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  1. Is the master Ice Wyrm allowed to swallow multiple Heroes or are they only allowed to swallow 1 Hero? I know this is a long shot, but what happens if he's able to swallow all the Heroes on the board? Do they just forfeit the round?
  2. In that case I would still assume it's only a single search token that this would apply (using 1 of 2 actions, assuming they were able to get there by other means of a non-movement action). Now if it said "Search any search tokens within 3 spaces of you" then I would say have at it. However I have no idea what is right or wrong, hence why I posted the question about that skill. Obviously the Heroes would say it is good for any search tokens along the way, and the OL would say that it applies to only 1 search token. I feel like there's always too many ways to interpret all the cards/abilities/quests with FFG games, wonder why they wouldn't make it extremely clear cut. Unless they are clear cut and I'm just a moron, which is most likely the case!
  3. Good point on the fatigue & two Greedy actions....thanks guys!
  4. The card says (it has the action symbol as well) Search a search token within 3 spaces of you. Does that mean only 1 search token is able to be done with this skill? What if they are able to move within 3 spaces of one search token, and then able to continue moving and end up within 3 spaces of another search token, does that mean they are able to search both tokens with this skill? Or does it only apply to 1 search token?
  5. I saw someone went crazy and figured out a way (whether it works smoothly or not I don't know) to have an auto-OL. It looked well thought out & interesting to me. I was hoping maybe that same guy or someone that was inspired by him, already went through the arduous process of figuring out a way to do 5 Heroes. Either an increase of monster HP's, changing/adding monster defense dice, or even adding another monster group altogether.
  6. Has anyone seen or come up with a version for 5 Heroes & 1 Overlord? More & more of my friends are loving this game, so I was wondering if this was ever thought of before....any forums or links would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Each master monster gets +2 health, and adds 1 brown die to defense rolls. That part is clear, but what I'm not sure about is the "Each of its attacks gains: surge +2 damage". Does that mean they still have to roll a surge to get that +2 damage? Or does that mean they always get +2 damage?
  8. Okay sorry one last thing about the Warding Talisman, if during Encounter 1 they find it in a Search token, and they use the Warding Talisman, is it then removed from the Heroe & shuffled back in the Search deck? Do they keep it for both Encounter 1 & Encounter 2? I don't believe it's stated on their to "Discard" or "Flip over" or anything. Just wondering what you guys think/have done with this.
  9. So after each quest is finished (both encounters are completed), whatever treasure cards they received from the Search tokens (Health Potions, Stamina Potions, Warding Talisman, etc) are to be sold during the Shopping Phase? Regardless of whether the Heroes used them or not?
  10. Once the heroes aquire this treasure card, is it with them forever? Or do they discard it after they use it?
  11. We all played D&D together and since that takes too much time, everyone being married now with kids, this is our RPG fix. We actually play it where I dont know their abilities or weapons until they use them, and vice versa for the monsters. Same thing goes for the treasure cards, they dont show me what they get. I also leave the room during their turn to let them strategize so I dont know what they are planning. The only thing we share with each other is the full quest scenarios. We prefer to have that element of surprise/unknown format of gameplay. We like the twist that it puts on both of our initial strategies. Its not for everyone but thats how we all want to play it. Another thing we dont do is pick the next quest based on who won, we have just been going in order of the quests that are on the campaign sheet. For Act 2 we are playing the quests on the left side if the heroes won and the right side if the OL won. Again not for everyone but its how we decided to do it and its been fantastic. For anyone curious of the outcomes so far, if this gameplay format intrigues you but unsure of how it is balanced, the scores are 2-1. 2 Heroe wins, 1 OL win. They won intro quest. Split on the crops in Encounter 1 of first quest, they killed Splig in the very end. Split on Villagers in Encounter 1 of second quest, I killed Sir Palamon in the very end. I got 3 zombies thru in first Encounter of third quest. Each Encounter so far has come down to the wire for both sides with both sides having an opportunity to win each time.
  12. I took care of the problem no sweat, I played Frenzy, as well as Critical Blow, with Merick Farrow while doing an Ignite on them. They were all grouped up in the back thinking it was game/set/match. I had not used Merick to attack yet so they didn't know about Ignite till I lit 'em up. Smiling & laughing faces turned to depressed stone faces real quick....I love it!
  13. What about monsters trying to exit the map and heroes want to stand on the exit tiles, is that legal? The Heroes now are blocking the way out, forcing me to either kill one of them or move them out of the way somehow. I would assume so, but I just want to be sure.
  14. Are Heroes allowed to block the entrance and exit tile spaces so that monsters are not able to spawn or leave the map? In the first encounter of Cardinals Plight, two Heroes sat on the exit tile spaces so the zombies could not exit. I had to kill one of them to free up that space so my zombie could exit. Is this a legitimate move that the Heroes can perform? They pulled the same move on another quest, standing on my reinforcement spaces so I could not respawn my monsters during my reinforcement phase....kinda lame if you ask me but clever on their behalf....we just want to make sure this is a legal thing.
  15. Does anyone know a place that is selling individual monster groups from De1 expansions?
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