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  1. I used my MOM painted minis but somehow I feel the need to get the set....
  2. I did similar with some felt and cheap card
  3. Nice idea. I actually use a gw bb board.
  4. I'd like to see the whole set published in a deluxe set. Please.....
  5. Its just great fun in a tiny little box....
  6. I better check my set....
  7. Now if only can get a copy sent to New Zealand without selling my Gran!
  8. JerusalemJones said: Well, I can't say that I am relly surprised, since alot of these partnerships have ended, but it's too bad that FFG isn't carrying the line anymore. I hope it does as well without FFG as a partner in distribution. Good luck! Fingers crossed it all works out.
  9. so very nicely done. I'll need to paint mine now... I was going to take pickures of the map tiles to use on the base tiles rather than the flock.
  10. Show the importance and care needed for the keeper. I suggest you play the first several times alternating keeper just to get used to the role. not everyone is really cut out for it...
  11. HMS Hajj said: As a new mini player, I would suggest you start picking up the Series 4 fighters if you have not already. These were just recently released, but already they are getting hard to find (good luck getting Bishop's SE5a these days for less then $50). I would not expect a reprint of them for about two years. Series 1-3 are said to be scheduled for reprint again this year (this is from the CEO of Nexus), so they will be coming back around sometime. Found Bishop quite easily. Its the Dr1s and Bakers camel that are just impossible to find without a stupid price tag.
  12. I agree I believe there is an opportunity to support the hobbiest and keen gamer. There is a market for additional bases , pilot figures and a lot more. Shame the players appetite is not being fulfiled. At least the Aerodome is giving hobbiests some of what they need to continue this great game.
  13. Wait until you crave the balloons and soon to be available bombers......
  14. I started playing a few months ago and managed to pick up most of the planes I want. The only ones I couldn't find are the **** Fokker and Bakers Camel. The rest have been a bit of a challange to chase down but they are out there. Series 4 seems readily available.
  15. Personally I think they add so much to the game. I liked the game without the minis but am totally addicted with the minis. I suppose its down to the love of the hobby side of the game. Custom Mats, repainting etc is part of the attraction for me. Apart from the aesthetics, it you use Altitude and like large games its alot easier and clearer with the minis. Its not a cheap change though. Better things in life seldom are!......
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