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  1. Well... doesnt seem to be much activity on these forums to be honest. But bumping my own question - Id say there could be a big market for plastic pieces, considering the prices of miniatures and other assorted items nowadays. Still hoping for an answer.
  2. Tried posting this question in the City of Thieves forum, but trying here instead. Is it possible to buy loose parts, like miniatures, chests, coins, etc, etc from the different boardgames in your collection ? Id frankly buy a carton or bag with random pieces if nothing else, would love to use them in my rpgcampaign Heres hoping!
  3. Im sorry if this has already been adressed, but Im wondering if it would be possible to buy parts from the different boardgames in your collection ? (Yes, all of them, not just City of Thieves.) Like the coins from City of Thieves, certain minifigs, etc, etc... It would be awesome if thats the case
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