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  1. keasanya defeat Coclcg 3 against 1
  2. i prefer only released sets to be legal. so Seekeres is ok but Yog one is not.
  3. everything just happened as i was thinking it will be) i just gave an idea and Kriss realizing it))) i'm in and so will go study octgn plugin)
  4. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=138&efcid=4&efidt=756605 tournament planning)))
  5. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=138&efcid=4&efidt=756605 tournament planning)))
  6. Inspired by all those reports and championships, and having the only possibility to play via lackry i just burned with idea to make a kind of tournament in Lackey. Kriss organized this some time ago, but now i guess he has a much motre interesting things to do (hope your baby is well, buddy). Such a tournament needs a lot of time but there are holidays coming, everyone should (i guess) be free from work and studying, and even may find a spare day from all those holiday-duties. So i just want to propose to organize such a tournament via Lackey in the end of this year, or maybe in the beggining of the next (of coz if the Great One will not awake 21/12/12). So let's everyone who is interested just post here with the day he wants to participate. also any ideas you got - welcome.
  7. first of all i think that FFG have to make a kind of special certificate for Lyndon and send him a kind of medal or other award as a "the most loyal cultist of the game"! because he is really insane about this game, about cards, deck making, synergiez and now - even pictures and easter-eggs on it! to the post - Summoning Cycle - nice wording for exhausting They should change it everywere with "slam on da knee"! Dhole Tunnel - yep, the mouse is really cute. i've never noticed it here because of i never used this card. Restless and Wary - yeah something is wrong with her face, but i think that she's actually looks more like girl (but I prefer girls with quite larger boobs). Hey man, maybe you should walk out from the cards and take a lokk for some transvestites or girls as for me I'm really stunned with Gug's pictures all of them are look like ******* with theeth… Grandpa Freud is spinning in his coffin)
  8. If someone looking for the deck to use at Championship - DARK BYAKHEE is a very good choice. it will grants you place at top 3.
  9. +1 that's really great that someone at last have began tryings to rise up the lackey community., espessialy with new pluggin interface that is really cool. My goals to play via lackey - i really love the game. - i do not have local players here at Minsk. - it's really hard and expensive to get the cards. So the sum of those factors lead me to lackey and if the player's pool will grow up it will be super. P. S. skype ID: keaSanya.
  10. Penfold said: Phantom287 said: A good offensive deck should have the game won in less than 10 turns, this is not a game where you want to let your opponent gain the momentum he/she needs to get their own deck rolling. I find it best to hit them fast and hard, go after the stories as quickly as reasonably possible and have ways of wiping out any powerful creatures they might be able to summon. That's how I play it, and I find it most effective. A BAD offensive deck wins in 10 turns. A good one wins in 5. A great one wins in 3. hmm...can you give me example of the great one deck?
  11. you have to put spell into play from the discard pile. and coz of snowgraves you cannot move cards from discard pile. something like this.
  12. nyarly+beings is good coz you have nyarly (all icons, 4 skill, toughgness +2 and cool ability) for 4 cost. and beings gives All icons and 4 skill just for free. it's my opinion. coz i think that monogreen deck needs some investigation icons. and beings+nyarly is the best variant (in this "temple built" deck - coz you can sacrifice free beings with temple). the idea to add knopesh seems very good. but i personally hate this card coz i thinks that it's broken. i understand that Aziz is primary target for destruction. and like the deck is not built around the AO for me it's nice that oppo will waste destruction for him. he may be a kind of bluff.
  13. I very like the aziz+nyarly+beings combo. yig is here to support the serpents. only Cthulhu seems a bit useless. according the BSBT, as i said the main idea is to use it in right situaition. if I know that the oppo's deck doesn't have any AO why not to find out Yig? orwhen it's clear that oppo has only Y'go and already pu it in.
  14. cool combo. but a lot of cards into it. and the deck will be almost build around it. and what you will do if someone kills Twila?current meta is almost about destruction
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