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  1. How does this game NOT have different stats on different characters? Each guild character has a different special ability, none of these is repeated on any other character though some are copied in Arcana cards… Effectively this gives them a different fighting power, different mobility and different misc uses during game. Then the grey (special) and black (guard) characters have their own things that keep them different from the guild characters. How are people missing this?
  2. What could those monsters be? A two headed giant of some sort? A three handed spellcasting person? A not-hellhout? A goblin archer?
  3. Part of the satisfaction of victory in this game.
  4. Other way around. They should be taking their time with the rules at this point and showing us things that are unlikely to change: monster sculpts, heroes, example cards or mechanics.
  5. Was always my opinion that if I don't murder them fast enough they deserve to steamroll the rest of the quest.
  6. Buy some blank dice and mark the sides yourself. Or, order a custom die. Or, look around for a website that sells Descent components. There was once at least one, and they had a ton of dice.
  7. Descent 1e is pretty balanced (disregarding problems with the AC). More experienced Overlords will win against Heroes. More experienced Heroes will win against Overlords. A game that is always 50/50 would need to remove all skill from the equation. I'd personally like the game to not take up as much time to set up and play.
  8. Firstly, there's a conversion box coming out to at least transfer heroes and monsters between 1e and 2e. Secondly, from what little we've seen, 2e is pretty much a different game.
  9. That's because no minis have been showcased for 2e yet. As the previous poster noted, you can look through the 1e minis on BGG.
  10. Simple answer: no one knows. The game is not out yet, neither are the rules.
  11. Interesting. I will try this I think. However, please fix the graphical errors with the campaign/hero sheet.
  12. Since when do you roll any dice to bash a chest?
  13. The main problem is that you won't be able to easily tell certain elements on the board apart. I.e. is this activation marker here from undead A or undead B? You could at least prime the figures different colours, but what about the markers? Then there's priority for some things which is based on starting influence, which is in turn unique for every race but not for duplicate races.
  14. These exist as third party products. I can't remember what online shop I saw them in though.
  15. And movement, just like any other tile edge.
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