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  1. I'd just like a Nyarlathotep herald whose power didn't basically remove the primary mechanic from CotDP.
  2. The difficulty level cards just seem like really boring Heralds and Guardians. I'd rather just play with actual Heralds and Guardians to adjust the difficulty level.
  3. Oh, you're right that would have saved us a doom token! Though it still wouldn't have saved our lives; we had plenty of room on the doom track, it was those darned Deep Ones that awakened Zhar. Still, without so much doom right at the beginning of the game, we might have taken things at a slower pace and had some clues on the Feds Raid Innsmouth track earlier on.
  4. I had a similar unexpected loss to Zhar last week! And I, too, had Patrice on my side... at the beginning of the game. We were playing with the University, but no other Heralds or Guardians, and were playing with the Innsmouth and Dark Pharaoh expansions. Our first gate opened, and we rolled doubles, for 2 doom tokens. On the second turn, we drew a double-doom Mythos card, and rolled doubles again, for 5 doom tokens on turn 2! Third turn... more doubles! In an effort to move quickly, we sent everyone into gates, including (though we know this is almost never wise...) Patrice herself, with a dozen or so clue tokens thanks to passing her Personal Story. Well-armed and bedecked in clue tokens, Patrice marched into Yuggoth... and promptly encountered Shub-Niggurath there, who devoured her. Despite the inauspicious start, we thought we were going to pull it out anyway. Mandy replaced Patrice in another lucky draw, and we managed to get several Doom Tokens removed thanks to two Elder Signs and the death of Barnabas Marsh. We hadn't put any clues on the Innsmouth board, but we only had three Deep Ones Rising tokens on the board so we weren't too worried. With five seals in place, and two investigators in Other Worlds bedecked in clues and ready to place the sixth, we had almost won... When we got three Deep Ones Rising tokens in a single mythos draw.
  5. They're general-purpose markers. You're right that generally it'll be one for a Rumor and one for an Environment. The third, though, could be any number of things -- sometimes an encounter card or Headline will cause something to happen in a space for a turn, and you might want to mark that.
  6. What I combine: I always play with Relationships and Personal Stories. I just really like the added complexity from the Personal Stories, and they're close to balanced (i.e. the threat of failing them works against you almost -- but not quite -- as much as passing them favors you.) Relationships are all positive, so they're not so much balanced, but they're a small thing and encourage cooperation. I also almost always play with Injuries and Madnesses, even if not using Dunwich. I keep all Investigators and Ancient Ones in play all the time. It does, however, mean that sometimes you draw, say, Daisy and need to go digging through Kingsport for a copy of Livre d'Ivon even though you're not playing with Kingsport. It also means that sometimes you get Ancient Ones that boost monsters that are not in play, but that actually happens already, as some Ancient Ones actually boost monsters not found in their home expansion. What I don't combine: As for monsters, I separate them. They are a lot harder. In a base game, it doesn't matter that much (monsters are just not that big a deal), but when you're playing with a challenging expansion or two, this just makes it worse. On the other hand, if you're playing with Innsmouth or Dunwich they're supposed to be pretty bad anyway. For investigator cards (Common Items, Unique Items, Skills, Allies, Spells), I separate them out. You could leave them all in -- it does work -- but it really weakens the thematic feel of each expansion, particularly the small expansions. I want to get King in Yellow stuff when playing KiY, and Egyptian-themed stuff when playing CotDP, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about >4 Elder Signs -- your Unique Item deck will be so thick you're not likely to see one of them, let alone 5, during a game. I do sometimes consider leaving in the Lurker spells -- I love the ability for characters to help each other out when it's not their turn -- but generally don't. Encounter and Other World cards are much the same as the investigator cards -- you could leave them in, but at a major cost in thematic feel, even worse than with the investigator cards. Also, they frequently refer to things that may not be in play (Cult Memberships, Corruption), places that may not exist (secondary towns or even Other Worlds), or grant completely useless rewards (Rail Passes) if you're using them without their home expansion. Mythos cards are really the only thing that absolutely has to be separated out; otherwise, you're really playing with the expansion.
  7. It's very powerful, but I think that's fine. As others have mentioned, while your character is hanging out in the Curiosity Shoppe shopping, he's not gathering clues or closing gates. What's more, to get that Mask of Vice, you've already spent time hanging out in street areas hoping for an encounter to give you an Exhibit Item, in the hopes of drawing something powerful like the Mask of Vice. Getting this item means having a character waste a substantial amount of time in the hopes of getting lucky. Frankly, if Exhibit Items weren't so powerful no one would bother to look for them. Sure, sometimes you might get lucky and get this on your first Ancient Whispers draw. But then, sometimes you shop and get an Elder Sign, or sometimes you random-draw investigators and get Mandy, Patrice, and Joe. It's a game of both strategy and luck.
  8. Would I buy it and pay $400 for it? Oh, yes, in a heartbeat. As for what I'd change: no monster minis. Cool as they would be, monsters all have to be identical pieces for the Monster Cup to be random, and having to draw a monster token from the cup then dig through the box for the matching mini would slow down the game. Sacrificing gameplay for cool-looking pieces isn't something I want to do.
  9. Veet said: My ideal game store would actually be a pub.....with big tables.....that also sold games. There is actually a gaming pub near me, the AFK Tavern, and on Friday and Saturday nights it's packed with gamers. Of course, it doesn't actually sell games, but it serves all the social purpose of a game shop and also has a wide range of gamer-themed food and drink. It's a great place to play Arkham Horror (though if you're playing with all three board expansions, you'd best get there early and ****** up a big table before it's full of Warhammer minis...)
  10. No problem. Yeah, a runaway SQL Injection filter on this site is mangling everyone's posts; I think they may have mod_security configured incorrectly. I wish you could edit posts. In any case, what I said was: --- If an Otherworld Encounter tells you that you "Return to Arkham," And does not either return you to a specific location (i.e. not where your gate is) Or explicitly state that you do not receive an Explored token, you receive an Explored token And can try to close the gate next turn. So the answer is "yes" for both of them, though you're correct that you won't be able to try to close the gate until your next turn since Arkham Encounters is already over. The phrase "stay here next turn" always means you are delayed. --- It seems that capitalizing And, Or, Not, Delete, Drop, etc. keeps them from being removed. Ironically, this means that the SQL Injection filter they're using mangles everyone's posts but would not actually prevent SQL Injection.
  11. Master Fwiffo said: Greetings fellow Arkhamites! So, I first discovered Lovecraft a couple years ago - enjoyed reading his works, bought some books,bought Munchkin Cthulhu. Didn't give it much else thought until a friend dragged me to my first games convention a month ago, wherein I played Arkham Horror for the first time. I fell in love. No game ever captured me the way Arkham Horror did, with it's 20's atmosphereLovecraftian monsters. So, now my base set came from AmazonI got some games solitair games going, as well as a few with my brother,I have some questions/comments, if anyone would care to indulge me. 1) Having quickly figured out that the Witch House, the WoodsIndependence Square opened up more often, those end up being sealed first. Unfortunately, what then tends to happen is get to a point in the game where the Doom Track has about 7-8 tokens on it...nothing else ever happens. Any gates still open create monster surges (which, if I understand correctly, doesn't add to the doom track), but no new gates happen, yet we can't quite manage to muster the clues to be able to seal the remaining gates. Am I doing something wrong? It really stalls out the game. 2) Which expansion should I buy next? This question I've noted gets asked a lot, but I can't get an answer satisfactory for my current needs. The thing is, I can only buy the game from Amazon (and I simply can't afford to pay mucho $$$ for Dunwich Horror). So my available choices are King in Yellow, Lurker at the Threshold, KingsportInnsmouth. I play mostly for fun, so I want the expansion that will add the most 'fun' to the game - more gates, more monster encounters,maybe some new play aspects. Which one do you guys find the most 'fun'? 3) This is a more subjective question for the purpose of introducing others to the game. Which Ancient Old Ones (base set only) are the easiesthardest? On a similar note, which Investigators are the best/worst? I want to sell some of my friends on this game,knowing them, they'll be more likely to replay if they have an easier time the first go around. I've figured out that artificially shortening the game (by dropping the number of seals for victory) will make them more likely to play, but the ancient onesthe investigators also make the game moreless challenging. 4) Is there a way to get a Retainer other than starting with one? Bank Loans seem like too much of a risk,save a very few characters, lack of money seems to be a big issue. So, thanks for your input! Looking forward to more horror! -edit- Edited to add another question. Well, to answer your questions: 1.) You're right that different locations open with different frequencies. What's interesting to me is that you don't have all the right ones. Woods And Independence Square are on the list of the worst spots, as are two other locations, but the Witch House is not one of them. The game does slow down once they're sealed, though. To get more clues, go to places on the map with the clue icon, Or trade trophies at the Science Building for more. Alternately, shop at the Curiosity Shoppe for an Elder Sign,go for a Closing Victory close all gates even without sealing. 2.) If you can't get Dunwich, I would go with Innsmouth. As a "big" expansion it adds a lot to the game, most importantly new InvestigatorsAncient Ones. Also, Personal Stories are awesome. 3.) Look at the "Arkham Horror Statistics" sticky thread, it will tell you which Ancient Ones are most commonly defeatedwhich Investigators are part of winning games. Mandy, Carolyn,Joe are very good investigators; CthulhuYog-Sothoth are the worst Ancient Ones in the base set (though Innsmouth Ancient Ones are almost all much worse.) IthaquaNyarlathotep are usually pushovers (though very bad luck, like drawing a bunch of Masks, will still kill you.) 4.) Yes. Hang out at the NewspaperAdministration Building having encounters.
  12. Definitely some kind of anti-SQL-Injection blacklist. Everything we're losing is a SQL keyword - "And", "Or", "Not", "Delete", etc. Likewise, double-dashes get removed as a double-dash is the SQL comment character, while a single dash is meaningless. I wonder if other DDL like "alter"proc invocations like "exec" get removed...
  13. If an Otherworld Encounter tells you that you "Return to Arkham,"does not either return you to a specific location (i.e. not where your gate is)explicitly state you do not receive an Explored token, you receive an Explored tokencan try to close the gate next turn. So the answer is "yes" for both of them, though you're correct that you won't be able to try to close the gate until your next turn since Arkham Encounters is already over. The phrase "stay here next turn" always means you are delayed.
  14. It would definitely make the Other Worlds more atmospheric, which would be cool. I'd probably use the Other text for the Dreamlands as well as Another Dimension, though, as the Dreamlands has a relatively "random" feel to it already. One thing to keep in mind is that this will tend to make the more-dangerous Other Worlds (e.g. R'lyeh) even more dangerous,the less-dangerous ones (e.g. Great Hall of Celeano) still less dangerous. Most of the harmless red encounters are under "Other"; likewise, most of the dangerous blue encounters are under "Other."
  15. Oh, I love Munchkin Cthulhu. It's just Munchkin plus a Lovecraftian theme and a new Cultist mechanic, so if you don't like Munchkin, you're not going to like it and Munchkin is an RPG-parody party game. The Cultist mechanic is a tremendous addition to the game, though, and has made Cthulhu by far my favorite of all the Munchkin versions. Of course, Munchkin has deliberately confusing rules, which seems to be what annoys Tibs about it.
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