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  1. Zso Sahaal

    Stranger Cards

    When you reveal threat cards and they are a Stranger do they stay on the space or do they travel with the Character?
  2. does anyone have a spare core rulebook. I got back from a deployment in Feburary and finally found some people willing to try the game I pop open the starter box and I can't find the main rulebook. I will pay shipping and handling and a small fee. have not found any copies on ebay. thanks
  3. has anyone tried to hack it where models from dust could fight against panzers and stugs or shermans?
  4. what are you looking for quick references for? also pm me an e-mail and I will send them to you if i can pull them off the fb group they're stored on.
  5. ****... So FFG might ought to look into upgrade packs in the future
  6. I made some quick reference sheets for my campaign... i think it was geared for purchasing skills and using them. let me take a look when im off work and see what I have. It's been a while since I've ran an official black crusade campaign or used those docs.
  7. SoI'm looking at building an Imperial squadron and using a few Hull Upgrade modifications. I am planning on buying the Imperial Aces to get the card, however I don't know how many there are in the set. I would not like to have to buy the set three times just for the card. Can I simply say that these x number of ships have this upgrade? Is this acceptable in tournament play? Friendly play is far more leniant. thanks
  8. So my players, who are slowly getting more and more into the fluff, commented on some limitations on Black Crusade they think hamper the game from feeling like the 40k Universe. My group is made entirely (for now) of traitor Astartes and they felt that while immense bad asses that they were being hampered. The first thing they brought up is how often they describe Astartes of all kinds rocking out on full auto with bolters. To me this was an easy fix. I double the amount of rounds consumed by Semi-Auto and that became full auto bursts. They loved it! The encounters after this house rule was introduced were a boarding action followed by a drop pod landing on a planet where they held off an advancing tide of infantry and vehicles. They used single shots and aiming to take out officers and targets of oppurtunity and switched to full auto to suppress and pin the enemy's advance. The second thing is run and gun. My players talked about how they describe that a Space Marine can haul absolute ass and still engage targets due to the nature of his power armor and training. So in one instance the group was chasing a captured Space Wolf through the lower decks of a space station which was a labyrinth of corridors and debris used for combat and training. Aiming and called shots required the players to stop and allowed the distance to spread. firing while on the run of any type was a big hit to BS. But they felt like bad asses passing an agility test to vault a fallen support beam or dangling cables while taking the occasional shot of oppurtunity or laying a swath of fire to herd him to waiting team mates. The concept was everyone was running flat out so distance was relatively constant and would open or close depending on choices by the player or result of rolls. My khornate player simply focused on running so the distance between him and the space wolf steadily closed unless he tripped over something (it happened). It was one of our funnest sessions. The third thing which my sorcerer actually reccomended was a sort of exertition factor for him. based on his psy rating and WPB and Corruption Bonus. It's the amount of times he can cast unfettered without taxing himself. he can cast fettered as much as he wants. Pushing costs double and doing something while maintaining an extended power is also double. Once he reaches past this limit he has to test against toughness or suffer fatigue. He likes the added challenge of rationing his strength. So those are my current house rules what do yall think?
  9. My take on it is this. In order to receive additional armor rating from having replaced so much flesh with machine and it ought to be a sizable chunk. I mean one bionic ear does not armor make. So I think 5 is reasonable number to represent the majority of the impure flesh to be stripped away and only the barest essential organic bits to sustain life.
  10. I and two of my compatriots currently have between us a Core Set, a TIE advanced, and a Y-wing and will be expanding over time. I purchased my core set and expansions from The Hobbit and would love to begin organizing play there on Saturdays and unless work gets in the way would could arrange evening games.
  11. I'm in the Fayetteville/ Ft. Bragg area sorry
  12. I have bought a TIE advanced to augment my two core set TIEs. And Vader and his two wingmates have led me to victory in numerous dogfights with the rebel terrorists. My question is what does the TIE fighter expansion hold? what Pilots and what upgrades? Can anyone help me out?
  13. so a space marine with a TB of 4 with Unnat tough bonus of 4 is lightly wounded til he sustains 16 wounds yes?
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