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  1. Unless Estelia would have left to explore portions of the hive, in which case Ariel would have made it clear she'd accompany the other novice even though she thought it was a bad idea, the dusk-skinned girl would have spent the entirety of the past three weeks within the luxurious and spacious confines of the villa. Mostly, it seems, she was drawn to the library, where she indulged in the many documents made available for her. Every day, she would first investigate the scope of materials the library had to offer, before finally deciding on a book or two, then spending hours hunched over the large tomes. Naturally, she was particularly drawn to works concerning the Creed, although she seemed to take special interest in the legends of various saints, as if drawing inspiration from how their deeds and sacrifices were recorded. She also had not forgotten the task they had to accomplish here, however, and as such also sought to find some material on the city's history and its noble families. Most of the time, she would read in the library itself, enjoying a cup of bitter herbal tea as she did so, but every now and then she would retreat into the greenhouse, which after a time almost became known as a hiding spot for her. Aside from her daily visits to the library, as well as regular prayers and self-mortification, she also would not neglect daily training in the armory, and it was here that she had found an alternate, drum-styled magazine for her weapon. Fortunately, the gun the Sisterhood had given her was a model widely used by Imperial security forces, and as such its type and some of its accessories and ammunition were stocked by the villa. After inquiring, she was made to understand that nobody would miss them if she were to take just two of the drums, allowing Ariel to increase the capacity of her weapon. Unfortunately, it seemed that with this type of weapon only serving a backup role to the villa's security, whoever was in charge did not see fit to stock more than the standard fragmentation shells. Ariel made a mental note of inquiring in the city at some point, though she would not leave the confines of the villa just for a "shopping trip".
  2. I should have pushed for the slugs to be treated similar to standard ammo. Oh well, the drum will do for now. Thanks for rolling! Alright, character sheet updated. Modified the art for the shotgun to reflect the changes.
  3. +20 for the shells, and +10 for the bigger magazine, please!
  4. I was confused for a moment, but I assume that the first comma is to be read like an "or" as well? In my defense, it was late the first time I read the post, but your explanation helped me realize how you (hopefully!) meant it in the example. Anyways, that sounds like a pretty neat compromise to me! The general +10 bonus still feels like a weird freebie, but I think that may just be my gut nitpicking over how the rule would be worded (as opposed to a simpler "sacrifice a roll to gain +10 bonus") rather than the mechanical effects in practice. Not to mention my conflict of interests, as I want to get my hands on cool gear, too. My next requisition would probably be a fire selector; I have big plans for this gun.. <3 What do the others have to say to this houserule? And do we retry Requisition or will we instead just implement it next time we have an opportunity?
  5. Oh wow, it's been so long, I completely forgot about that! I only vaguely remember there was something about relaxing Aptitude requirements for Willpower stuff where we would have otherwise required "Psyker" to qualify. In that case I'd like for my 2nd requisition to be these slugs, of course! I like it! Truth be told, it sounds very generous, though I suppose it might be weird to say that as a player. It feels as if it might make Requisition too easy by entirely taking chance out of it, which might go against the spirit of the book. If it were up to me, perhaps I would rather give players the opportunity to sacrifice one or more of their Requisition Tests to gain a bonus on another (e.g. I could either test Influence twice at 25, or test once for 35), and provide players with more opportunities to make these Tests by organically building them into the scene as part of the locale's backdrop. For example, the group walking past a gun shop might allow players to try to Requisition any ranged weapon at a bonus (as the shop is specializing in guns, but doesn't sell anything else), whereas walking through a Frontier world's spaceport market would allow the players to try and Requisition anything at a penalty (as they see all sorts of stuff coming through, but only ever in small quantities). But ... I'm not complaining! If the suggested option is what we will be offered, I'll take it too.
  6. Actually, Acrobatics can be quite useful in combat.. I've already entered my XP purchases into the wiki sheet, but here's a quick breakdown: Agility, Simple (-100 XP) Agility, Intermediate (-250 XP) Weapon Skill, Intermediate (-500 XP) Awareness (-100 XP) Intimidate +10 (-400 XP) Disarm (-600 XP) ----------------------- Total: 1.950/2.000 XP I was thinking about getting a +10 for one of my Lore Skills, but at 600 XP that's rather prohibitive for such a specialized skill. Instead, I opted to get Awareness (cheap and super useful), and worked a little on Ariel's close combat skills to improve her "surprise alpha strike potential" when disarmed and thus considered harmless. Niche role, but if we ever do get in that much trouble and need to break free, it might make for a very cool moment. For my two requisition, I assume our GM will kindly roll for me again? The first one would be an expanded magazine for the shotgun (which I'd picture as a drum), which is a scarce item, so -10 (15% chance). For the second test .. does DH2 have any solid slugs? I know they existed in DH1 and some of the other games, but I can't seem to find them in the 2nd Edition. Would Doc be willing to houserule them, given that they kind of make a lot of sense for a shotgun? If not, I guess I'd just go for Inferno rounds, with a -20 test (5% chance ). Also, lol @ Balthazar's burning Brazier I would post a comic, but I cannot find it anymore! Let's just be thankful that in the 41st millennium, buildings have high roofs and fireproof ceilings.
  7. Ignore please, double post!
  8. Entering the mansion, Ariel's heavy-booted steps slow down as the novice skeptically gazes at the machine hybrid with its thin, unhealthy skin. It was not her first time seeing a servitor, but it had not been a common occurrence in her life either, and she still disliked their presence. Something about them just seemed *off*, like a subtle violation of the sacred human form. Certainly, Imperial statutes granted the Cult Mechanicus freedom to pursue its aberrant dogma in spite of the occasional protest by various officials of the One True Faith, but it did not mean Ariel had to approve of all their products. Fortunately, the rest of the interior proved to be more inviting, and to some degree the choice of decoration even reminded her of the convent's tastefully decorated sanctum. ((can you roll the Test for me, Doc? I need to roll 25 or under for the first, then 30 or under for the second ... tricky, but possible))
  9. A little nervous, Ariel's gaze wanders to the sides, almost as if expecting an ambush. Considering their situation, the girl naturally found herself agreeing with the cleric's action, yet she also recalled the icon's symbolic nature as a double-edged sword. She allowed her left arm to casually hang from the slung shotgun's barrel, but the index finger of her right began to nervously tap against the trigger guard. All signs pointed to the safehouse being populated; what kind of characters might they find inside?
  10. Had a couple busy days including some weird sleeping patterns; the play honestly just slipped my mind, or rather how much time had passed since I last took a look. I would have posted yesterday, but the website would not load. Post is up now, however!
  11. The other novice seemed as if she could not decide whether to share in Estelia's admiration or Balthazar's caution. The structure seemed to harbor a serene aura, not unlike a bastion of calm in the chaos of the hive, yet at the same time she could not dismiss that this very contrast also felt oddly out of place. After all, this was no convent of the Sisterhood, such as the Ermine Mantle on Subiaco Diablo, but a safehouse of the Inquisition, and even the Emperor's must trusted servants could be led astray, as she knew from the restricted accounts of the Great Crusade. The purpose of Sororitas on detached duty to the Holy Orders was, as even most Inquisitors must surely suspect, not just to aid them in their endeavors against subversion by the alien, the mutant and the witch, but also to keep tabs of their activities and report suspicious behavior back to the convent. What would ultimately happen with such dangerous information Ariel could not know, but even though this Inquisitor was once a Sister like herself, and arguably still wished to carry herself as such, it could not be ignored that she had left the convent behind. What must their mysterious patron have seen on her journeys in service to the Throne, and what artifacts, even evidence of potentially dubious missions might be found in this house of hers? "I concur, reverend Father. If this magnificent building is to serve as a safe haven, I suspect we may be monitored even this very moment. And if not, perhaps the sigil shall act as its key?"
  12. Well, it's a PBP and we've been going at a rather slow but steady pace for a while, so no rush. Just lemme know when we can move on.
  13. Naturally, Ariel had attempted to help using the map, but her utter lack of experience with the vast, three-dimensional environment showed early on that this task seemed out of her league. For better or worse, the other novice did not fare much better, perhaps proving that their inability to navigate the hive was simply due to having been confined to the safety and security of the convent walls, still having trouble adapting to the loud and chaotic outside life. Fortunately, it soon dawned that the priest seemed to have the most ability navigating the group through the spire, and so progress resumed. The dusk-skinned novice took this opportunity to take in the sights of the upper hive, which looked wholly different to the grim darkness of the lower levels. Here, there was light, and even vestiges of beauty, however faded. From looking upwards and through the massive lift shafts, it seemed that further towards the top, the luxury and decadence grew even more opulent. The contrast was strong enough that they may just as well be on another continent, or another world. Briefly, Ariel worried whether they might not look out of place in their cheap-looking clothes, but considered that the shrine would also see a large host of pilgrims every day. A more grounded individual might have been aghast at how many resources must go to waste just to maintain the lights, but even though her station as a servant of the Emperor put her much closer to the thralls in the underhive, her upbringing in the schola and convent also affected the girl's perception of poverty. Though Ariel had a firm moral compass enabling her to become enraged at injustice, she also saw poverty as a virtue rather than the daily fight for survival it truly was in places such as these. And thus, she remained calm.
  14. So, fast forward? Sounds good to me. I guess we could stop by some merchants on the way to inspect their various offers, but this I'd only deem likely when we are literally walking past their stalls and something catches our eyes. An actual shopping spree would appear more likely after we've been to the villa and had a chance to hear out how local contacts can support us for free. Sidenote: do we even have money to pay for things? I know that, technically, we'd just have to roll for Requisition, but it should be justifiable in the scope of the campaign too. I'll leave the roll to someone who is more confident about their dice.