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  1. Venthrac said: Slipping in the tub, not so much. Umm…except that people die from slipping and hitting their head. Which I don't think is less severe than someone stealing a pdf. But enough about that. People that pirate weren't going to support the book anyway. Most Fans of a product will support it. Plenty of musicians are still making millions of dollars and people having stealing mp3s for over a decade.
  2. GoblynByte said: One thing should be noted (if it hasn't been already - I didn't take the time to read all of the rantings), in past iterations of Star Wars RPGs there was a very, VERY strict limitation on any digital aspects the company could put out per the license with Lucas. THIS INCLUDES A PDF VERSION OF THE GAME. If the license holds true to historical example, FFG simply is not allowed to release these Star Wars related books in PDF format. You are correct sir. Lucasfilm classifies a PDF book as an electronic game. So if FFG wanted to sell PDFs the would have purchase an additional license from Lucasarts which deals with video game licenses.
  3. GoblynByte said: Tensen01 said: Exactly. The 40k books worked because each one was, despite a shared setting and system, a unique game. Star Wars is not like that. Everyone should be given the chance to play, from the get-go, whatever type of character they may want to play. I But Star Wars is not that way. It is something different to everyone and there are a LOT of subgenres within the setting that don't always play well together as an RPG setting. Gritty war movies, nigh super-hero antics of the Jedi, seedy political intrigue… There's a LOT of scope there and d20 always struggled with making everyone happy with one core rulebook. I disagree. Star Wars are pulp action serial films. Some authors may have written a story in another direction, but that does not change the genre of Star Wars. For instance there were a series of horror novels and noir novels but I would not say Star Wars is either of these. Also it is like Tenson01 said 40k has subgenres that do not play well together. You would not play a character from core book in another core book. There are power level issues. Stat power-wise a level 1 Rogue Trader character is effectively a level 4 Dark Heresy Character. A Level 1 Deathwatch Character is effectively a level 4 Rogue Trader character / or Level 8 Dark Heresy character. This is why you don't need all the books because all the players are only going to be say Space Marines or Rogue Traders. Now you can say well Yoda was powerful and so having a book that makes Jedi superheroes emulates the movies. I would agree, but if the group is not all Jedi this is going to be an issue in a game. Which has always been the trouble with a Star Wars rpg. About scope, I agree there's a lot to cover. I don't think WEG or Wotc didn't space battles any justice. If there is a lot to cover why waste my time by reprinting the "core rules" in 3 books. Use the space for something new or save me $5 bucks.
  4. BrashFink said: Shadows is AH-Mazing. Are you a Happy Jacks listener?
  5. Venthrac said: It seems pretty simle to me. With three standalone games, you can just buy one book and have everything you need. If this were, say, D&D4E you might have to buy multiple books, say the first Player's Guide (for the rules) and then one of the later PGs if you wanted to play a race or class that was in that book. But that is everything you need for one style of play. Star Wars like Fantasy, or even the some of the Kurasawa films, it's a hodgepodge of characters on an adventure. I wouldn't run a Lord of the Rings Rpg with only Hobbits in the Shire. It could be done, probably has been. But someone will want to play Gimli or Aragorn. Sorry you need another rule book for that. If someone else wants to be Gandalf or Legolas well that's another rulebook. And the kicker is these aren't supplement books there full priced core rulebooks that will have stuff you already purchased. Sure if all I want to run is a Noir smuggler campaign set in Star Wars, then the one book is all I need. But if I want to re-create the film as a game I need all three books just to put Obi-wan, Luke, Han Solo, and Lea all on the same hunk of junk.
  6. Tensen01 said: Exactly. The 40k books worked because each one was, despite a shared setting and system, a unique game. Star Wars is not like that. Everyone should be given the chance to play, from the get-go, whatever type of character they may want to play. I will not say SAGA is a perfect Star Wars game, it's not. But what's nice about it, and WEG before it is this: You can buy one book, and play really whatever type of character you could really want to play. The later Saga books, other than adding a few new options for each class, really only offered fluff and Races. They didn't add new classes that you were being deprived of if you didn't buy that book. That's not me putting them down, that's saying that the core SAGA book is all you ever really need. One book. Whether YOU personally(The collective "you") care for Jedi or not, there are tons of people who do and they should be allowed to play those characters to the fullest and have that fun without having to wait 3 years. It simply doesn't make sense from either a setting or business sense… Unless the business plan is simply "Three books means more money." and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt… But doing so simply tells me they have no clue what they're doing. I don't know which is worse. I concur completely. I have players that would play a jedi every time, and ones that never will. This also really makes me love the Savage Worlds model. One affordable Core Book for $9.99, then pick up whatever supplements and settings you want for $15-20. I am not talking about the rules of the game, although I am keen on Savage Worlds, but just the affordability and not buying multiple books with the same rules.
  7. borithan said: I disagree, but I will accept some bits are plodding. As I said, I find the whole storyline about the Nohgri (particularly the bit on Kasshyk and their home planet) an utter drag. However, I like the rest of it. As I said, the more down to earth nature of it is something I actually enjoy. Also: Jedi are not WTF POWN in it as well. Luke is a significant warrior in his own right, but you don't get the sense that he could hold off hundreds of guys all by himself like they insist on doing in the prequel stuff. Normal people actually have a purpose! And that is excellent. I am definitely in the minority, because a lot of people love those books. And I agree I'm not into the books where Jedi are like the old Steven Segal movies where he doesn't get a scratch and wades through hundreds of enemies. But for prepping a game I just don't remember a lot of stuff you can borrow from the Heir books except for a lunatic Jedi. MILLANDSON said: *puts on flame proof clothing* I actually really liked the Vong books (I own the whole series), the Swarm War trilogy, and the New Jedi Order series. I also like the classics - X-Wing, Rogue Squadron, Wraith Squadron, the Lando Calrissian and Han Solo novels, as well as the Truce at Bakkura. It's fine that you like the Vong, just not my thing. As a player I wouldn't care if the Vong showed up, but as a GM I would never use them. It's kind of a cheap shot. It's the D&D equivalent telling the Wizard player that for this story he can't use magic. It's okay for a book to take the heroes powers away, but not lot of fun in a game, unless your running a Call of a Cthulhu style game where the players are always powerless against the villains. Also I do remember liking a Rogue Squadron novel. Don't remember which one though.
  8. Now my understanding about 40k (i don't know much) is that it works because you would not want to play a Rogue Trader in a Deathwatch game you could because of the rules but doesn't fit the style of game that each Core Book is for. So it is actually works well to not charge the fans that want to play a Deathwatch game double by making them buy Black Crusade to get the core rules. However in a Star Wars game (for some reason) your group might get the idea to have a Smuggler, Jedi, and Rebel Soldier/Princess. For that you will need all three books Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny. Each will have the core rules and all are set in the Darth Vader-y Era. So you don't even get a different timeline? This is the most disappointing part of the FFG release. I don't need 3 sets of core rules. I don't mind the dice I was actually hoping for a Warhammer Fantasy geek porn box set style with little cardboard Stormtroopers, cards, etc. Something that would have been entirely different for a SW game. I gotta say Saga Edition never looked so good and at used price of $50 bucks still cheaper than 3 core rulebooks. And it hurts me to say this because I am a FFG fan-boy, Arkham Horror is my favorite boardgame.
  9. I am not going to be a loved here, but I cannot stand the Zahn books. They are slow plodding and even Han Solo is falling asleep from boredom in some scenes (seriously that happens). Star Wars is supposedly be action packed like the old pulpy serial films. The Heir series is like a low budget 1980's BBC version of Star Wars. I don't even believe the main villain and the heroes even ever meet. Just a bunch of boring "intrigue". (By that I do not mean that intrigue is boring only that this is not very intriguing.) Plus there are the stupid anti-force space monkeys (which aren't as bad as the even dumber Anti-force Hellraiser-bondage looking Vong race that show up in later series). Okay enough being an jerkface. I'm not looking to start an argument I just want to warn the guy that although most people love the books don't go into them with high expectations. Books that I liked. I remember liking Shadows of the Empire, but I was about 14 years old so I'm not going to say it is the best thing ever. I remember sort of liking Dash Rendar even though he is obviously a Han Solo clone because there is no Han Solo in the book. I liked how it sets up the events to Return of the Jedi and introduced a weird little villain. Even better though is Tales from Jabbas Palace and if you are looking for game ideas this is the one to read. It is a short story collection the catch is that each story is about someone you see in Jabba's Palace all roughly during the time Luke shows up to rescue Han Solo. The stories range from humor to mystery to action. There are definitely some bad ones, but even those should have a decent hook to steal for a game. My favorite is humorous story about the dumbest Gammorean Guard that wants to be friendly. I know they put out a similar book Tales of Mos Eisley, but I have not read that.
  10. Howdy, At this point no one really outside FFG knows what to expect from a Star Wars Roleplaying game, but whether is it box heavy like Warhammer Fantasy or book based like Warhammer 40k I think a Mansions of Madness Style Star Wars game could be amazing for a couple of reasons. First a quick fun Co-op Star Wars Board game would just be great and unique to Star Wars board games. Secondly, in this dream of mine, most of the fiddly bits would be a great accessory to either style pen paper Rpg. The plastic minis FFG makes for Talisman and Arkham Horror's monster tokens are excellent. A Stand-alone co-op board game that can also double as a Rpg accessory. (and really just the minis, tokens, & tiles could be cool for any Star Wars Rpg even if it's the old WEG d6) I think this idea is just money in the bank, so someone over there is probably working on it. Please and Thank you.
  11. I am looking at the expansions and I don't think I am quite ready to add another board. Mainly what I am looking for in an expansion is additional location cards, item cards, new characters, etc. I like the game as is, but just want a little more variety (especially with locations), but not necessarily looking for new mechanics. Any thoughts on which card expansion is the best?
  12. Hello again, I have answered our question. I was browsing the site and if you go here You can browse upcoming FFG games selecting from the down menu "reprints" and "board games" you will get a list of all the upcoming reprints Dunwich is listed for 2/1/2011 So I guess it's on the way
  13. lol. I came to the forums looking for the same answer. I doubt we'll get the answer we want which is yes. I just got Arkham Horror last week and I was browsing the expansions but the best price I can find for Dunwich is $90 on ebay. Geez that's a little much for me. So I hope FFG considers reprinting for people that like their game.
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