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  1. I have played 3 or 4 times no only using the basic rules from the first rulebook, but I got a couple of questions, please help me Resolve them: - when a unit takes armour save beeing afected by cover, you throw the number of dice acording to the armour and then you consider the cover or you reduce the number of dice acording to the cover? Lets say a armour 3 unit deals 4 shots beeng behind hard cover, so I throw 3 dice and get 3,1 and 5, so I saved une for armour and 2 for hard cover or i dont throw 3 dice, but only one, because the hard cover deals 2 automatic success? - A unit that is 2 inches away from other can shot to it or it has to use his close combat weapons? - How tall mus a scenery peace be to give the tank cover save? - If i get the iniciative, it means I can do 3 actions that turn? (two of them in my action turn and another one reacting to the actions of the other player) and the player that lost the iniciative can only take 2 actions? (one reacting and one in his turn or 2 in his action turn) -Isuing orders in the comand phace lets me remove all counters on a unit, please clear me out how a unit has reaction markers during the comand phase if you have not givven them a take action order? Sorry for my english, hope you can understand it Thanks in advance
  2. Any one knows how to use this card? I have not seen the miniature or the statistics. So please help me understand this card, because I bought Hiro and I don't see the use Thanks Alejo
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