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  1. It was obvious that it was going to be easier to get around the board. What was not obvious was how this would effect the feel of the game. Basically, we felt that without the restricted movement the first player had things quite easy. They enter the board first and select where they want to go, which puts them at an advantage. Increasing the difficulty of that player getting off the board because of the portcullis tokens and lots of miniatures on the board kind of negates this advantage. Not saying it is the way it should be played but we enjoyed it more this way.
  2. Tried using this interpretation of the rules and did not like it as much. It made it significantly easier to get characters off the board. I think I am going to stick with placing the portcullis tokens on a exit space and having them block the movement through that space entirely.
  3. Just wondering peoples interpretation of how the placement of Portcullises effect movement. When I have played the game we have always played that a Portcullise is placed on the space and therefore block all movement through that space. We interpreted it this way because the thieves would not want to move in a space that was directly beside a 'police checkpoint' . That said, I have now read, on another games forum, that others are interpreting this rule as the Portcullise only block the leaving of the district from that space and that characters are free to move through the space. What are others thoughts on this rule and does anyone know if there is an official clarification of this rule from the game's developer?
  4. What are you guys using to prep the models and are you doing anything to try and stiffen them up (so that the paint does not crack when the mini is being used in the game)? I was trying to work out if I should add an initial varnish coat over the unpainted model, then paint, then varnish again?
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