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  1. SephyrBR said: I'm starting out first Deathwatch game here with my group, and I drew the short straw as a GM. I promises to be a lot of fun now that the weapon stats have been ammended and whatnot, but I still have one big question: Can an Assault Marine (or any other melee character) really 'tank' enemies in Deathwatch? Since you can only engage an enemy at a time, it feels easy for most of the mooks to just swarm around the AM and go for the Devastator/Tactical. What other ways can a melee fighter use to monopolize the attention of as many enemies as possible? Thanks in advance. The melee dude isn't there for the mooks, everyone can chew through those fast enough with bolters. They're there to charge the biggest badest thing he sees and start yelling "IN HIS NAME!!" as he tries to rip that big baddie to shreds.
  2. While we've got a Dark Heresy and Rogue trader group going at my LGS people have expressed interest in Deathwatch but no one has been willing to step up and run it. I've decided to step up into that void. I'm trying to build 4 one shot missions I can use both as just demos and as springboards into a full campaign if we start generating interest. I'm no stranger to being behind the screen 5 years as a 3.5 D&D DM and 2 as a Mixed WoD Storyteller The mission seeds I have so far: #1 The Kill Team has been asked to destroy a Tau Comm outpost, en route they recieve a transmission from an Inquisitor on the surface asking them to retrieve the data crystals from the outpost(The Inquisitor thinks there is a traitor communicating with the Tau and that this outpost is where those transmissions are coming from) Primary Objective: Destruction of the outpost Secondary: Retrieve the crystals and get them to the Inquisition before dustoff Complication:The Inquisitor broadcast 'in the open' and the traitor sends IG Units loyal to him to prevent the team from delivering the the crystals. #2 A Dreadnaught's drop pod landed far off course behind Ork battle lines. the Kill Team is inserted with an NPC techmarine to recover the dreadnaught from the location. Primary Objective: Escort the Dreadnaught to the recovery point Secondary Objective: Get it Battle ready As for Tertiary/Personal Objectives I'm writting up 10 pregens and will then have two for each character(one based on role and one based on chapter) for the player to try and achieve in each mission.
  3. I appreciate how intune your cleric player is as a whole. When I played my 1st cleric, any undercover mission we got, he would become a street/traveling preacher instead of whatever ID's were arranged. But in those missions and even some where we had to 'flash our badges' sometimes the bully pulpit worked, others it blew up in our faces. Play on the characters habits, maybe the temple tendancy takes an interest in her as an up and comming Eccliesiarchy member that needs to be eliminated. Maybe she's found the most jaded member of the minisortium and all they do is shrug "I do the emperor's works as much as you, you'll still need an appoint ment and the ealiest I can work you in is 6 months"(GM actually hit me with this in Damned cities while trying to see the planetary govenor) If she uses it in public, she starts a riot and the arbites/enforcers come after her.(had this happen as well...oops)
  4. I told my GM about this thread and he told me to pass on a story from just before I joined the group. :Tattered Fates Spoilers: During the Red Cages part of the adventure where everyone was stripped of their useful gear, psychic doped up to the gills, and the techpriest's non vital implants shut down. Techpriest is looking around and announces to the party in a rather loud voice: "There's got to be something around here that can turn me on!"
  5. Luthor Harkon said: Brother Zahariel said: Vandegraffe said: Well, as Vandegraffe said, you stick out like a sore thumb and get all the unwanted attention. You will certainly fall under close scrutiny of the local Enforcers/Magistratum as well as the Adeptus Arbites and you will be targeted first by any opposition you encounter. He will never be allowed entry to any public or private owned building or area except by pulling the Inq card and even then this will be close to a declaration of war to the respective organization. So, it is the job of the GM to have the PC be treated accordingly by the environment/NPCs. That why she enjoyed having me as an Arbite, in full regalia at all times, when she carried it. I managed to mitigate some of the 'social' diffculties for her through roleplay and some **** good charm/intimidate rolls. but in combat if they saw her she was 1st on the targeting block...till the psyker would announce his presence, or my combat shotgun reduced someone to paste.
  6. Vandegraffe said: The bottom line is heavy weapons are military hardware, and should be treated accordingly. They're great if you're going into a war zone, but stick out like a sore thumb anywhere else. Tell that to the Techpriest in my DH playgroup that totes a lascannon around everywhere. Everybody gives her a wide berth, when on planet. Only time she leaves it behind is when our inquisiitor tells us we're going undercover and there is no suitable way to hide/disguise the thing. Every Fight we're in her first turn is brace/aim followed by aim/fire every turn till the battery is drained.
  7. Yes he starts with it. its in the list for completeness sake. Just like in certain other classes where, its given, but still in the advance scheme. if the publish alternative starting packages at ascension as well, then a hierophant might not start with pure faith, but then need to buy it. Or to use my current cleric. I can't qualify for pure faith, too many corruptions points. but say later on I'm able to reduce the amount of corruption below 10 I can now buy it at that point off the advanced scheme.(if he goes hierophant, which is unlikely.)
  8. with it being open system, maybe the chaos sm options are at a certain exp range so you start a game at that 'range' to account for that?
  9. I'm of the opinion that people should at least have the books with the character options they use, which in most cases is just the core book.
  10. +When Hatred is a good thing +Paranoia is not just a talent, its a survival skill +Everybody stands near the psyker rather then cleric, cause they're afraid of when he frenzy's +said Cleric killed three nobles during a shoot out cause they were armed and between him and cultists, and no one complains
  11. Well how about instead of not rolling on the malignacy table make them roll a d10. 1-4 malig, 5-8 your 'gifts', 9-10 you roll on both(since chaos is known for blessing and cursing at the ssame time). And what about a toughness for 100 corruption and willpower for insanity at 100, to see if they remain in player's hands. every 10points beyond 100 they test again with a -10 for every 10 points beyond 100.
  12. Lorcus said: Can't remember the character(s) names, but the two main protagonists of Death Note: an idealist young man who believes in justice and proceeds to engage in what can only be called a calulated campaign of murder, and his opponent, the genius investigator who will do anything, up to and including murder and torture to discover his prey's identity. You're looking for: Light and L and now I'm blanking on who I was going to add.
  13. As a big DA fan I've read all the Black Library Novels one of which being "Angels of Darkness" where long story shot a Fallen tells an Unforgiven his version of the fall of caliban,
  14. Great list, some other possibilities: -One of the DW Librarians, contacts you telepathically right while you're in the middle of processing orders regarding a fallen/ dealing with a fallen/etc. He might have picked up on your thoughts...what do you do about it? -A watch captain is a deathwing vet, and keeps sending your squad against a cult/traitor guard/ etc. is it Fallen related because he keeps tasking you to lead or just favoring a member of his former chapter? -An Inquistor knows about your 'unusual behavior' on certain missions, and chooses to bring his retinue with you on a few missions. One of those missions, you or the Inquisitor comes upon a fallen. If its you, he does an 'angels of darkness' confession and the Inquisitor, hears pieces of it. What will/can you do?
  15. all the 'known'(GW made) DA sucessors as far as I know all use their 'standard' armor scheme for their 1st and second companies. They might organize them the same way as the parent chapter, but they don't have the reasons for their companies to be marked differently.
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