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  1. hey I heard a rumour that the digital version was coming to the Playstation 4, any truth to this ?
  2. Hopefully with new art by Gary Chalk, bigger cards and maybe some tweeks here and there this could be very interecting. Hopefully some visual updates will come soon.
  3. I am interested in printing some custom cards, but I don't have equipment to print high quality cards. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the UK and give me a rough estimate on costs per cards? Any responses are most welcome and appreciated.
  4. Please excuse my ignorance but what us crowd funding, Is it similar to kickstater? Any I would also be interested in getting everything you make.I am just fanatical about everything Talisman
  5. My goodness these pieces and whatever else is produced,is going to make the board look absolutely awesome. Fantasic work Leavon, think I will have to do plenty of overtime over the coming weeks
  6. Absolutely stunning - would love to pimp oit my talisman with figures for the ice queen, sentinel, the dragons heck even missing characters such as the inquisitor. Would be willing to buy anything produced
  7. Me too, only expansion I lack is the Nether realms and price of £75 is completely rediculous and out of my price range for a few cards
  8. Aye I have a sneaky feeling any forthcoming edition will be very different to 4th edition and probably quite a few years away at any rate.
  9. Agreed, surely in the time since cataclysm release they could have made that small expansion to tie up that final part between woodlands and Highlands. Oh well.
  10. That's the reason I have stayed away from homebrews, no idea where to get it done, finding somewhere in the UK that does too quality printing
  11. With the rumours already circulating this isn't at all surprising. I am doubtful we will see another edition for many years, unless it's something drastically different, though I would be happy to be proven wrong. I am still a little bit sad, I was one of the few who would have loved a 4th edition Timescape Though we have tons of material to play with for years to come, more exciting for me personally; I have finally started painting my miniatures
  12. He worked for FFG, not Games Workshop. Aye thanks for pointing this out, teaches me to create a post just before falling asleep - I have edited my error
  13. On the Talisman cataclysm BGG forum thread "is this the end of talisman expansion" Samuel Bailey stated he was pitching and idea called "wild realms" to FFG before he left. He then says it was doubtful the expansion would get made given the rumours about FFG and Games Workshop!! Does anyone know what he means, is FFG about to lose it's license with Games workshop? Seems a shame Samuel Bailey left Fantasy Flight, seem he really wanted to continue creating expansions, wondering what happened there as well.. I do hope this is not the end of FFG's involvement with Talisman, I know some folks says it's getting a bit bloated, but not me I would love more expansions Here is the link to the thread in question. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/23455204#23455204
  14. Samuel bailey also said in that post he had ideas formulated for future expansions, when asked about giving them for home brews, he said all his ideas were given to FF. So who knows what the future holds for Talisman 4th edition. I hope it's not the end, maybe even a big box of cards for all the previous expansions with new characters, I would be happy with this
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