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  1. One that would hold the universe together...
  2. I wanted this game to fight epic space battles and so far i have: 2 vic 2 corvets 2 neb 3 of each of the fighter packs Pre-order: 1 raider 2 isd 2 mon cal 2 smaller mon cals 1 scum pack... How many do YOU have?...
  3. I think it will be the raider...want to see what commander is comming with it...i think the one i care the least about is the scum one...the falcon is the only one i want in that pack...
  4. What is STGCC?....and does this mean it will show up in armada?..
  5. I am guessing they will use the same titles?...maybe the commander will be ozzel?...
  6. Anyone knows what the ship does in x-wing?..
  7. And if so what didt you think and can you give a summery?..
  8. Why is it immobile?...also i dont want to buy it just for the upgrade cards;)..
  9. http://www.wallconvert.com/converted/planetary-bombardment-star-wars-25837632-1600-1200-207825.html This is where i found it...no idea who made it...
  10. And how to change your picture or maybe its because i use my ipad?..
  11. If they didt a force awakens starter set with the finalizer and some other ship or a new starter set with the isd and the mon cal in i would go for it...
  12. http://p1.pichost.me/i/30/1532556.jpg This would look awesome as a boxed expansion for armada:)...i know its just wishfull thinking:)..
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