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  1. What is instead of the tree on the colored dices?
  2. If you slightly change the preparation of Inkognito, it becomes an hard game only for adult. Here my recipe: after receiving your grey identity and build card, remove them from the game. It becames a very hard game! And remember that after the game start, cheating is allowed and encouraged!
  3. This card is too cool, near the end of the game killed half of the players!!!
  4. My Concern is the starting CRAFT stat, 4 is too much! Moreover every turn he get a spell! Combining both features is too powerfull. I think that without the ability ot gain a spell per turn, he would become "normal" character. He becomes a killer with teleport spell!
  5. I just played against a Fire Wizard…. It's a tank! He sarts that he can defeat all creatures up to strength 4, then if you pump his craft, he kick dragons like a breze!!!!! And he starts with CRAFT 4!!!!
  6. Just another couple of hints. Some places have the same name, but they are different locations. Talisman board is a 3 concentric rings region: Outer region, locations in clockwise order : village. fields. graveyard. woods. Sentinel, he permits you to enter in the middle region. It's connected with the hills of the middle region. hills. chapel. fields. crags. Plains. woods. fields. city. fields. hills. plains. woods. Plains. Tavern. Middle region, locations in clockwise order: Portal of power, it permits to entern in the center region. It's connected to the plain of peril of the inner region. Black knight. Hidden valley. Hills, connected with the Sentilnel of the outer region. Runes. Chasm. Runes. Warlock's Cave. Desert. Oasis. Desert. Temple. Woods. Runes. Castle. Inner region, in all this region you don't roll the die to move, move just one location per turn. Here is locations in clockwise order: Plain of Peril, connected with the portal of power. Mines. Vampire's Tower. Pits. Valley of Fire, connected with the Crown of command. Werewolf's den. Death Crypt The crown of command is in the middle of the inner region, you can reach it only walking across the valley of fire.
  7. At the moment I haven't the Dragon expansion, but the other big expansions give you the possibility to set game difficulty: EASY: take the talisman and defeat the Eagle king (Higland expansion) NORMAL: take the talisman and reach the crown of command (no expansion needed) HARD: take the talisman and defeat the Dungeon Lord (Dungeon expansion) Without the Talisman you can't win. What do you think?
  8. The question is: when I consider started the turn? First recover all you spell you can, then start your turn. This way you avoid to launch an infinite number of spells, but some characters can always launch at least one spell, like the prophetess.
  9. Thank you very mush! I post here the link to all corrected cards: http://www.giochiuniti.it/index.php?option=com_rokdownloads&view=folder&Itemid=83〈=it
  10. In Italian version helm and Armature have the same text (don't lose 1 life with 4-5-6), but helm is cheaper than armature. I think that it should be don't lose one life with 6, am I correct?
  11. I still haven't the Dragons Expansion, but after a lot of games, me and my friends realized that the only way to use all the expansion is the following: If you are killed: GAME OVER. You don't draw another character and start again. If you are the only player in game: YOU WIN If you reach the Crown of command with a Talisman: YOU WIN If you defeat the Dungeon Lord with a Talisman: YOU WIN If you defeat the Eagle King with a Talisman: YOU WIN If you have the Talisman, Dragon Lord and Eagle King statistics are 8/8. Otherwise normal rules applies. If it's late, and you want to finish soon... At the beginning your turn roll a die a consult the Reaper card. This way a game last 2-3 hours max and remains fun!
  12. "Bounty hunter" is cool and simple. the otherones are too complicated.
  13. You are absolutely right! It's very hard to organize all tokens, cards, miniatures.
  14. Thels said: Ah, that makes the game rather different. And indeed, considering the chance that people can roll a 1, that could make for quite a shorther game. Do you allow fate to be used when rolling for the Reaper? Also, doesn't that just turn into a slaughterfest, or do people still actually try to visit the Crown of Command? I and my firends don't like to play a game more than 1-2 hours. So it shorten the game like a slaughterfest, but not the fun. Death become like a russian roulette...
  15. Noooo, too bad. I loved stealing/taking the Talisman from other players in the inner region.
  16. No, no, after 30 minutes, if you are dead, you remain dead. So it shortens the game. Remember that if you are the last remaining player, you win.
  17. Ok, I changed a bit: What do you think?
  18. Where is the rule about the Warlock quest and the Portal of Power?
  19. However, if you launch on yourself, you can't do any other actions, but you draw the Dragon before the spell; so you must finish the encounter with the Dragon and then finish your turn, because you are stunned.
  20. It's obvious that "any" means "any other", otherwise you stay on the ground stunned and the Dragon eats you.
  21. Hello guys, I try to use all the expansion boards, but they are useless! Usually players never follows the Dungeon or the Highlands paths, these paths are usefull for very few characters, like: Assassin Troll Gladiator Necromancer Ogre Chieftain So I'm wandering if it's better to use only the main board, and only if it's drawn an adventure card that it permits to enter in the dungeon or in the Highlands, the extra-board is placed. To push players using the extra-board, just apply the following rule: who has a Talisman and defeats the last boss of the path, wins the game (or reaches "the crown of command", as you prefer)What do you think?
  22. When I play Talisman with a lot of people, after 30 minutes the Reaper arrives to shorten the game. We realized that it is funnier this way: The reaper doesn't walk on the board, it's like a token. After the 30 minutes, the player in turn take it The player who has the reaper token, at the beggining of his turn roll 1 dice and follow the Reaper effect If the result of the dice is 5, player give the Reaper token to another player of his choice At the end of the turn, if the player has the Reaper gives it to the next player
  23. Declaring before the roll where a character want to go is a very good idea. This solve all the situation of cursed charachter (bad followers) who must arrive in some space, but they are unlucky. I think should be work this way: "Before rolling the movemente dice, a player may declare a place he must visit.Than he must travel to the shortest path to that space. If he land on that space, he immediately stops."
  24. Is the maximum number of spells 3 for every charachter?
  25. If you are in the desert, you always loose 1 life if don't have something "drinkable". (bottle, holy graal, etc...) If you fight a carachter, fight it in the desert and you need to drink...
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