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  1. Been playing mainly solo for couple years. Want to get back in it. Wondering if there's anyone in the area who wants to start regular group. Get in on some gaming kits would be sweet too
  2. Me too. Son and i were on devient art. Curious about what Tyranids looked like. Amazing art. ( On a larva kick and everything insects). He now wants to be an artist just so he can draw these guys. I was bit let down as well with FFGs art and the coloring of cards. The Warlord is the most bland of them all. ( Not his ability mind you) Once i get playing all the new cards and using my double warlord dial and giving all my tokens ranged and bringing stuff out of the discard pile that just won't die and totally infesting all of the traxis sector... i probably won't even notice.
  3. Every new player i've seen has trouble understanding the flow of actions in combat. In deployment you either deploy, take action or pass. When its combat, they're thrown for loop. They think if you take an action you can't attack. Have trouble grasping that attacks are not actions.
  4. I know everyone wants sped up deckbuilding piece, but i liked laid back impromptu approach.
  5. http://octgn.gamersjudgement.com/
  6. Facebook: Halifax Sector-Warhammer Conquest Play at: Games People Play Tuesdays 6-9 pm. Alternate league and casual. Extra decks for anyone interested Join up now winter season play almost here. Prize support for league Store credit Warhammer books Alt art cards FFG kits Come check out. Good competitive players. Also love fun n casual decks as well. Have some cool theme base tourneys n season play. You'll love the league and i will warn you- You will be addicted!!
  7. Awesome job. Look forward to more!
  8. Sounds like you might have to go with OCTGN until your group feels like getting their feet wet with competitive play. I've seen an entire meta fall apart over night because people just don't have the time or desire to be competitive.
  9. If you go mono you might want to make some house rules and restrict certain powerful cards that would make one faction more dominant over the other. Either completely ban the card or restrict to 1 of. You'll have an even playing field and everyone can still feel nedly or fluffy with their gaming experience
  10. In our casual group in thrones i would make decks for everyone. Most preferred nedly decks. I would give the over powered decks to the newer players and the obviously weaker decks to the experienced gamers. All players had a fair shot at winning.
  11. Sounds like Netrunner trolling to me
  12. I was blown away by this game. Even better than i imagined after i played. Love the art as well. Its managed to take the best of all the lcgs and cut away all the fat that slows the others down. LOve the tactics and gameplay. WOW!
  13. Boardroom Game Cafe Thursdays at 6pm. -1256 Barrington St. League play and Draft play starting up soon. Game night kits, Chapter packs and store brownie points to be won!
  14. League Play: Begins May 11th Saturdays at Games People Play 7:30 $10 entry. Melee and Joust 8 week schedule
  15. Civil War Tourney at Games People Play May 3rd 2:00 pm. Bring 20 cards to add for the Bara war deck, 20 cards for the Martell War deck and a legal 7 card plot deck (only 1 of uniques and 2 of for non uniques.) Game night kits and store prize. $5 entry
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