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  1. How does this game NOT have different stats on different characters? Each guild character has a different special ability, none of these is repeated on any other character though some are copied in Arcana cards… Effectively this gives them a different fighting power, different mobility and different misc uses during game. Then the grey (special) and black (guard) characters have their own things that keep them different from the guild characters. How are people missing this?
  2. What could those monsters be? A two headed giant of some sort? A three handed spellcasting person? A not-hellhout? A goblin archer?
  3. Part of the satisfaction of victory in this game.
  4. Other way around. They should be taking their time with the rules at this point and showing us things that are unlikely to change: monster sculpts, heroes, example cards or mechanics.
  5. Was always my opinion that if I don't murder them fast enough they deserve to steamroll the rest of the quest.
  6. Buy some blank dice and mark the sides yourself. Or, order a custom die. Or, look around for a website that sells Descent components. There was once at least one, and they had a ton of dice.
  7. Descent 1e is pretty balanced (disregarding problems with the AC). More experienced Overlords will win against Heroes. More experienced Heroes will win against Overlords. A game that is always 50/50 would need to remove all skill from the equation. I'd personally like the game to not take up as much time to set up and play.
  8. Firstly, there's a conversion box coming out to at least transfer heroes and monsters between 1e and 2e. Secondly, from what little we've seen, 2e is pretty much a different game.
  9. That's because no minis have been showcased for 2e yet. As the previous poster noted, you can look through the 1e minis on BGG.
  10. Simple answer: no one knows. The game is not out yet, neither are the rules.
  11. Interesting. I will try this I think. However, please fix the graphical errors with the campaign/hero sheet.
  12. Since when do you roll any dice to bash a chest?
  13. The main problem is that you won't be able to easily tell certain elements on the board apart. I.e. is this activation marker here from undead A or undead B? You could at least prime the figures different colours, but what about the markers? Then there's priority for some things which is based on starting influence, which is in turn unique for every race but not for duplicate races.
  14. These exist as third party products. I can't remember what online shop I saw them in though.
  15. And movement, just like any other tile edge.
  16. I guess I should finish them someday... Unfortunately right now I have more important things to do... Right now there's 86 out of the ~110 I had planned done... Here's a few samples of how they look right now: Obviously didn't like the original look of them.
  17. Indeed. 20 models to be precise and... overall, doesn't this seem a lot like it's intended to be standalone?
  18. phelanward said: I would buy them in order of decreasing coolness–– 1) Altar of Despair -- best additional monsters, skills, and heroes. 2) Tomb of Ice -- good heroes and monsters, introduces feats, fun quests 3) Well of Darkness -- best treachery cards, some good skills Is pretty much the way to go. As an alternative you can pick up expansions depending on who usually has the upper hand. If the heroes then get WoD or AoD first, if the overlord seems too far ahead get ToI first. RtL and SoB are... not really that great.
  19. Corrected textures, after printing the tiles looked very, very dull and washed. Increased contrast, brightness, added more colour. They looked pretty good after printing so I decided it's time to get to making the tiles and not just the textures. Here are two examples, input would be greatly appreciated: As you can see they lack the outline for the puzzle latch, decided that I won't add it in at all and just cut it out as this would impact the aesthetics of the tile.
  20. Because no one wants to play as them. Mostly because from the several dozen games we played the elves lost all but one of them I think.
  21. I'm going to buy it, but at the same time I am disappointed. I'd prefer at least one new army to replace the elves with in 4 player games. The new units look interesting though, and some extra map pieces are good too.
  22. Continues this a bit. Sat down to some textures aiming to replicate the look of Descent. Here's a sample using the textures "in action" (as a mock up tile): In final version I'll add some more details to the tiles - a few stones, a few leaves, some colour variation to the edges.
  23. Due to a random bout of inspiration I started work on a slightly different homebrew Descent expansion. One consisting of a set of custom tiles and quests to go along with those tiles. Now... for some the first question that springs to mind is how to make custom tiles, this will be answered at the end of this post for those who'd also like to try, or are just curious*. So, why custom tiles? Because I'm a bit bored with the possibilities given by the tiles present in Descent, especially when it comes to aboveground maps using RtL and ToI. While playable I find them to just not be organic enough and too similar to the corridor + rooms configuration of the dungeon (which they of course ARE). Hence my slightly different approach with the goal of making fairly open (no more than the giant room in ToI though) outdoor areas. I've currently design the general geometry of the tiles (see image above) and am wondering about the textures to use, mostly if I should recreate the textures used in RtL or make my own (not much of a problem). Obviously the first option would require more work but would make the tiles more universal and mixable with standard Descent tiles while the second would give me more freedom and the possibility to use a different puzzle clamp design than that from Descent (the S shape is a bit hard to cut, especially compared to the simple Z cut). Anyone have thoughts on this? Specifically any reasons why it wouldn't work? Suggestions will also be accepted and appreciated. *) How to make tiles? 1) You will need cardboard (2mm or 3mm, Descent tiles are 2mm), tile designs in printable correct scale format, two sided tape or paper-craft glue, self adhesive vinyl (optional) and self adhesive clear foil, hobby knife and cutting board, printer and printing paper. 2) Print the tiles on a good quality paper. 3) Apply the self adhesive vinyl to one side of the cardboard (optional, but tiles made like this last a bit longer and look better), apply either the glue or tape to the other side. 4) Apply the printed tiles onto the cardboard, if needed wait for the glue to stick. 5) Apply the foil on top of the "wafer". Make sure everything is firmly stuck together. 6) Use the knife to cut out the tiles.
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