes: Eowyn, Beorn, Glorfindel (Spirit) Game 1 Result: 97 Final Threat Level: 39 Threat Cost of Each Dead Hero: 0 Damage Tokens on Remaining Heroes: 8 Victory Points Earned: 0 Number of Rounds Completed: 5 Prisoner: Beorn Game 1 Result: 147 Final Threat Level: 47 Threat Cost of Each Dead Hero: 17 ! Damage Tokens on Remaining Heroes: 2 Victory Points Earned: 9 Number of Rounds Completed: 9 Prisoner: Glorfindel Game 3 Result: 92 Final Threat Level: 41 Threat Cost of Each Dead Hero: 5 Damage Tokens on Remaining Heroes: 6 Victory Points Earned: 5 Number of Rounds Completed: 5 Prisoner: Glorfindel … a very promising deck ! Averaged total: 112
  3. I am playing a 3-sphere deck (Leadership, Spirit, Lore) featuring Theodred, Glorfindel (S), and Aragorn (L) (Yes, not by the rules, but I wanted to see and share how my most efficient deck is doing - also, I am not playing with any sideboard) I am not aiming for high scores, only trying to improve them a little when I get confident I am going to win. (basically resetting my threat on the penultimate turn and then playing gandalf for additional threat reduction on the last turn, on easier scenarios) Passage through Mirkwood (WON - score 71) Journey down the Anduin (WON - score 70) I faced two trolls instead of one, but my low starting threat gave me enough time to get ready for them. Escape from Dol Guldur (WON! - score 206)Third scenario - and already an extreme challenge My starting hand has Steward of Gondor, Celebrian's stone, 1 lore card and 3 spirit cards. I don't muligan, thinking I have a chance if Theodred or Glorfindel are my prisoners. If Theodred is captured, I will still be able to play most of my cards, and will have my two strongest characters, just be very short on resources. If Glorfindel is captured, celebrian's stone could save the day by allowing Aragorn to play my many spirit cards. Theodred is captured, and the first three shadow cards include a no-effect treachery card, a location and a minion, so I think I stand a chance. Things get worse one first time as I draw two endless caverns (surge) and a great forest web, and I have a few tough turns before getting the four resources to play a Northern tracker, who saves me from being location-locked. Things get tough again as I draw 3 powerful enemies (Chieftain Ufthak, then dungeon jailor, and then Ungoliant spawn) that I can't fight out. I am using Aragorn's once per game threat reduction when reaching 35 threat to avoid having fighting the Chieftain with only 3 characters and no forest snare. I am slowly building a good support of allies, but Hummerhorns shadow effect kills both Henemarth Riversong and my last warden of healing (meaning I don't have any ways to remove wounds anymore - my first warden sacrificed to Ungoliant's spawn). That's a worry as I was planning to pick 'Shadow key' to pass to stage 2 of the quest (I desperately need Glorfindel and Aragorn's combat skills, and thus can't take Gandalf's map, and Dungeon torch seems to just hurt too much) I am finally getting to phase 2 after 13 turns stuck into phase 1, but at that point I am starting to be more confident, as the leadership resources will allow me to play sneak attack on Gandalf to reduce my threat several times, and bring some fighting power against the Nazgul. The many turns in phase one and the several ancient mathom I could play thanks to Erebor Hammersmith gave me a large hand that allows me to go through phase 2 and 3 quite fast, which is mandatory with the 'shadow key' ticking on my badly wounded characters. I had a great time playing this game, where practically every line and number on every card proved useful, after feeling on the verge of being defeated three times. A hunt for Gollum (WON - score 91) Conflict at the Carrock (WON - score 112) This scenario seems fairly easy with Aragorn lowering your threat just before hitting phase 2. Also here, Theodred boosting his own resources to get a fast Grimbeorn was extremely useful. A Journey to Rhosgobel (WON - score 88)This scenario could be very random and extremely challenging with a deck that does not pack a bunch of healing herbs/lore of Imladris. In my case, I have a single 'healing herbs' in my whole deck (and no sideboard), hoping it would be enough, as this card is not very strong in my deck against other scenarios. Despite its high randomness, this scenario involves a large number of critical decisions. You have to consider everything that could wound Wilyador to try to avoid those, and also be conscious of all the timing issues. For example, for a forest grove to provide you an Athelas in one turn, you need to explore it, then deal with the card guarding the Athelas (like keeping a sneak attack with Gandalf to direct damage a minion), then be ready to have a character to exhaust to get the Athelas. I kept a really good starting hand of 'Forest snare, sneak attack, ancient mathom, a test of will, light of Valinor and Asfaloth', despite not having my healing herbs. After re-playing multiple anicent mathoms thanks to Erebor hammersmith, and also drawing with Gandalf, I finally got my healing herbs, together with other useful cards. I did reset my threat when at 32 to avoid having to 'fight' the big birds with no archer. I reached stage 2 on turn 2 in order to use Wilyador's power, but it took me 4 other turns before finally seeing an athelas. Then I had a good draw on turn 8 of another Athelas and forest grove, and was able to get to stage 3 in a single phase. Wilyador never got damaged by the encounter deck, mainly thanks to three 'a test of will' (he got 16 wounds for 7 turns + base 2 damage + 5 wounds from stage 2b ability = 21 - 5 (healing herbs) - 1 (warden of healing) - 15 (3 x Athelas) Hills of Emyn Muil (WON - score 65)The dead marshes (WON - 123) I missed once capturing Golum on a very bad draw of high 'escape' cards and got worried I could lose him to the deck if he got another resource, but finally got him on turn 10 after drawing a lot of allies and willpower boosts. I am having a break before the next very big challenge: Return to Mirkwood!
  4. Hello ! I am a newcomer as a poster in this forum, and I am posting here as I absolutely LOVE the idea of making and comparing decks that can sustain different kinds of quests. However, there are a few rules I don't really like: what's the point of the sideboard ? it kind of breaks the idea of 'one deck to rule them all' according to me.an example: 'Healing herbs' or 'lore of Imladris' are situational otherwise, but they shine in the Voyage to Rhosgobel. I prefer having a difficult choice to make: to accept the burden it/they may be to your deck in other quests in order to profit from them in that one. the rules have changed with the last FAQ, let's play with it. We can still consider and compare the results of the previous entries played with the old rules, but it would be strange playing now (and 'officially' abusing) with obsolete cards.I have started to play recently, and I'd be glad to see how Glorfindel or Elrond compare with the older heroes. The game has changed since the contest started, some decks using the old Beravor & miner used to be better, some are better now with new cards, that's the way it is.So, of course, I am not asking you to include my results as they don't exactly fold into your rules (at my disadvantage for not using a sideboard, & at my advantage for allowing the use of new cards), but I am posting them here for the readers' interest of how some decks can perform or not. I am planning to share the progress of several decks, I'll start with a solo deck that has been my best competitor among the pre-Shadow & Flame decks, then I hope to also list the results of other solo decks (maybe one 'by the rules' )& a more casual 2-players game with my wife. My little company is getting ready to face the shadows of Mirkwood cycle this evening!
  5. Investigators efficiency ranking using Tib's reports Although I am a fan of the statistics reports and want to thank Tib's for such a wonderful effort, they kind of fail at answering one of the top question Arkham players may have: "How are Investigators ranked in terms of efficiency ?" The obvious correlation between investigtors 'winned games ratio' and the difficulty of the set-up of the games they actually played makes this issue difficult to disentangle. Of course, a game versus Ran-Tegoth using the Innsmouth board is considerably more difficult than just a base game with a random easy AO. Technical details The aim of my statistical model is simply to determine : "What is the fraction of base-game, games using Dunwich-board , games using Kingsport-board and games using Innsmouth board, that the investigators from a given expansion have played ? " I have obvious assumptions to start with, like "most of the investigators used for base-game only are the base game investigators", and so on. I then iterate from my starting figures to match both the fraction of games played against each expansion board, and the fraction of total games involving investigators from a given expansion. I then compute a 'difficulty bias', using the victory rate against each large box expansion and just base game. I don't give here much more details, as it does not have a lot of interest for most of the readers. But what it is interesting is that it allowed to 'remove the expansion difficulty bias" to establish a Fair ranking of the investigators : 1 Patrice Hathaway 2 Mandy Thompson 3 Jacqueline Fine 4 Silas Marsh 5 Wendy Adams 6 William Yorick 7 Rita Young 8 Carolyn Fern 9 Darrell Simmons 10 Trish Scarborough 11 Rex Murphy 12 Wilson Richards 13 Mark Harrigan 14 Leo Anderson 15 Bob Jenkins 16 Akachi Onyele 17 Hank Samson 18 Luke Robinson 19 Diana Stanley 20 Ashcan Pete 21 Joe Diamond 22 Tommy Muldoon 23 Lola Hayes 24 Tony Morgan 25 Ursula Downs 26 Marie Lambeau 27 Michael McGlen 28 Minh Thi Phan 29 Kate Winthrop 30 Harvey Walters 31 Jenny Barnes 32 Zoey Samaras 33 Lily Chen 34 Monterey Jack 35 Gloria Goldberg 36 Agnes Baker 37 Roland Banks 38 Daisy Walker 39 Jim Culver 40 Finn Edwards 41 Skids O'Toole 42 Amanda Sharpe 43 Norman Withers 44 George Barnaby 45 Charlie Kane 46 Dexter Drake 47 Vincent Lee 48 Sister Mary The results seem logical and legitimate. The top 5 seems straightforward to me (with the exception of Daisy, but we all know that she is clearly under-ranked looser ) An interesting (and surprising ?) side result that we may be interested to hear: - The best investigators (in average) seem to come from the Dunwich expansion. They are leading before Innsmouthes, that are just doing a tiny little better than Kingsport's guys, still significantly better than base game investigators, despite Mandy's efforts.
  6. Hello ! I have a question with an expansion rule. There are a lot of issues linked to the number of investigators: 1) number of monsters on the board 2) number of monsters in the outskirts 3) number of monsters to be released during a 'monster surge' 4) number of gates required of a 'closing gates' victory 5) number of monsters released when a gate opens (2 for 5 players and more instead of 1) 6) number of successes required to remove one doom token during final combat and maybe other things I miss Kingsport, Innsmouth and Dunwich rules say: 'Consider that there is one less investigator when you play with 2 additional boards' but they only give the example of the number of monsters in the streets and outskirts (1 and 2). And it has been confirmed that this rule did not applied for the required number of successes during final combat (6). So here is my question : does this rule apply for everything else than (6) ? Like, is there only one monster to be released with each gate if we play a 5-investigators game with Dunwich and Kingsport ? Thank you !
  7. fastest victory for a 4-players game ? I wonder what is the fastest reported victory ? Maybe our last game could be a good competitor: The game lasted 5 MYTHOS. The two keys were Harvey Walters with Arcane Insight knowing that "Strange Power Flux Plagues City" would come, with a door already oppened at Independant Square. This Mythos card opens a door at the square and allows all investigators in other worlds to return to Arkham ... for a 4 closed gates victory. Well, I guess you can win on turn 1 calling or requiem-ing Yig with 4 well-weapon-ed Investigators. Anyway, I think it would be a very good idea to specifically ask the number of Mythos cards in the question for the game length. This would be intersting for statistics too. Another suggestion: the huge majority of games are played with4 players. Would it be possible to extract the same tables, but specifically for games involving 4 investigators ? I guess the 7 victories over Tsathogga or the 4 against Quachil Uttaus were not 4 investigators game, so the statistics some of us look for are a little flawed.
  8. Hello ! I think my title is self-speaking. I can't find it at shops or online ... anyone knowing a place where I could order it ? In the worst case, I can order the french version (My wife and I are french, living in Boston), but I would need the confirmation that everything matches (color, size of the card, everything) ... Can anyone confirm ? Thank you !
  9. Vylanis said: The Dunwich expansion is out of print, and thus I haven't found anywhere to get it online that doesn't charge $180+ for it as a collectible. This said, I managed to pick it up for list price last weekend at a local game store it might be worth calling around if you live in a major city, somebody might actually still have a copy. Supposedly, FFG is going to be reprinting it sometime soon, but I'm not sure when. I still need to get myself a copy of CotDP, which is also out of print. Thank you for the clarification ! We like the game so much that we are considering buying the french version if we can't find Dunwich soon. (We are french and living in Boston) Can someone confirm if foreign versions are completely compatible in terms of cards color, size, and the rest? I also like the fact that fightling Tsathoggua is actually doable in the French version (it says 2 monster trophies OR 1gate trophy: very tough but doable - I really wonder if this translation/change is intentional, I like to think it is) ... I must say I don't really like Ancient Ones were the difficulty is such that you wonder why they have put any other text than the one of Azathoth. It is very fine to me if your chance of winning is anywhere between 5 % and 25 % in normal conditions (investigators fairly prepared in case things go wrong when also trying closing the gates), but what they have put in Tsathoggua or Quachil Uttaus is excessive. I am conscious that in the right conditions, you can call Call Ancient One and awake him up with personal stories with only a few doom tokens to burn, but a few AOs are excessively difficult in normal conditions : they remove the very interesting point in the game where you have to bargain between closing gates at all costs or trying to get the tools that would give your team of random investigators a small chance. I really like to optimize my investigators going for the tools/advantages that would both help them short term and could be useful during the epic battle. Unfortunately, in a normal game with 3-4 random investigators, Tsathoggua or Quachil Uttaus are litterally 13-doom and 12-doom Azathoths with additional 'stirs in his slumber' powers. That is unfortunate. They have to design Ancient Ones strong enough to scare even well-prepared investigators, but it is also a design flaw if investigators do not even stand a small chance.
  10. Tibs said: That is a miss, we just move Kate Winthrop, the scientist, to the Independence square hoping her science would save us ... Did you remember that you need at least 4 gate trophies to win by closing all gates, since there were four investigators? It looked as though you moved one investigator and then had an encounter, then moved another investigator and had an encounter. You're not supposed to do this: you're supposed to move everyone first, and then have everyone's encounter. This is important because Kate should have moved without knowing what Lola's encounter was going to be, for example. 1. Yes we did, we ended the game with 6 or 7 trophies in hand. We are usually only using gate trophies when we know we will have enough left for a 'close gates victory' 2. In fact, the first Mythos card revealed by Lola was a gate on our elder sign location, but it allowed Kate to knowwhere to move on the 2 following turns, when she got an sms from Lola on her I-phone.
  11. The situation: 12 doom counters on Cthuhulhu Black goat of the wood as the herald And a team in a poor shape and very poorly stuffed, that would not stand a chance at all in the final battle. 2 open gates, only one seal on the table ... and not a single useful card on the 4 investigators. Practically any Mythos card would kill us (except the one involving a gate opening at our only sealed location), as both a gate opening or a surge with the Goat would kill us. So what to do ? Turn 1: Lola goes for the science building hoping for the dimensional beam machine and the one chance out of nine that would shut the two doors (provided she draws the right card and succeeds the check first) ... That is a miss, we just move Kate Winthrop, the scientist, to the Independence square hoping her science would save us ... YES ! gate opens at independence square. One turn to hope ! Turn 2: The two other investigators both go for one of the two gates left Lola stays at the science building and draws : "flip over the top three myhtos cards and flip one of them. If there is an open gate opening location on that card, that gate is sealed." It is not the case, but we understand that we should put back the card in the same order So here is my question : do we put back the card in the same order ? That's what we did ... which just left Kate the time to go to the three locations we knew that a gate would come ... which saved the two turns needed to close the final 2 gates. Luckiest ending we had since we bought the game ! (We got Kate the Deputy's car in case) Another question: I just ordered Innsmouth, but I can't find a place where to order Dunwich expansion. Any advice ? Thank you !
  12. I don't know if we can modify our entries ... for the sake of giving accurate results : we succeeded at doing the terrible experiment and did not fail at in game 603.
  13. Just uploaded our first 4 reports Victory of 2 investigators against Yigg using Lurker at the Threshold Defeat of 2 investigators against Y'Goloriak using Lurker and Kingsport Defeat of 2 investigators against Atlach-Nacha using Lurker and Kingsport Victory of 3 investigators against Cthulhu using Lurker and Kingsport (forgot to report that we could not stop a rift to oppen)
  14. Indeed Ecno ! Here is the story: as we were quite successful (even with my awful interpretation of the trip to other worlds) with just Arkham, and even more with Arkham + Lurker , with each one of us taking 1 investigator ... We tried to go the same way, adding Kingsport (that my wife offered after passing a sneak test when I was late coming back from work) Here was our set-up: ONLY 2 (mediocre) investigators AGAINST Atlach-Nacha and Ghroth playing with Arkham, Lurker and Kingsport rules and cards. We did not really realize what happened to us, felt a little disapointed and found this forum ... After reading a few topics (and mainly the excellent Statistics reports !), I realize that it is indeed considered a very tough set-up The game went so fast that we had the time to take our revenge and successfully defeated Ctuhulu in hand-to hand combat ! (we chose to add a 3rd investigator to cope with Kingsport rifts) Michael McGlenn, Ashcan Pete and a lucky draw of the impressive Mandy Thompson with the assistance of Noden AGAINST Cthulhu and Ghorth The 2 keys to the fight were the - 2 blessings and the powerful weaponry of Michael and Pete with the help of Mandy's touch - The ally 'Basil Elton', that we picked at Ma's house on the very last turn, mainly because of the +1 fight ... till we read Cthulhu's 'Crashing wave' sinister plot card and sent a truck of flowers to this brave Basil !!
  15. makes everything clear ! Thank you Brine ! Giving this kind of free answer to a beginner's question is a good indicator of a welcoming forum Next set-up is on table: Kingsport, Lurker add-ons My wife plays Bonnie and Clyde (Jennie Barnes and Michael McGlenn) and I got a random pair of scientists (Kate Wynthrop and Carolyn Fern) to defy Yogg Sothoth and Tulzscha ! Thanks again!
  16. Hello ! I just registered on the site, and I am happy to discover a large, active and friendly community ! My wife bought me the game for Christmas. I have a huge background in board and card games, while it is one of the first game she tries, but we boss fell in love with this game the same way. But I can't find the answer to a very simple question: How long does it take to take care of a gate ? My understanding is the following: Turn 1: move investigator to the gate, and teleport to the other world Turn 2: face Encounter 1 of the other world, if not delayed then Turn 3: face Encounter 2 of the other world, if not delayed, you can go back to Arkham and directly attempt to close/seal the gate. It is unclear to me if you can face an encounter in the other world on Turn 1 after you moved to the gate. It is not clear either if you can attempt to close the gate the same turn after facing Encounter 2. If you can, would you be able to seal the gate without having to evade/fight a monster there, as you are still in the encounter phase ? Can someone be so kind to provide us with a detailed answer of how things take place ? And how it would work if you success at casting 'find gate' ? I am sorry this is blurry to me as it seems to be something evident for everyone ... but I am starving for a clear answer Thank you very much !
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