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  1. You got me worried for one minute. But then I saw that there is a pile of face down cards on the left of the picture. I expect the second copy of each task force to be there. I have voiced my concern to FFG that they could provide two copies of cheap generic upgrades instead of one, especially when only available in a single big pack (Skilled First Officer comes to mind as a perfect example where a second copy would have been welcome) But I refuse to believe they could have only put a single of each task force in the pack. That would be soooo bad. When considering the cost efficiency of the ship, I think task forces should be part of the equation. Both look like very good deals as soon as you are planning to pack more than one hammerhead. And then each of the card displayed looks like a satisfactory new option to me.
  2. I am not all guns out to call for a nerf for Rieekan Aces for now. But the tournament proved me how globally strong it was so that I can brainstorm even more against it. And well, I was the first one guilty of not adjusting my fleet even more against it for the tournament (I finished 11th with 2 marginal loses to Riekan-aces) But in my playtest, my Mothma-frigates list benefited a lot of the addition of Dutch to shoot a couple times at Luke. He just needed a safe asteroid spot to park, from where he was able to protect the non-Admonition frigates for a couple (critical) turns. Your streak of bad luck was impressive in that game. But even in a more normal game, I feel that Luke is a pain, because with Yavaris + Adar Talon + a bump if required to get the 4th hull, he's the main threat for MC-30s in the Rieekan arsenal.
  3. I concur with Sozin. And I think we just try to help here. FFG has unarguably to me become the very best board game company ever in terms of game quality. And I don't have the figures, but it feels their X-wing sales and tournaments attendance are standing quite good. Having the climax of their biggest season yet, with 8 qualified people from different parts of the world, all having won a major tournament with hundreds of people in attendance (who themselves traveled hundreds of miles and trained for the event), looking like that ... I mean, to the unaware people, FFG's reported pictures of a couple back tables in a random room would exactly look like a low attendance remote casual tournament report. We don't ask them to change the "fly casual" and the 'grown-up' feeling we love in X-wing tournament attendance. But could not they do something a little bit more professional ?! Solid broadcast is actually what makes otherwise worse games very much alive. I am certain that the seriousness of Magic: the gathering pro-scene is what kept the game doing very well. And it's obvious that it's very beneficial to them to actively broadcast and communicate around their championships. FFG could certainly put a ridiculously small fraction of X-wing profits into setting something a little more shiny. And I am sure they would benefit from that ! I just bought an ARC-170 because I was intrigued by a list that did well at the Steele open that I casually watched. There are even members/organizations in the community that could help doing that if they really want to commit minimally. But the game maturity sounds to me well past the point it could invest a little more into broadcasting its competitive scene.
  4. I don't really get Dodonna in that list. Drop the ion turbines and go with Madine, and the liberty gets 3 turns shooting behind the ISD / Demolisher, and I expect a different outcome. Especially as awings and YT-2400 don't crit to activate Dodonna. But besides that the combination of Awings and YTs with tons of activations and a big hammer looks like a great archetype.
  5. Ok, I could not find Sean's regional list. Would anyone have it and be so kind to share it ! Thanks !
  6. Well, I still strongly dislike what this list means for the game. I am actually thankful to Ginkapo to have brought it up anyway. And I agree with you that it should have won this match. It's extremely strong while making a very side concept like ... shooting (!) irrelevant. But at least it's not a no brainer to fly and a wrong move can screw up everything.
  7. I had to watch that as I have been deeply worried your list could break the game ! When we tested the double ram some time ago, it was in an environment full of Victory, and blast door did not exist. So, I read your post with excitement , seeing that you lost to a list that was not particularly well fitted (not that bad either ... only 3x6 hull, but big gunnery teams and rogue bombers) It did not feel that the game was that badly lost in the deployment phase. For me, the whole game lies in the movement where you place the corvette 1 in front of Ackbar, shielding it for what would have been the following rams after Ackbar dodges this corvette. So much for my excitement. But this also gave me hope, as it shows the list is kind-of-unforgiving, while very strong. It also kind of held the feeling that the list could be beaten by conventional means.
  8. Yes, I did not see the end of the show of force game and thus was not aware of the destruction of one of the stations. For the strategic effects, I thought that they were only acquired after a strategic phase, and thus would not take place on first turn. They would not have had much use indeed here.
  9. And of course the empire is heading in the score with the successful defense Tralus 1-0 But the empire is behind in terms of resources, so there is going to be some hard work here to keep the score advantage ! We are also collecting and assigning strategic effects tokens this turn.
  10. Any time works for me, but I think our admirals should probably refit our fleets before knowing who they will be assigned against. So it feels to me that we need to wrap things up first. If I am counting well, here are the resources we get on each side : Empire = 171 resources (57 per person + 45 points of refit) 4 bases x 25 = 100 Resources of your 4 planets = 71 Rebellion = 275 resources (92, 92 and 91 per person + 45 points of refit) 3 bases x 25 = 75 3 outposts x 5 = 15 Resources of our 6 planets = 65 Resources earned in missions = 120 (40 for defending the show of force, 40 for breaking the hyperlane raid, 20 and 20 for the hyperlane ships destroyed) Also, Rekkon, Skycake and Fanfan have the opportunity to spend 15 points to build a new base where victory was achieved (a single one on the rebel side) Rekkon, did I miss(count) anything ? Would everyone proceed asap in refitting his fleet so that we can have the next strategy session ?
  11. TURN 1 ASSAULT Report : hyperlane assault on Talus, Fanfan vs de Dios FANFAN's THREE SISTERS (400 points) [ flagship ] MC80 Command Cruiser (106 points) Cinderella - Garm Bel Iblis ( 25 points) - Home One ( 7 points) MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points) Anastasia - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) MC80 Star Cruiser (96 points) Drizella - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 1 "Dutch" Vander ( 16 points) vs. DEDIOS 's Glads & Bombs (400 points) [ flagship ] Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Admiral Screed ( 26 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) Raider-I Class Corvette (44 points) - Flechette Torpedoes ( 3 points) 2 JumpMaster 5000s ( 24 points) 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points) 1 Lamda-class Shuttle ( 15 points) 1 Captain Jonus ( 16 points) 1 Tempest Squadron ( 13 points) 1 Zertik Strom ( 15 points) 3 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 27 points) I set up my fleet to try to cover the paths through the whole lane, and especially to attempt to have my slow MC-80 Command cruiser relevant whatever the path would be chosen. deDIOS deployed his fleet as far away as possible, with the apparent intention of only playing a squadron game and not attempting to get through the rebel barrage. For the first three turns, I went through the asteroid field and attempted to have my fleet fly ahead as compact as possible when the enemy squadrons would rain fire. On his side, deDIOS moved his squadrons ahead, and left the gladiators on the back lane almost immobile. Tycho rushed on the Tempest squadron to deal the first 2 damages of the game. Turn four saw more action : The gladiators jumped to speed 2 to join the fight, and the rebel squadrons were activated : Tycho and Shara joined their efforts to destroy the Tempest squadron, while Dutch damaged and pinned one of the two jumpmasters in the position that would be within the 2-black dice anti-squadron range of Anastasia on the following turn. Anastasia jumped ahead of Drizella, with respective speeds 3 and 1. The raider faced away from Anastasia, while the gladiators committed to Cinderella's side soon followed by the bomber wing that started to damage Cinderella. On turn 5, the awings focused on the second jumpmaster and damaged it. Anastasia shot at the raider and got rid of its rear shields, and destroyed the Jumpmaster formerly twice damaged and controlled by Dutch, then rushed to attempt to have the raider in its arc on turn 6 wherever it would fly for a potential victory point capture. Cinderella threatened turned left to cut through my fleet and pass through the two liberties on turn 6, after dealing some damage to imperial squadrons on its flank. A gladiator positioned itself to double arc Cinderella on turn 6, but at the price of displacing squadrons, allowing me to isolate Shara Bey from the Jumpmaster, and thus keeping 3 bomber squadrons in check. The gladiators dealt additional damage to Cinderella and positioned themselves to attempt a major blow on turn 6. On turn 6, Anastasia fired its side arc and dealt a precious damage to Screed's gladiator, that was fairly exposed to attempt a kill on Cinderella, and most importantly, used a dial + token concentrate fire to deliver 3 damages to the imperial raider (home-1-ing the brace), and collided it to death by a few pixels. It was followed by a gladiator shot at Cinderella, supported by the bombers free of Shara Bey. Cinderella then activated, and turned Screed's front shields to 0, with 1 hull damage, and avoided the black range double arc by a couple pixels. Another gladiator finally got rid of Tycho, would had sustained something like 7 shots to that point and had claimed the last Jumpmaster. Drizella then got the exact amount of damage with concentrate fire dial and token to get the finishing blow on Screed's demolisher, securing the game and a second victory token. My dices were significantly hotter, and I got the two kills with precisely the right amount of damage needed, and no other way to obtain what would have been the missing damage, both on turn 6. A very favorable outcome, that gives an artificially one-sided result for a match that actually was not. I certainly made multiple mistakes, but these are less transparent when you're on the winning side. I felt that the main strategical issue of the game came from deDIOS' decision not to synchronize his squadron and ship assault. By rushing his gladiators one turn earlier, he could have exposed my A-wings to a very strong anti-squadron and freed his bombers earlier I think. Also, it meant he had to issue navigate commands when squadron commands might have been the most useful. And destroying ships like a MC-80 often requires an all-in commitment when limited in time. This ship has a bad tendency to leave the battlefield crippled but still hanging. But again, one less hit on the raider and the gladiator, and this game would just have been a minor squadron engagement, marginally won by the rebels. Most importantly, deDios was a class act of courtesy and great chat. I long for our next game together ! OUTCOME : Rebel victory (217 v 16) - would have been 37 - 16 with just two less hits. Rebels: 80 resource points earned Tycho scarred Anastasia veteran Drizella veteran Empire: Gladiator scarred Raider scarred 2 Jumpmasters scarred Tempest squadron scarred (requires 31+22+6+6+7 = 72 refit points to get back in full shape)
  12. SET-UP ImperIial Bases : Corellia Corfai Nubia Saberhing Asteroid Belt Rebel Presence (alphabetical order) : Crash's drift Duro Raider's point Selonia Vagran Xyquine II TURN 1 ASSAULTS Fanfan is doing an hyperlane assault on Talus, defended by deD ios Juggernaut doing a show of force on Polanis, defended by Skycake emFrank doing a regular assault on Tralus (neutral), defend ed by Rekkon
  13. Thread for tracking and updates of a vassal corellian conflict. For the Imperal side, Rekkon (Grand admiral), deDios and JJs Juggernaut On the rebel side, Fanfan (Grand admiral), emFrank and Skycake We are playing everything by the book, except an additional layer of secrecy : fleets are only revealed when the battles are started.
  14. It's part of our strategy too ! "Admiral, a rebel force has been spotted on Talus ! We should send a fleet to intercept them now" "or was it Tralus ?
  15. You're all farther west, so, how about 8 PM Central ? (9 PM Eastern, 6 PM pacific) ? Should we use this forum thread for announcements (+ team internal communications) ? Or something different ?
  16. Honestly while hilarious I hope it proves to not be viable. Ram strategies are cute and fun only so long as they don't become prevelant. Gink's got skills tho I'm sure he'll prove a tough out regardless of how good the list winds up being. I share your feeling, but I feel they could be quite strong. I will be happy if it has a good show, but it would be bad for the game if it became the prevalent strategy. I think several of us tested it in early waves, but blast door and Rieekan are likely massive additions. In fact I am wondering why the bomber squadrons instead of more rams. Admonition : 2 rams, Demolisher : 3 rams, MC-80 : 4 rams
  17. Ginkapo's list is making me thoughtful ... I tried stubborn ramming corvettes once, but when VSDs were everywhere. And indeed, reinforced back doors sounds like a great addition, especially now that the meta has shifted to ships more like MC-30s and upgraded flotillas. How are you guys feeling ? Will this list ram through everything ? Or is it very match-up dependent ?
  18. We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by ? Hi Rekkon ! It sounds like I should be your rebel counterpart. Lists are ready on our side too. I just need to gather recommendations from my admirals about their preferences for base and mission assignment so that we can do the setting and assaulting in a single session. How about tomorrow evening ? We should discuss the threshold between what's interesting enough for the community, or what should be discussed only between us 6 to not flood the forum. I think keeping this thread alive only makes sense if we also provide (short) reports about the action to the community.
  19. Regardless, I apologise... This is not a Rules thread, nor am I involved in this campaign, so I'll just skedaddle away now... Sincere, sincere apologies. You should not apologize, we are talking about the campaign about information that could be useful for other players. Indeed it would be more appropriate in the rules forum, but it's also fine here as it was part of the overall discussion about the campaign.
  20. I think it means you can't buy squadrons if this means you would cross the 1/3 threshold after purchase. Indeed, there are niche cases where you are currently 'maxed out' but the new fleet value would allow you to buy a new squad, for example if you are at 128 / 400 and you purchase a TIE fighter squad, you are at 136 / 408, which is eligible ... I think (well, I hope) it should not be too annoying in practice.
  21. Thanks a lot for the clarifications ! I actually had this sentence in mind before reading yours Our fleets are almost ready, so I guess we could get to the base assignment set-up at your earliest convenience.
  22. Just to keep you posted, I think Emfrank got his CC expansion, and so we are finalizing our fleets. We should be ready to kick things off soon !
  23. I was just saying that such a list would be abnormally competitive for a half-point fleet. A conventional 200 point vs. 400 point should be much more of a slaughter. But I agree that 167 vs. 133 is not a huge difference. If there is any preference to set the squadron limit to 167 after the 1st round, I am fine with it.
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