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  1. Dargenom

    Coin Caps

    That's a good question jvdvalk. I never thought about whether the caps were fair or not, although they are symmetrical. I'll have to remember to write down the flips in my next few games, and see if either side is favored.
  2. Dargenom

    Coin Caps

    I bought them through the swedish auction website "Tradera", although if you live elsewhere it's probably cheaper to buy it through their own site. (www.leuchtturm.com)
  3. Dargenom

    Coin Caps

    It's true that they make a bit of a clattering sound if flipped onto the table, especially if they don't land flat. We usually use a felt-lined dice tray for the dice and the coin caps don't make that much noice when flipped onto the tray either, so the noise hasn't been that big of an issue for us.
  4. Dargenom

    Coin Caps

    Me and my friends have been playing a downright ridiculous amount of runebound since it came out, so much so that the enemy combat tokens have visible wear and tear on them. Fortunately, it seems that the tokens are the exact size of swedish 5-crown coins, which means that finding coin caps for them is pretty easy. The ones I bought were the No. 303522 29mm Lighthouse/Leuchtturm coin caps and the tokens fit perfectly in them and look great. Figured I would share it in case someone else was having the wear & tear problem, wanted their tokens to be shinier or just prefer the feel of plastic rather than cardboard. Excuse the grainy picture, my iphone 4 was the only camera i had on hand.
  5. There's a custom level for warcraft 3 called "Impossible Bosses" which is essentially a boss rush, where everyone playing picks a class and a specialization then go up against boss after boss after boss, each with its own different mechanics, spells, phases and "Enrage" effects (If you've never done WoW raiding, a boss enrage means if you take too long to kill the boss, their power spikes to a such a ludicrous degree that you all get promptly killed, and thus need to have enough damage output to win in a timely fashion rather than double up on healing effects and outlast the boss.) Not long after FFG made the quest vault available, I started working on something similar for descent, having been inspired by wow raiding, Impossible bosses and the like. It was a lot of fun, but I eventually scrapped it because I couldn't find a way to "program" the boss so the players couldn't exploit it or the boss fight simply was too easy. Since then FFG has released Road to Legend in which they essentially solved that problem for me, so I could go back and work on it again. It's funny, I remember kicking myself back when I was working on it, thinking "People don't play descent for this kind of experience!" and similar things. Good to be wrong sometimes!
  6. Being a ridiculous completionist, I own a full collection of runebound, descent 1st edition and descent 2nd edition. Owning everything gives a ton of variety, both the heroes and the overlord have so many heroes/classes/monsters/items to choose from that you're never at risk of playing a quest the same way twice. The drawback of having everything is that storage becomes a big problem; and sleeving up all 1100 cards (I did this just the other week!) becomes pretty costly. I've put all the map tiles in the shadow of nerekhall box, all the monsters in a plastic storage box, and everything else in the base descent box. My setup time for a game session is roughly 20-30mins, which includes sorting all the map tiles as well as lining up all the monster figures for easy access. EDIT: The most useless thing in my descent collection however is the coop adventures, I believe we have played through each of them once, and now with Road to Legend readily available, I don't imagine we'll ever play them again.
  7. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys! I'll definitely be using a lot of them in some way or another. Heh, I was going to post there, but its description was "A place to discuss the quest vault" which I didn't think this fit into. Oops!
  8. So I recently rediscovered the quest vault and have been busy making my own custom campaign. However, I can't seem to come up with a good solution to the problem of quest rewards. The usual standby is giving the heroes gold and the overlord XP, but that's hardly exciting or creative. The official campaigns reward unique overlord cards, relics and lieutenant bonuses, all of which seem cheap to reuse for a custom campaign since players will have already seen it before. There's one or two quests in the Shadow Rune campaign that if the overlord wins, he has the option to use shadow dragons for any quest for the remainder of the campaign, which is a pretty interesting idea, but other than that I'm having a hard time coming up with quest rewards for my campaign. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  9. Just to post a quick update; I ended up buying sleeves for all my descent cards (Which ended up costing more than the base game of descent as around 1100 cards were involved!) and then putting small stickers on the sleeved cards that have received errata. Will still have to refer to the errata, but at least I didn't have to fork out money for duplicate expansions or deface the cards! FFG's customer support also got back to me and said they don't sell or replace components that weren't explicitly missing from a new product. They also strangely enough didn't comment on which expansions had received the latest errata in their latest print runs though, which is strange, but I suppose I don't need it answered anymore anyhow.
  10. There should be an option on twitch to automatically store your streams as vods once the stream is over, so you don't need to record anything, just stream it and twitch makes it available for later viewing.
  11. Ooooohh okay, that explains why we got utterly destroyed, makes things a lot easier without an act II Merick one-shotting your whole party.
  12. The impression me and my playgroup have gotten is that Road to Legend is balanced around the AI being dumb as bricks at times. It took us 3 tries before we even beat the first quest of Kindred Fire without running out of morale. With the boss fight featuring an act 2 Merick, an elemental with practically double health regaining 4 health/turn and both of them having the ability to hit our entire team with their attacks, it was an utter mess. On top of all this, the times we decided to take a turn or two to heal up, Verminus, Skarn or Ariad would kick down the door and join the fight, practically dooming us as fighting them would take so long we would get more peril triggers, losing us this insane war of attrition.
  13. There is some errata that has obvious gameplay alterations; like the elemental's air ability not rendering them nigh-invincible or Thaiden's hero ability being increased by 1 square or some overlord cards drawing a static 2 cards instead of 1 per hero. Currently we have the errata sheet printed up and we consult it before each game, but it'd be a nice quality of life improvement to not have to do that. Going over the rulebook and cards with a marker or stickers just feels wrong to be honest, lol. I like to keep things pristine if possible, although I imagine I will resort to it at some point if I don't have the option to buy updated copies!
  14. Has anyone purchased Labyrinth of Ruin, Shadow of Nerekhall or Manor of Ravens recently? I'm looking for information whether or not they have all the latest errata (1.6 as of writing this) applied to them or not. I am planning to buy new copies of the base game and these expansions to replace my old un-errata'd and worn copies. I emailed FFG's customer service about this a while ago but they haven't gotten back to me yet, figured maybe the forums have the answers.
  15. Really cool class! The only flaw that immediately sticks out to me is that One Fist can't be this class!
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