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  1. Dice tower also recently did a live play throughout well. The FFG component treatment will be very welcome for this game. It looks, and sounds, like a ton of fun. I'm excited that this is getting reprinted since I didn't manage to snag a copy the first time around.
  2. I've been wanting this game for quite a while now, and I'm so happy that FFG has picked it up. Due to the improved rule book and components, I'll definitely hold out for the FFG release instead of trying to get my hands on an original copy. I can't wait, so please be quick FFG!
  3. Barbus said: Game is rather unbalanced in favour of Jack. In my group detectives have lost 3/4 of our games. Personally, I like this factor in the case of this game. While an unbalanced game can be frustrating, in this case I like it. Thematically it fits, since Jack the Ripper wasn't caught. But it'll still be tense for all players
  4. klaymen_sk said: From the Blood Angels teams, Chaplain's team is my favourite. Purple from Dark Angels - I know that it is just luck-based, but rolling a 5 on a Deathwing Attack agains a swarm of 5 GS is priceless. Agreed. Nothing beats that.I find that specific teams don't matter all that much. It's really about the combination of teams. I've had games go so easily I thought I was breaking rules because of the lineup I had, coupled with lucky dice rolling. I've also had those games where individually strong teams don't work well together. Having teams that have really powerful attacks is great, but having a combo of teams with powerful abilities in support and move + activate is massive when matched with powerful attack teams too.
  5. I would play this app if they had one for Death Angel, but I'd hate to see the app overshadow the hardcopy game. It'd be nice for quick easy single player, but in my opinion the game really does shine when you get a bunch of people playing it together, interacting. Although some people may be turned onto the game through the app, sometimes you run the risk of people only playing the app version. For me, I'd love the app because I'm on the road a lot, and often have time to kill where I can't bring the game itself. So for this, the app would be great. But for me, it'd never come close to getting together with a group and playing the actual game.
  6. I definitely like the idea of more events cards. All other aspects of the game have had expansions, so it'd be nice to get some new events into the mix as well. And a new dice, mine seems to be broken. It seldom rolls what I want. That's why I keep it with all the enemy cards in my containers.
  7. Reading the rules, it's nice to get a fuller sense of how FFG streamlined this game more than 1e. I've read every update throughout this, and now the rules. Everything I read makes me want to play it more. I just wish my local game store was holding a preview. I can't wait to crack this box open and get in that first playthrough. 1e was already one of my all time favorites, an improved version could make it my number one game!
  8. I have to agree that this is looking extremely "must buy" like. From the bit of preview we've now been able to see, I only want it more. Visually terrific, and some of the new elements definitely seem to be on the right track. I love 1e of this already, but this looks great. Can't wait to see and learn more about this!
  9. I can't wait for this game to come out. I love the cyperpunk theme/setting of Android. And this one will be a little more approachable to my friends that aren't as horadcore into gaming. It looks like it'll be a great game!
  10. The new Tyranid expansion sounds like it's going to be great. This'll make one of my favorite games even better.
  11. Often these simpler games are great for when you just want to have fun without all the setup, and having to keep track of a ton of different things. I love playing the deeper games that FFG has to offer, but I'm really looking forward to this one. It's little more accessible for some of the people I game with that don't do well with the deep learning curves. Plus, who doesn't want to be a part of the biggest rock band in the world? Should be a ton of fun!
  12. skinslip said: I would be all over these boxes if there were designs for Arkham Horror and Descent. OR if they made a custom print on demand box insert for the standard FFG box based on the games to place inside the box. Good call on that. Those were the first 2 games I own that I would think of for card boxes. Right now I use a tackle box with interchangable plastic seperator tubs that have dividers in them. It works pretty well, but something that follows the game theme would be cool. On a sidenote, I know that Steve Jackson Games have made "boxes of holding" for their Munchkin cards. They're pretty cheap material, but it would be easy to do something similar that fits your FFG games.
  13. I've been eying this game up a lot lately, and I think I'll probably be getting it, but I have one question first. Since, it seems like this game's learning curve isn't quite as steep, would getting the expansion at the same time and learning both together pose much of a problem? I'm used to deep games, but some of the people I game with aren't, and they get discouraged if it's too hard to learn.
  14. I've never gotten the impression that anyone is really pushing their views on these forums. There's definitely some heated debates, but that's good. It makes you consider other options. You now have the choice as to if you'll use that different opinion, or not, and how you want to approach the game from that point on. I love this game because it is hard, and there is so much open to interpretation, but I would hate it if I was handed an automatic win every time a certain combination came up. Yes, on auto loss can be frustrating, but preferable to auto wins. If people are giving ideas to make the game harder, great. I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft's works, and I think the amped difficulty fits well with the theme (I, personally, don't go to the police station to become deputized because the carriage makes me feel like I'm cheating). A lot of his stories provide an element of the characters feeling helpless at points. It also makes sense that some characters are stronger or weaker than others, but they do try to keep it as level as possible. The thing is though, that's reality to. Some people are better or worse at certain things than others, but that gets reciprocated. The weaker ones may be the stronger in the right situation If someone wants to follow the boxed rules absolutely, fine. I don't neccessarily agree with that, but hey, it's their house rule. I want to know the most current rules because they often address issues that have come up in the game. In my opinion, this almost boils down to the fact that the people on these forums generally aren't just casual players. They feel strongly about the game in question. They're opinions, may be strongly worded, but i don't think anyone here is disillusioned enough to think that their word is gospel. If you don't agree, then you don't agree, but even if you don't like the tone of the post, you can still find elements to the game that you really like, and that enhance your experience. I think that's what drives this game to get better and better.
  15. It also comes in a bigger box, which is kind of overpackaging, but at the same time, you can fit all the cards in it even if they're sleeved.
  16. I just bought this game yesterday. And it's the revised edition. The video reviews were all about the original. They've changed up the graphics, so there is a bigger varitety of characters without actually having to add a ton of new characters (although it looks like there may be some). They've also added in new play modes which I think most were already part of the game, it just lets you add one element at a time to help the learning curve be a little more gradual. These are designated with letters on the cards: -A: The base game with a set group of 11 starting cards. -B: This adds more cards to allow you to build a deck so you can "concentrate on one Arcanum, bribe personalities more effectively, or take better advantage of the ablilities on Location cards." -C: This adds the Objectives (collecting a set from a certain fiefdom) -D: This adds the Militia -E: This adds Guild Masters who have certain powers to perform various tasks, or force your opponents to play a certain way -F: This adds Random Events which allow you to take 4 events cards that you shuffle with the "Ducal jubilee" card and place seperate from the neutral district. Each event lasts the full round that it is in play for, adn is then discarded. They add some cool little twists. -G: This adds Tactical Discards. This gives you the option of either placing a won Stake Card in your discard pile (as normal), or placing it beneath your Guild card. This lets you keep clutter out of your deck to help "optimize your strategy." They still count towards your victory points at the end of the game, they just don't take up room in your deck, which is nice if it's not a card that fits with your strategy, or if it's a weaker card. It also sounds like FFG has tweaked the rule book to make more sense, and include errata.
  17. Thanks for the info, that's awesome. I'll check these out
  18. So I'm looking to build a good game table with interchangable playing surfaces depending on the game I'm playing. I have a lot of time on my hands. I would love to create 3 dimensional buildings for the Arkham surface. Other than the Cthulu Mythos art book that FFG sells, does anyone know of any other good reference material for how this world looks?
  19. I've only played the once, but we found that we had a fair amount of player interaction. At least more so than a lot of other non-coop games we've played. I think it really depends on the gaming group.
  20. I'm really looking forward to this game because I play a lot of solo games, and I also play with groups a lot too. I haven't had any issues with LOTR solo. It plays well, although any game is more fun to play with others. FFG playtests there games a lot, and I'm sure they'll make sure that solo play will be solid, and fun. Plus being Star Wars, I think they'll be pretty careful to get it done well because it's a franchise that fans are so loyal to. Messing it up would be suicide.
  21. I was super excited when this app was announced, butI'm still stuck with my 2nd gen Iphone for another two months because of my contract, and I don't want to pay a bunch to get a new phone early. So I'm waiting it out extremely impatiently.
  22. I've found that the recent updates have really made this app run a lot smoother. It was a great app even though there were some bugs at first. Now that it works better it's an amazing app. I love it.
  23. Even though it's not hard to do in your head. A score tracker would be kind of cool. I've seen them for other games, and even though it's not a neccessity, it's kind of nice to have.
  24. Just wondering if there is anyone in the Edmonton area that plays this. I'd love to be able to play this more. There's a game store in St. Albert that does game nights every Friday, so I'd bring it with me to those nights.
  25. I would love to see something like this. The one in the pic is very nice, and I wish I had time to make something like it. I did get a large tackle box for my games that has a bunch of the removable clear plastic separater trays. It works really well because I can change out my games easy, and I can have a bunch of games in one box. Right now I have Arkham Horror, Descent with one of the expansions, Lord of The Rings LCG and Standalone card game, The first two Anima games, Death Angel, extra dice, Munchkins, The Stars Are Right, Cthulu Dice, and a few game accessories. It keeps it organized well, and I just get more trays for expansions. On of my friends uses trays for sorting screws and things like that for his, nd they work well too.
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