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  1. Droma said: funkwit81 said: *I was amazed that my group, currently approaching the finale of Tattered Fates, knew they were going to be facing some nasty daemonic foes and didn't go to speak to Obadiah Psalter, the cleric displaced by the Pilgrms, to get a weapon each blessed then they had the gall to try and blame me for not telling them it was an option. sigh. That's because they have 0 reason to believe he's capable of doing it. The adventure certainly doesn't state he's able to and represents him as a well meaning bumbling idiot. Also according to the Inquisitors Handbook a blessed weapon/ammo can only be obtained through the Holy Ordor's or high ranking members of the church(which Obadiah is not). Not to mention requires both specific prayers and alchemical materials. On top of that it's listed as very rare and not exactly cheap. So yes your players were perfectly correct in blaming you because it flat out should not have been an option. So get off your high horse. Edit: @OP Deamonhosts have unnatural strength not toughness. So there is nothing to worry about. Most deamonhosts will have between 8-12 toughness bonus. nice set of assumptions there presuming i ran the adventure exactly as it was written in the book* so take your own advice and try dismounting from your lofty mount before going on the attack. In mine Psalter was a resolute holy man acting as a bulwark against the sin and iniquity of Quaddis. During the battle to retake his chapel he displayed the ability to harm daemons with his presence and once it was over he offered help to the group because he sensed the spirit of the emperor watching over them. They promptly went off to earn some cash in the fighting pits and never mentioned him, in character again. If they'd contacted him he would have informed them he could provide aid and blessings before they confronted the evil festering in Xicarph if they acquired certain reagents for him to channel the might of the emperor through their weapons and so cast those who prey upon His wayward people back into the darkness. *I'd like to know though where in the text you got that he was a wellmeaning but bumbling idiot as he's described as "an agitator, rabble-rouser and devout puritan" who ended up in Xicarph due to a ship master deciding to go there and he, Psalter, stayed to combat the corruption evidence on the planet but lost his congregation to the Beloved who he tried to resist. I know such things are down to interpretation but I'd love to know where you got bumbling and idiot from in the one paragraph describing him in TF. You are of course correct that, as written, daemonhosts don't get Unnatural Toughness thoguh there's nothing to stop a GM deciding his daemonhost has the aforementioned trait. Also some Daemons get both Daemoinc and Unnatural Toughness according to Daemon Hunters though the daemon in question are of herald rank or higher so it's something that may crop up at some point. I just assumed, there's that word again , that they stack and they do so in my game.
  2. The Laughing God said: Daemonhosts have according to the rules Unnatural Toughness x2 or x3 but they also have the Daemonic Trait which doubles their T to resist non-holy Damage do these two effects stack? are we talking Toughness bonuses of around 20 here? Greeting LTG. I read it that they stack personally leading to some fairly high toughness bonuses but any acolytes that don't have the odd holy weapon*, or double strike/shot is doing something wrong ;-) Your Haarlock thread is great by the way, thank you :-) SEMI - SPOILER FOR TATTERED FATES BELOW *I was amazed that my group, currently approaching the finale of Tattered Fates, knew they were going to be facing some nasty daemonic foes and didn't go to speak to Obadiah Psalter, the cleric displaced by the Pilgrms, to get a weapon each blessed then they had the gall to try and blame me for not telling them it was an option. sigh.
  3. Phi6891 said: Catch Projectiles is a great power, but the acceleration of the bolt shouldn’t matter at all. If you stop something from moving in midair with an opposing force then that opposing force either stops the movement of the object or it slows it down but then it still continues moving. Seeing as I’m going with that all projectiles stop moving at the end of the turn and don’t continue moving after that turn they are fired I’m going to have to go with that regardless of the bolt acceleration that it’s fuel is used up and doesn’t continue moving it beyond the turn it was fired. Because if it did then using Catch Projectile wouldn’t matter because on the start of the next turn the bolt would then continue to move and hit whatever was in it’s pathway. Good point. I was just thinking of the scene in one of the ravenor books where Kys, a powerful telekine, has to seriously concentrate, blood dripping from her nose and everything, to stop just a single bolt shell from blowing her head off and sometimes I get a bit carried away with the dramatic so I'll say it stops bolt shells, grenades, missiles etc. However they may still obviously get caught in the blast if the radius is big enough and they fail the agility test!
  4. Nameless2all said: Ohh, people replied when I was typing. I slightly agree with you funkwit81, that it is a matter of your POV. For me though, Psychic Powers cannot be combined with Melee Talents. You want two Psychic Blades to attack with, create a power that manifest two of them and allows you to attack with them. That's my opinion though because Psychic Powers and Normal Attacks are two totally separate actions according to the rules. So don't hark on me. lol no harking here mate. Your point is very valid and I have a very idiosyncratic approach to the rules so you're probably right and I'd never let a player use melee talents with Psychic Blade or any similar power as the power is nasty enough as it is. Oddly enough the psyker in my group hasn't took psychic Blade yet, he went for Catch Projectiles instead. Unrelated but… would you let Catch Projectiles stop Bolt Shells? The power description says "This power only works against solid projectiles and so energy attacks get through as normal". That to me suggests it would stop them as no mention is made of Explosive attacks and Bolt shells are kinda solid ;-) I may houserule that it will stop haklf the number of Bolt shells as it would SP shots as Bolt shells keep accelerating after leaving the Bolter so they ahve more force and momentum behind 'em.
  5. Phi6891 said: I still argue that you can use melee talents with Psychic Blade. I disagree but it's more from a balance POV, can you imagine a Templar Calixis PC with a force sword and a psychic Blade using all the melee talents *shudders*… however as there's nothing expressly forbidding it it's down to personal taste Edited as I just realised a player would simply use all the melee talents with the force blade and utilise the Psychic Blade as the off-hand attack. Sorry I'm having a blonde day!
  6. Basically can Electro-Graft/Tattoos be removed? My group has been captured and I intend to launch them into Tattered Fates however they all invested in Electro-Graft tattoos on their left palm denoting their Inqusitorial status. At the time I liked the idea as it's fairly subtle and I lliked the imagery of it being on their left hand. However a big part of the adventure is that they're stripped of any sign of their Inquisitorial status. How would one go about removing said grapfts/tattoos and would any negatives, such as -10 to fine manipulation and weapon/ballistic attacks with that hand until they received adequate medical care be appropriate?
  7. I tend to start new characters at 200 xp less than the party average, and in rare cases where a characer died heroically they may start at the xp level of the deceased character. IP and CP wise i go for 1d10 per rank for Insanity and 1d5 per rank for CP with -1 per point of WP bonus at character creation
  8. funkwit81 said: How does this sound and disreagrding the 'parry ranged attacks in melee' bit would it be unbalanced when many weapons have the Balanced trait giving a +20 bonus to Parry. Perhaps reduce that bonus to a +5.. I mean +10 of course.
  9. Alekzanter said: It is a waste of valuable gaming time to set up an encounter; meant at least to delay PCs a few Rounds while the big baddie attempt to make good his escape; when PCs run directly into, through, and past mooks, soaking automatic weapons fire and attacks of opportunity all along the way I agree with much of what you say and it's something I've pondered however in realtion to this may i siggest suppressive fire and then grenades? If the group have been pumping all their XP into direct survival skills their Willpower probably won;t be too good. You can have the occasional group of mooks who know what they;re doing. They'll set up crossfire with full auto weapons to pin the group down, a sniper or two to 'pop' any character who exposes themselves and grenades to flush 'em out into kill zones. You can't do it too often as it'll get boring but some heretics will be prepared! I like borithans idea and may incorporate a version it for my next game. i'm thinking of getting rid of Toughness as something that provents normal damage and just acts as a soak for critical damage, i.e. a TB of 3 means 4 points of critical damage would result in 1 point of critical damage. i recognise this would need work but bar a TPK I have a year or so to work on it!
  10. has anyone spliced the Black crusade concept of Parry being a skill into Dark Heresy? If so how did it work out? I'm thinking of introducing it as a skill to be learned and, as an additonal house rule, to allow it to be used to parry ranged attacks in melee, if semi-auto or full auto is used by the attacker the Parry skill would work just as Dodge does, i.e. each DoS equals a bullet 'parried'. I picture it as the gun being knocked aside and the bullets going wide. How does this sound and disreagrding the 'parry ranged attacks in melee' bit would it be unbalanced when many weapons have the Balanced trait giving a +20 bonus to Parry. Perhaps reduce that bonus to a +5.. any thoughts folk?
  11. Cheers Clutch_Halthos and I thought as much but it never hurts to check the opinions of as my interpretations can be rather idiosyncratic! looks like one of the group is in for a nasty surprise!
  12. Sounds like a cracking campaign you have planned there Jeff. In regard to your worry about them killing the bound daemon could he not be orchestrating things from afar rather than be in a position where the players may destroy/banish it? You could always include a few hooks/clues about what the person was before the daemon was bound within him/her that you can use later.
  13. Ok I have a query… In the description for precision telekenisis. It includes pulling a pin on a grenade as an example of a use for the power. Would you allow the unfotunate who ahd that happen to him a save or awareness roll of any kind? I'm thinking of potentially, for a character with rapid reaction, allowing them a -20 awareness test to hear the pin be pulled followed by a -10/-20 agility test to get the grenade away from them. Also how would you guys rule hexagrammatic wards affecting the power? technically it's not an attack on the character but a piece of their equipment which is external to the wards. would you say it has no effect or maybe make the psyker take a willpower test to pull the power off. Basically my group, all at 7,000 xp so they're far from newbies, are about to enter a very haunted area and one of the ghosts will pull this kind of stunt on them but it seems slightly arbitrary to me and I can imagine the look on a players face if I tell them they've just took 2d10+4 damage with a pen of 6 (krak grenade). While I will do such a thing I thought i'd run it by my fellow forumites first.
  14. no worries Jeff :-) I've just been flicking through the radicals Handbook, the groups Psyker has took an interest in the alternate damnation path , and had a thought. What if the groups patron inquisitor, assuming no-one's ascending straight to Inquisitorial rank, is an Illuminati? You could have a mini-arc of him either potentially trying to corrupt and then exorcise a member of the cell or slowly trying to bring them to their way of thinking, slowly revealing truths until one of the group agrees to such a thing. It's been years since i read Harlequin but I remember that being essential to be an Illuminati, namely be possessed and then cast it out yourself…
  15. Personally I like the idea of the Sensei, and the Illuminati, as portrayed in the Inquisition War books and think they could make very good antagonists for a campaign. You could potentially model them on The Serrated Query from Purge The Unclean as they're basically an organisation of atheistic free thinkers and there's no reason to say a similar organisation couldn't be headed by a Sensei or an Illuminati Inquisitor who protects and shelters Sensei from the Ordos so they can fulfill their duty (help manifest the star child/boost the Emperor to full godhood upon death). Unless you've already used him you could use Inquisitor Kaede from the core book as he could fit such a profile with a bit of tweaking and who's to say that the occasional psyker he rescues from Rykehuss isn't a Sensei ;-) Heck if your players haven't read The Inquisition War you could include the Ordos Hydra too as another player in the grand scheme ;-)
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