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  1. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The novice briefly scanned the contents of the pad, merely giving its index a cursory reading to get an idea of the information held within. As their host began speaking, she quickly dropped the tablet back on the table, her attention shifting to the other woman. For a moment, she questioned the wisdom in sending a party of envoys to convey a message when their host was evidently already in contact with the accursed psyker, but then it dawned on her that physical transmission would be deemed more secure than whatever indirect means had been employed prior to their involvement. The message must be important indeed to warrant such measures. "I'm afraid my own readings did not yield much useful information. I had hoped to discover some additional meaning in the handkerchief, and to this effect studied some of your librarium's older titles on the local nobility, alas the information recorded there was more of anecdotal value. With any luck, it will help me better integrate with the locals, though I reserve doubt." Her eyes wander to the next speaker, signaling that she considers her report already finished.
  2. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Entering the room, the dusk-skinned novice respectfully if silently inclined her head and proceeded to the table. If a folder or pad could be considered within reach of the seat she had chosen, the girl would indeed attempt to reach out and pick it up, briefly scanning its surface if not interrupted -- less out of curiosity, but more driven by diligence. They were about to discuss further proceedings, and in her analytical mind, the junior Sororitas would not expect sensitive information to be presented this openly. At least not if it was sensitive towards them.
  3. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The priest's comment got Ariel to smirk in spite of herself. "If only these were our smalles worries -- but with what we have seen of this decrepit world so far, I doubt we would run out of heretics to deliver from sin." Briefly, she wondered if there might be any mutants seeking shelter within the hive; with the many dark and shadowy alleys that resulted out of the haphazard construction of this ancient urban behemoth, it probably would not be too difficult to find a place to hide. "But for now we better proceed with the briefing."
  4. Of Great and Terrible Things

    "I would suspect the bang of my shotgun would suffice", Ariel commented dryly and with closed eyes, lifting a glass of blue milk to her lips. The lowered eyebrows might hint at a certain amount of perplexity, albeit nothing more serious than her usual reaction to Estelia's quirks. It just seemed that her fellow novice had found a new toy, and though she deeply questioned its usefulness, she would not press the matter any further than the mild criticism she had already voiced.
  5. Sorry for the delay; it's quite a busy time at work and it leaves me somewhat drained in the evening. Hope you're getting better soon, though!
  6. Of Great and Terrible Things

    "It shoots balls?", the other novice replied almost teasingly, her usual unimpressed facial expression the perfect companion to her words. Of course she knew that it with sufficient mass and force, just about anything could be deadly -- but there had to be magnitudes of difference both in efficiency as well as sheer technological marvel between the mass-reactive armor-piercing miniature missiles of the Sisterhood's bolt weaponry and this antiquity. "It looks very ... decorative", Ariel finally stated cautiously. "But are you sure it is a good alternative to your las, Lia?" Before her comrade could reply, the priest entered the kitchen and loudly announced his presence, causing Ariel to incline her head in a brief but respectful greeting. "Good morning, Father, I hope the day finds you well." Part of her wanted to add a cynical comment in regards to the flintlock's alleged noisiness, but ultimately decided against it, feeling she had already sufficiently tormented poor Estelia. For whatever reason, it was apparent that the other novice had found some sort of attachment to or fascination in the pistol.
  7. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Nodding briefly to the other girl as she entered, Ariel continued nibbling on her croissant, intentionally minimizing the size of her bites to better savor the hitherto unknown delicacy. Wordlessly, she slid a jar with some red-colored gelatinous mass inside towards Estelia, only following up with words as she finished chewing and swallowing the contents of her mouth: "You should try this, too. It is very sweet." Evidently ignoring the other novice's excited declaration, perhaps intending not to get swept up in the other's easygoing enthusiasm, she used the remaining half of the croissant to indicate the flintlock, Ariel seemed poised to distract the other Sororitas before she could press her dusk-skinned comrade for a more direct response: "Did you find a new toy?"
  8. Of Great and Terrible Things

    To Ariel, it felt like any other morning. Going through her daily routine, the dusk-skinned novice got up early as usual, beginning the day with morning prayers and a brief workout in the form of some push-ups, followed by a series of pull-ups, the latter of which performed on the black iron chandelier that served to illuminate her chamber during night hours. Everything in the mansion seemed of sturdy construction, so the device was fortunately in no danger of being disloged even when misuded in this manner. Over the years of her novitiate, wearing the bodyglove had become almost second nature to her, so she had never ceased wearing it as a daily getup even during the past weeks of downtime in the villa. Donning it was a quick-enough affair, finished off with the pair of combat boots, her chronometer, and the holster belt containing her laspistol. The only additional concern she had for the day was to bring her datapad along, just in case it might be needed at the scheduled meeting. Estelia might be able to tick two boxes on her to-do list at the same time, for Ariel's next stop was the kitchen. Expecting the meeting to be all business, she intended to grab a piece of bread before heading over to the dining room. Of course one might say it was 'just bread', but in this mansion, even such simple meals were of a high enough quality that they had an air of decadence about them. Certainly, this peculiar bread, made from some sort of layered dough, was quite a bit sweeter and softer than anything she had ever tasted at the Schola or the Convent.
  9. Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((No, no, you are quite correct! This is more an interesting matter of theological interpretation, I'd say. )) Quirking her eyebrows, the dusk-skinned girl took another sip of her cup before replying. "I would not put it that way, mylady. To be sure, the Saint's final instructions came directly from Him-on-Earth, but is this not but a physical approximation of the spiritual closeness we seek in our prayers? Besides, the Saint would surely have slain the Captain-Custodes outright if she had suspected foul play -- yet when the time came, she knew who to trust." At the compliment, Ariel quickly lowered her gaze. "You speak too highly of this simple novice, mylady. But ... thank you."
  10. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The novice tilted her head to the side, pondering the question for but a moment before answering. "Mylady, I'm ... not sure I understand." Pausing for a heartbeat, she nonetheless continues to voice her train of thought with a confidence born from years of theological study: "As you say -- our faith is truth. If they conflict, it must mean that either the truth is but a ruse, or that one's interpretation of the faith is misguided apostasy. If in doubt, the true believer shall reflect on herself and seek guidance in prayer. That is, after all, how Saint Dominica slew the Arch-Apostate."
  11. Phht. The single-one model that has boots like that is a fairly new collectible based on one of Blanche's old pieces, and that guy was putting heels on everyone, even Space Marine Primarchs. All the regular minis as well as all the oldschool official art have them with flat soles similar to the Hospitaller, which makes a lot more sense for field duty. These heels are just one of those things that seem to be very popular in certain types of fan-art, but I probably don't have to spell out the reasons for that. On the Death Cultist, on the other hand, I think they're perfectly fine. Like you, I've always just considered them part of their weaponry. That's obviously still a hand-waved explanation, but at least in this case it's consistent with the existing models and original art. On a sidenote, I also think "just synthskin" is fine, but that's because I've already seen GW art for male assassins wearing this stuff. Same reason why I think it's fine for the Ghosts in StarCraft: sexy is okay, as long as it's applied evenly and consistently! Ditto!
  12. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The novice nods slowly at the explanation concerning their master. Another woman, then. She was almost a little proud of herself for extracting information without directly asking for it, though Inellia was of course not making it very difficult for her -- unlike the shady elements she'd likely have to deal with later as part of her unusual assignment. "I will follow my faith, as always. And if He calls me unto His side, I will not waver in laying down my life." Words spoken with a zeal that only a novice who had not yet seen anything, or a veteran who had seen too much, could bear. "But rest assured that whatever my fate, I will not make it easy for our enemies." As if on cue, the Ministorum picture book previously deposited on her lap reacted to a slight shift in her posture and tumbled to the floor. It came to rest opened on a double-page depicting a colorful and supposedly child-friendly version of the martyrium of Saint Silvana. An ominous sign.
  13. And you needed me to point that out! But yeah. Weirdest thing is how the Hospitaller has normal boots, but the combat character gets high heels... This being said, this does suggest that Sororitas will have a presence in this new system, too, which is new information. The line-up from this series of artworks alone looks diverse enough that we can probably expect just about any archetype that was present in FFG's RPGs to be playable there, too. Now the interesting question will be how the system actually works, and how the characters will compare / be "compatible" towards one another to actually support the kind of stories you read about all the time in the books. PS: About 90% of all Sisters art used to be "angry" in ye olde days of GW's codices.
  14. Of Great and Terrible Things

    The offer leaves the girl unsure, if only momentarily. Perhaps she briefly wondered if she even should ask, or if this might be some sort of test. After all, Ignorance is Bliss. "So this ... benefactor -- are they an Inquisitor? We were told nothing but that we were to be put on detached duty to the Inquisition, and as you know, information about this adeptus is limited." The novice unintentionally underscored her point by mislabeling the Holy Orders, given how they were not part of but above the adeptus hierarchy, standing outside even the purview of the mighty Administratum. At the same time, Inelia might be aware that the girls' presence here could harbor a deeper meaning. As much as they might protest otherwise, it was well possible that one or both of the novices were to spy on the operations of their master, reporting back to the Sisterhood as an expected part of the shadowy and sometimes conflicting dealings and rivalries between Imperial organisations, or even just to keep an eye out for potential heresies. Certainly, the presence of a Sororitas could be a double-edged sword. "A galaxy in which there was no need of us ..." The girl seems to dwell on the words for a moment. "Is that not something to strive for?" Finally she takes a sip of the cup, closing her eyes as she lifts the porcelain to her lips.
  15. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Ariel responded somewhat cryptically. "Our .. benefactor. I see." It did not require much insight to guess that the Novice Sororitas chafed at this secrecy, even if she understood the need for it. Still, her training assured that she would not place personal misgivings above her orders. Slowly, her fingers began turning the warm cup between her hands. "This world and the station above are strange places. So many people seem devoid of the Emperor's light, and there are others that seek it yet are not provided guidance." She glanced at a nearby set of flowers. "It was a little overwhelming .. but I know what is expected of me."