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  1. I would be very flattered if a company that make the miniatures I like and buy would make something similar-influenced-copied by something I eventually done.
  2. Yes, that is the solution that will work the best, for the time being. Using already done cards and simply changing the fotos and the names of the weapons. But will lack some of the uniqueness of the models and is just not so much fun. So please, could someone just make them so I can print and play (or give us the secret of creating stats for the cards)
  3. Does anyone has the conversions cards to transform the red blok into ssu? the ones from twc-dust-tactics.blogspot are a bit (too much) biased
  4. Love it, if you have some more pictures please post them. Did I mention that I loved it…
  5. I think it slides with the back propeller in snow or ice. When in rough terrain it just walks like any other walker, except for wearing big shoes.
  6. And now something completely different . Not yet finished
  7. The Keep (1983) YouTube - THE KEEP - Trailer The Bunker (2001) YouTube - The Bunker Trailer Below (2002) YouTube - Nick Chinlund: "Below" Trailer (2002) Zone Troopers (1986) - Bad but Good YouTube - Zone Troopers (1986) Trailer Horrors of War (2006) - Bad but Fun YouTube - Horrors of War official Trailer here http://www.ww2f.com/wwii-films-tv/22631-wierd-wwii-movies.html too many zombie creepy ww2
  8. Martellus said: And your blog link is? //Thanks, http://dusttactics.blogspot.com/
  9. ok, anyway, hulu do not run outside the usa! -but there are others similar, of course... I mean maybe it would better to create 2 lists . One-the easy to find-with regular history and another with parallel weird fantastic ww2 also, in my blog, I have some links to places in the web
  10. GrandInquisitorKris said: hulu.com has hours and hours of documentaries and movies about WW2 , but also saving private ryan , patton , the logest day , the dirty dozen , kellys heros , pretty much any of the good WW2 moives to get ya in the right frame of mind . these are normal ww2 not weird or fantastic ww2
  11. movies -Rocketeer, Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow
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