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  1. Here's your problem someone switched this droid to evil
  2. I have ordered from the quite a few times and always got my stuff within a week
  3. At minimum they should make people denote different squads. As a side note I have played a couple games where we were playing the same faction fighting each other both of us had primed our figures black after I had gotten home and started to re-organize I was short a few pieces. So mark your minis.
  4. x13phantom

    Force Friday

    I would rather wait for new last Jedi ships until the movie comes out so they don't leave out characters they did not realize were going to be popular.
  5. I Wonder if this is a one time thing or a taste of things to come.
  6. I buy from FLGS so no change for price, but as more ships come out my space to put everything is diminishing so that has made me think about dropping imperials.
  7. I say go for it! Don't worry about the Border Princes they were made to be fluid and constantly are in turmoil. If you are nervous about that send them to Lustria or a new found island somewhere.
  8. If your not sure just buy most wanted and see how that works. I love my scum ships.
  9. Yes, in skirmish all the time. One because it gives more options to try out, and two it helps tell different squads apart. Also it is fun to play at the game store and have people ask if I painted the figures and I respond that they came painted and watch them try to process before telling them about WOTC minis.
  10. G1a is my least favorite with a little redesign I would like it better
  11. I greatly dislike powerful NPC helpers, makes me feel like why is my character here? I don't mid powerful patrons that need stuff or a powerful NPC that is diminished somehow, or the occasional get out of jail card. So I say if your players can walk on their own let them some of the best stories happen because the PCs fail.
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