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  1. I have been praising the meta widely until now .... but Moralo ? The earlier everyone will beg for a fix the better ... To me, it's very simple : our game is currently unplayable competitively (or at least so boring that I would not consider attending). It will be back on track after the erratum.
  2. We had more than 2 years figuring the current meta. And what do we get winning the last major tournament ? - A tier 3 Admiral who's been considered average since wave 1 - 4 DIFFERENT combat ships and no transport support (in a 2 activation vs. 6 activation metaworld ... supposedly.) Also, with a low upgrade commitment. - a 'mid-point' squadron component with a base of X-wings. Another stunning example of the richness of the Armada meta ! At the point where we are, there is NO SHIP that I would be surprised seeing in the winning list of a major tournament. Which other game can say that, especially in a meta we had all the time to study ? The two new biggies + SSD will be super welcome anyway, but let's one last time praise how awesomely diverse the current meta has been.
  3. You're doing amazing. Standings + a couple 'list snapshots' of top tables would put it over the top
  4. OK, I did a first read through, and I don't want to comment yet on balance and play experience ... but what a stunning amount of work and quite entertaining to read!
  5. And even if I like Clone Wars less than the original trilogy ... I feel that an accessible campaign starting at 200, and a new core with two new factions might be the best things that could happen to expand the player base of the game.
  6. But it's really the 2 new sizeable ships that make me happy, because it feels it's on top of Clone Wars
  7. 'Clone wars will be separate factions'
  8. And two 'quite sizable ships' by the end of the year. I am pretty enthusiastic.
  9. Subscribed. Being able to watch the Worlds finals meant a lot to me. I could not attend this year, but can really enjoy high level games. And this year felt special : - first imperial victory - first European victory - Nathan reaching finals two years in a row - and again with a list with cards noone ever seen played at high level (Hera last year, Ketsu this year), with a medium squadron commitment ... - Tokra winning it with a Centicore-centered list ... not sure that's what the meta predicted. We have had years trying to figure the current meta, and both finals list still manage to be somewhat surprising ... - and the game felt quite tight and very well played. It was very important to me to be able to watch that live, and I guess it was for others too. The slow pace of products is one thing, but communicating about competitions is another one, much easier to fix. I don't play tons of Xwing, but I certainly enjoy watching Gold Squadron podcast to 'keep up' even while I can't attend many tournaments.
  10. I still don't get why FFG doesn't 'hire' a live blogger about their world championships And by 'hiring', I mean just give that person a SSD or a pile of promos. I would love to see/watch/read about the next matches. Anything.
  11. It means that i am more interested in reading about your losses than your wins. Not because I delight myself in seeing the best ones fail, but because I am assuming you win most games and that your losses are probably hard-fought battles at the highest level, so, very worth reading/watching. My first line is disguised praise. How did you feel about Gar Saxon ?
  12. I just hear about it from a facebook post from Victor Naqvi, indicating thak Yik Au, from Toronto, won it with 38 (!) and JJ finishing third with (30), and quite a solid attendance, with the following list: https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/37478/?fbclid=IwAR1tjSXvvvA_UEGZrT08Oum95j6rukuLudBLw_qjyuU9O_CwWvOeqBzNyZk but indeed a bit more insight about the tournament would be very appreciated Toronto is still an Armada powerhouse, even if not the most present in vassal tournaments.
  13. I hope you have a log to share for us to see the match !
  14. Hi JJ, I would not say that your wins are boring but ... I just read that you did not win the Minnesota regional. Did you play against the winning list (I think a Liberty Raddus drop + rogues) and can you comment about how the match went ?' Are there match-ups that you consider unfavorable with your well-seasoned almost-always-winning list ? Thanks!
  15. I am wondering if the app to fix points would not solve everything ... Make demo and Yavaris significantly more expensive (in the 20+ point range?), flotillas a but more expensive, Nebulon-Bs and victories a bit cheaper. Strat advisor and the activation-trumping officers a bit more expensive. All of that would make 'first-lasting' considerably more expensive, and bring back to the game ships we more rarely see. Besides that, I feel the current Armada meta is worth praising: I have a very good idea what the best list is in X-wing, Legion, etc (or maybe between 2-3 lists), best decks for L5R, game of thrones, and I have almost always had that impression at any point in time. It's arguably when I did not know what was best that I felt the games were at their top. For Armada ... I just don't know. Look at how diverse the top cut for the Vassal world cup is ... Most ship bases are represented. Squadron-less or full squadron are present and apparently competing at similar levels. And we had a loooong time to figure the meta out, yet the very best list eludes me, which I feel is a strong sign for a healthy meta. And I am not talking about the details between a couple upgrades, but whole fleet design.
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