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  1. bobh said: Economics degree here! PM me if you want to interview. Sorry I didn't mean to give the wrong impression I'm not actually affiliated with FFG in any way other than that I play their games. I just noticed that posting and thought with all the design discussion going on in this thread it would be worthwhile to mention.
  2. On FFG's frontpage it says they're hiring for associate RPG producer for the 40K games. If any of you guys have good degree's you could take advantage of that and influence the game and/or it's release schedule for the better. I would imagine it would be a really fun job too.
  3. I use the spaceships from this set: http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/Science_Fiction.html they don't neccisarily look like RT ships but they're cheap and effective
  4. Are the softcover versions any cheaper? I've seen them at the store but never had them price checked. I run Rogue Trader and a cheaper version of DotDG would be cool just for the extra fluff and such
  5. Yea I went through the whole thread and was surprised nobody went for it yet.
  6. Personally, I'd much rather see females holding the Missionary position
  7. One Winged Angel (the final boss fight song from FF7)
  8. Maybe I'm way off base here but I think the simple fact that this thread exists is proof of poor game design. Creating an environment where role playing your character well requires you to kill another players character is just ridiculous. Sure there are similar problems in other RPG's (A paladin and a thief in DnD for example) but the key diference is the trigger by which the Psyker pisses off his party mates. I would analogise this to a situation where a character has a random chance every time he does what his character is meant to do to create a situation where the other characters are almost required fluff wise to murder him. Cast magic missile, roll 1d100, get a crap roll and your party's paladin has to kill you or lose his alignment. How long would this game last? Would people still be playing DnD today?
  9. Grand Funk Railroad - I'm your Captain although I would think a game like RT would need music that has no words in it or it would be too distracting during the game
  10. I'd like to see it in a new Core Book but however they can get it published I'd like rules for Eldar Aspect Warriors. In BFK they talk about how the eldar craftworld ships have regiments of aspect warriors that are used in boarding actions but I have yet to find stat blocks for any of them. I want to harass my players with Warp Spiders jumping all over their ship killing stuff (and possibly being able to teleport from their ship to the players ship instead of using a boarding craft, the range could be too long though I'm not sure on the fluff for that)
  11. Dulahan said: Meanwhile, Eldar have a wonderful Heirarchy that would actually fit the DH through Deathwatch way of doing things MUCH better than any human group does. They're space elves, so have a built in following. And I'm sure lots of artists would love a shot at a book of this sort. Frankly, it's the ONLY thing that makes sense for why they weren't made playable in any way in Into the Storm, as they'd be by far the most playable option for a Rogue Trader (Amongst other things, they'd be able to blend in a lot easier than either Kroot or Ork while amongst humans). So this is my bet for the next one. +1
  12. FFG is smart to not release the PDF quickly after the real book. They would lose too much sales to pirates, and while I like free stuff I'd rather this game keep getting material published.
  13. iridium said: Is anyone else bothered by the incredibly short ranges that Eldar starship weapons have, barring torpedoes and strike craft? The Pulsar Lance has a range of 3, the Starcannons have a range of 4. Even with the Eldar's speed and maneuverability, that's really short. I would have thought that the Eldar would prefer to fight at longer ranges, away from the massed batteries that Imperial ships can carry. Moving into even normal range for these weapons does away with much of the bonus from holofields, and reading the topics on void combat, it's clear that most player groups are loading up on macrobatteries. I think that doubling, or even tripling, the ranges of Eldar weapons would be a good start, or at least putting them on par with equivalent Imperial weapons. I noticed that and made a post in the BFK errata thread about it. In Edge of the Abyss the starcannons actually have a range of 6 not 4 so I think it might just be a typo. Also, if your worried about eldar being weak just give them the Suncannon from BFK p94. I haven't used the pulsar lance in gameplay yet but it seems extremely powerful so maybe thats why it has range 3. I have a fealing any ship that gets hit by more than 1 of those lances in a turn is going to be turned into debri anyways so I doubt the range matters much.
  14. I've noticed the Eldar Star Cannons have worse stats in BFK than they do in edge of the Abyss (p62). They have range 4 in BFK and range 6 in Edge of the Abyss. In edge of the abyss they do not have the "superior accuracy" special quality like in BFK, but in the "special rules" section for the ship they are on (Memories of Lament) they have a bonus equal to "superior accuracy" (called starcannon accuracy) So it seems like the only difference is the range. Range 4 seems rather low for a race thats supposed to be more technologically developed than most other races but I suppose it could be for balance On the nightshade and hellbore frigates it's strength is listed as 3 while it's listed as 4 on everything else (even the shadowhunter which is a raider)
  15. thanks for the idea's. I think i'll try the multiple scale on a map rule and just use different colored dry erase pens to denote the change. One of the players wanted to play a sniper type arch militant so I'll need to make gun range matter or it'll be useless
  16. If any of you guys use miniatures and grids for battle what size do you generally make each square? Some abilities work in 1 meter increments but if I made each square only 1 meter then I would need a ridiculously big game mat to make weapon ranges matter. I'm leaning towards doing 2.5 or 5 meters per square any input?
  17. BaronIveagh said: Amazon has cancelled pre-orders for Battlefleet Koronus and appearently will not be carrying it. I saw that and was dissapointed but barnes and noble has it for the same price online for an april 12 arrival
  18. I think alot of you are under-estimating DnD 4E's player base. Whenever I go to a comic store or hobby shop and see people playing RPG's there DnD is always at least 75% of them usualy 100%. The in sales of 4e compared to 3e can be explained away quite simply: Torrent Sites. Far more people have broadband now than when 3e and 3.5 were out. I'm not going to explain any further because I don't want pirates to ruin FFG (The superb quality of their hard products will help keep alot of them at bay too hopefully). In any case, I think that has more to do with DnD sales dropping than a lower quality product. I preferred 3.5 to 4e but I know quite a few people who don't (Wizards and CoDzilla ruined the balance of 3/3.5 for anybody who wanted to play a melee but as a long time Sorc I loved it lol) Just to interject one thing into this discussion again in case there are some Dev's watching this thread. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make an eldar corebook, I will pay $80 for it if I have to(even if there is 0 new crunch to the book the new art and fluff would be worth it). And let this be proof that for many people the Black Crusade was a good decision, I'm sure there are just as many if not more people out there crazy about Chaos like I am about Eldar.
  19. sorry for the double post my browser lagged out. If a mod could this that would be awesome
  20. Are there any release dates available for this yet? I looked but couldn't find any. I liked Hickmans work for Dragonlance alot and this novel and RPG setting look awesome.
  21. I looked around on the net but couldn't find a release date for this book. Is it coming soon or far down the line? I loved Hickmans work for Dragonlance and this book has me intrigued, as well as the RPG it's based on.
  22. schoon said: IF the Chaos side of 40KRP actually covers all the power levels thus far done from the Imperial side, we may eventually see something similar supplant the three existing games: a v1.5 if you will. I think it would actually be a good move to consolidate the rules into Imperials & Chaos. That would then open the door for - say - an Eldar book. If they released an Eldar book I would definitely buy it. Pre-order even.
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