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  1. It's not intended to merely match the card. The ships on the card are all added, regardless of what's already on the board. The only exception is you run out of plastic units, in which case the current player chooses where available units are placed. For example, if you have one basestar already out and the crisis attack card shows two basestars in set up, you can only add one more basestar; the current player decides which one is placed.
  2. Games of BSG can sometimes be lopsided victories for one side or the other, this is true, but more often, they are close-run and brutal, right to the end. This relies generally on people knowing what they're doing and maximizing all their options. Much of the game depends on understanding how and when to use your titles, turn order, skill cards, anytime powers and your once-per-game for highest effect. As an unrevealed cylon, you have to consider many variables. Am I President/Admiral? If I am, I have more reason to stay hidden. I can destroy the fleet from within by my choices. Is there another player who can hurt me if I stay in the fleet? This becomes especially important when Cally is in play or the Pegasus ship has been brought into play with the expansion, because you can airlock (kill) players from there and this impacts morale. Can you airlock/kill human players and drop morale? (executions are brought in to the game by Pegasus, I believe). Do I have a special power I could use at the most opportune time, perhaps even win the game suddenly? Is there a fellow hidden cylon or a revealed cylon with whom I can work while staying hidden to best effect? Once revealed, a cylon has different but quite limited options for play. "Advancing the heavy raiders/Centurions" will only work if you have, say, two revealed cylons in a row to move it and/or the humans have been really busy/distracted and/or the Armory is damaged and/or they are out of Strategic Planning cards and/or do not have the Authorization of Brutal Force quorum card and/or they do not have have some other special capacity, like Kat's power to use a skill card value +2 instead of rolling a die on their turn (a 5 skill card and your Centurion is, ahem, toast). Many opinions disagree as to the best expansions. We personally use bits of all of them to maximize play. Pegasus expansion has the Pegasus ship board and the treachery cards and Cylon Leaders, which change everything. New Caprica is generally ignored by players. Exodus expansion has several variants, including the Cylon Fleet Board, but more importantly it has new cards and characters. Daybreak expansion has yet more new cards and characters. Plus, expansions bring overlays to the Cylon Locations and Colonial One - that is, new boards with which you cover over the old locations to revise them. These are useful. I would suggest getting Pegasus and then Daybreak together. BSG is our group's most played game and I would judge we have played well over 150 games.
  3. My first blush opinion is that it's too narrow a character set of abilities. Also, too powerful - or too weak - in that singular way. Looking at all cards going in to a skill check is way too much. Maybe she can look at one player. Either way, she's going to be encouraged to spend a lot of time just being a cylon detector. If she doesn't care who the cylons are, now she has no other real powers. As for getting boxed and taking a new character, that's not a real disadvantage and it's just not "fun," in my eyes.
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/battlestar-galactica/ FFG official FAQ (scroll down): https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/battlestar-galactica/ Unofficial BGG FAQ with *everything* in it: http://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Battlestar_Galactica_FAQ
  5. From the official BSG FAQ: Q: What actions can a player take while in the “Brig?” A: A player may take any actions he wishes while in the “Brig.” Only his movement and participating in skill checks are restricted.
  6. Use Exodus expansion loyalty card rules. At start of the game, always add one "You Are Not a Cylon" card to the loyalty deck. This way, there will always be one card left (it could be a cylon card). When a human dies, take the remaining loyalty deck and add one "You are Not a Cylon" card to it and then the new character is dealt a new loyalty card. In this manner, you will not be sure if the human has come back as a cylon (until such time as all cylons have been sniffed out).
  7. Yeah, it does say that... Oddly, the unofficial FAQ says: Q: Can the "Send a Character to Sickbay" reveal power be used on someone already in Sickbay? A: (Corey, FFG, by way of David Goldfarb) Yes. So, I was extending. I guess not, though.
  8. Remote Planet (2): "Lose 1 fuel and destroy 1 raptor." Misjump (0): "Draw 1 civilian ship and destroy it. Then discard this card and draw a new Destination Card to resolve."
  9. 1. A Cylon Leader can never hold a title. The highest ranked human in brig is the Admiral or CAG. 2. No. Oddly, you can choose someone already in the sickbay.
  10. I haven't seen this yet, but it might be in the FAQ or rules. If the Admiral draws a Desination card with a mandatory, non-resource, cost that the humans cannot afford -- such losing a Raptor (Remote Planet) or draw and destroy a civilian ship (Misjump) if all of them are already gone -- then can the Admiral choose that card? If no, what happens if both cards have a mandatory, non-resource cost that the humans cannot pay?
  11. What's special about the reprint? Anything different from the original print?
  12. So, to be clear, the Cylon never said anything about what they were playing. They made a suggestion about what would be good to play. Curiously, would it be illegal for someone to say the following: "This would be a good skill check for someone to play Iron Will." "This would be a good check for someone to double blues." "As you can see from my sheet, I don't draw those colors, but I'll help out anyway because it's Adama's crisis card." Just thinking aloud.
  13. Seems doubtful. The fleet made it to Earth; what else is there? As it is, FFG took a long time just making the last expansion, and it seemed that might never happen. But FFG is also tight-lipped when it comes to what they're up to, so no one here is likely to know/disclose the truth.
  14. That looks beautiful, but I don't know what it is. On the paper, "Befehle" is German for command or something.
  15. A smallish debate opened up over a statement made by a Cylon player in our last game. At this point, it was a five player game with both cylons known (one revealed, one known but unrevealed). A crisis card skill check came up with colors Yellow, Green, and Purple. Revealed Cylon 1 throws in his one card and says to Known Cylon 2, "I think this is a good skill check for blue cards." Cylon 2 is Boomer, so should have some blue cards. Cylon 2 considers this and throws in one card, as well. It appears everyone, including the humans, is pretty clear what just happened. When the cards are added up, there are 3 blue cards. One is a blue 5, one a blue 3, and a blue 0 doubling all blue points. All other cards are positive. Clearly, one of the blues was Destiny Deck, and the other two were cylon contributions. Now, the humans object that what Cylon 1 said was "telegraphing" what he was playing (the Blue 0 doubling all blues). Cylon 1 says, no, I never said what color I was playing or what value; I simply suggested others play blue. No rule has been broken. Humans say in response, the fact that we are so experienced and can read cues so well means we should be more careful in how we speak and that the statement was "crossing the line." The Cylon responds that there are ways the group communicates things ambiguously and telegraphically all the time, such as "Can anyone do something useful?" means "I have an Executive Order" and "I could do something really useful if someone can help my roll" means "I have Scouting for Fuel." The cylon argued that this was just a novel example of the same, and they are upset because it suceeded. What do you think? More broadly, does your game group have formal or informal rules about what you can say about your skill cards? Where is the line?
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