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  1. Ariel paused at the comment. The thought of impersonating a saint was rather alien to her, but the novice recalled hearing that there were many cultures that celebrates the various holy days of the Imperium differently. Being chosen as the avatar of a saint must be quite the honor, similar to selection as the order's banner bearer. Then again, Cassa's choice of words suggested she was not even chosen for the play itself. "Robes can work", she offers. "Though they have to be cut so that they do not hinder the warrior's footwork." Indeed, the Adepta Sororitas themselves employed robes extensively in all their branches, although the orders' Battle Sisters wore a variant whose lower half as well as its sleeves were buttoned up. Upon being undone, what once functioned like a skirt would have its rear three-quarters turn into a half-skirt at the back, with a thinner apron-like strip of cloth at the front, resembling the tabard of a feudal world's knight.
  2. Ariel pondered the merchant's remark, never having seen a rainbow in her life, thus at first trying to interpret the term literally. The girls really did not get out much. Cassia's gesture, however, served to at least nudge her thoughts towards the correct destination. She could never picture herself to wear a dress as extravagant as what the woman suggested, but she was certain the sight would have to be miraculous. Briefly, her memory travelled back to when she was assigned to help out in the convent's vehicle pool, staring at the multicolored light reflected by a puddle of oil on the rockcrete floor. She blinks at Estelia's suggestion. "Or like a Saint!", she blurts out loud enough for Cassia to hear. She'd always wondered if the trailing, flowing cloth you'd often see defy physics on Ministorum-approved paintings, murals and stained glass was due to strong winds, some sort of byproduct of the depicted figure's divine might, or simply added by the painter for dramatic effect. But maybe they've just been wearing something like this?
  3. Ariel finds herself staring at the floating fabric, the rare sight of a fascinated expression hosted on her face as she stares in silence. Of course, deep down she knows it must be impractical to wear, but the mere existence of this material is miraculous in its own way. Probably looking a bit silly, she pokes the sample provided by Cassa, watching it drift through the air as it reacts to the push. "Lia, did you see that?!", she exclaims excitedly, quite possibly disturbing or at least surprising Balthazar a little, given the priest had never witnessed the dusk-skinned novice behave anything other than stern and solemn. As Estelia inspects the nightweave, Ariel leans over to the Thaurian cleric, nodding towards the black fabric as she lowers her voice to conspiratorial volume: "That might be useful in low-light environs, if the merchant can provide it without the white specks."
  4. Ariel decides to hang back for the moment, somewhat curious as to what the merchant will come up with for Estelia. She does, however, inspect some of the clothes put out for display, perhaps in part to not just stand around gawking, in part out of a modicum of interest. The pieces she looks at do not appear very much feminine, but still noticeably flashier than her current utilitarian attire -- loosely fitted blouses, elaborately decorated brocade vests, wide-brimmed hats, complete with metal 'feathers' intricately woven from multicolored wire. Perhaps something fitting for a Rogue Trader's entourage, or a local noble's errant child.
  5. "Not often enough", the dusk-skinned novice comments dryly without redirecting her gaze away from the window and the busy scene outside. After a moment of silence, she seemed to reconsider and turner her head. "Perhaps the faithful among them keep a shrine at their homes", she mused. "But I've seen nothing in the way of organized worship so far. Do you think we should try to visit one of the local temples before we leave?" ((Personally, between the description of the auto-carriages, the lift, and official hive world art, I think I've got a pretty good picture!))
  6. Ariel furrowed her brows at their host's remark. "I could not say, Mylady", she replied cautiously. Conservatism was strong within the Church, with obvious differences in appearance usually being the product of prolonged isolation of individual human worlds. Traditions were even more jealously guarded on major worlds like Terra, Gathalamor and, of course, Ophelia -- every bit of deviation might, after all, be considered a sign of hubris, disharmony, rebellious attitude. Still, considering the matter Ariel could not help but remember some variance among the clergy she'd seen. Little things like brooches, the length or type of cloth of the stole. She even remembered one envoy who had seen fit to embellish the Ecclesiarchal iconography on his robe with jewelry. Even among the Sororitas, some minor customization could be found. Of course, everyone wore the exact same pattern of robe, and all the Orders conformed to the three sanctioned colors of the San Leor temple shrine, but Ariel remembered well a lesson in the convent when their class of novices was visited by a trio of veteran Battle Sisters clad in their battle-scarred suits of armour. Though they all belonged to the same second iteration of the blessed Angel-pattern established millennia ago, each was yet a little different from the others. One featured spiked studs on the flexsteel-covered ceramite of the breast cups where another featured the Fleur-de-Lys. Another had the entire second stanza of the Fede Imperialis engraved on a legplate, where a third suit held an iron ring hammered into the thigh like a metal garter. Of course, this was not exactly 'fashion' in the sense their host hinted at, but still. "Ah, I just wonder what would be appropriate", she confessed with a slight blush. "For someone with our kind of travelling gear, I mean. And our kind of agenda." She saw Estelia turn to leave, and bit back an urge to click her tongue at her companion's impatient nature. "I suppose the tailor might know", she conceded before turning to follow the other girl.
  7. Ariel ever so slightly tilted her head to the side at their host's choice of words. Though she explicitly withheld voicing an opinion, the novice got the distinct impression that their actions were judged unsuitable, considering that any sort of trail - barring intentional misdirection - was to be considered a liability. Something to keep in mind for the future. "If we are to attend ceremonial functions, I am certain we can procure something suitable, mylady", the girl responded to the judgement of clothes, not without shooting a sidelong glance at Estelia, and barely suppressing a remark about her companion having 'way too much fun' with these things. Only the serious nature of the briefing spared the other novice.
  8. The other novice, meanwhile, appeared somewhat less good-humoured, though it was difficult to tell how much of this was down to her usual demeanour. "So it would have been better to terminate the servitor as well?", Ariel followed up on their host's explanations. Briefly, she also considered highlighting Lax' contributions a little more, either here or in private with the lady, and then in explicit reference to his worrying display of self-doubt, suggesting that their superior should see to his morale. Ultimately, she decided against it. If the security trooper's spirits would not lift soon, certainly he would seek confession by himself. Preempting his decision might be something he'd not appreciate -- at least she knew she wouldn't. Estelia's idea made her turn her head and regard the other girl with a raised eyebrow. "I was under the impression our clothing was adequate?", she turned and addressed the question at their host, perhaps displaying a certain lack of finesse in judging local fashion.
  9. Advancements Attribute increase: Ballistic Skill, Simple (-100 XP) -> BS 40 Attribute increase: Ballistic Skill, Intermediate (-250 XP) -> BS 45 Attribute increase: Intelligence, Simple (-500 XP) -> INT 35 Skill increase: Command (-300 XP) Skill increase: Interrogation (-200 XP) 1.350/1.500 XP (left: 50) Acquisitions (as usual, leaving the rolls to the GM) Fire Selector (using the full +20 bonus from Influence) Solid Slugs (let's try this again..) Plasma Pistol (if Madame Inquisitor lets us have the pick of her armoury, Ariel won't say no )
  10. "Or a prayer", the other novice adds to her companion's wishlist, perhaps just out of a habit to remind Estelia of their duties, or at least what Ariel considered as such. The dusk-skinned Sororitas would remain silent and in thought for the rest of the trip, though by no means did this mark an unusual change in behavior.
  11. Unusually for her stoic behavior, the dusk-skinned novice snorted dismissively at the security trooper's explanation, the concerned expression replaced by a hint of annoyance. As she spoke, however, her words hinted at these feelings directed more at herself than the other: "Well, Brother Lax, at least your gun actually discharged." The girl did not seem to be very diplomatic, but perhaps even just the simple act of showing a lack of interest in his perceived fault might help him come to terms with his guilt. Perhaps this was just her way of addressing such things. Pulling the heavy shotgun's sling off the shoulder it rested on, her eyes critically inspected the rifle now held in both hands again, as if her piercing glare alone might will the weapon's machine spirit back into action. "I may just have tinkered with it a little too much. Suppose this eliminates the Pronatus from my list of future assignments." ((I'm going to refrain from testing Inspire here, lest I just make poor Lax feel even more miserable :P))
  12. "That sounds unlikely", Ariel comments after nonetheless throwing a sceptical glance back across her shoulder. "But perhaps we could stop behind a corner for a bit, just to make sure." The novice slightly adjusts her direction, moving closer to the security trooper and, with a brief touch on her neck, temporarily switches off her subvocal comm. "Brother Lax", she addresses him with voice lowered. "Was this the first time you shot someone?"
  13. Ariel remains silent; for anyone who knew the two novices for more than a few minutes it probably came to no surprise that it was the other girl that initiated a conversation. Nonetheless, the gloomy one subtly proceeded to close the distance towards the pair so as to listen in, all the while keeping a wary eye on the surrounding streets. In so doing, the quiet but alert girl also cast a skeptical glance towards the requisitioned security trooper. ((Roll of 22 vs Perception 35, +20 for Routine Difficulty, -20 for Untrained, for a total of 2 DoS))
  14. Ariel does not expect trouble on the way back, but keeps her laspistol at the ready nonetheless as she moves to and finally through the exit. ((tbh, in retrospect looting the place might have been a good cover to deflect suspicion from the authorities, but it's a bit late to go over that now))
  15. ((Discord roll 44 vs TN 55 for 2 DoS)) Swinging the heavyweight shotgun around, Ariel moves to retrace her steps back and deeper into the machinarium. Not knowing exactly where Lax got stuck, the novices will have to rely on intuition and fortune, but the sound of gunfire should help guide the way. The only question was whether they'd get there in time -- and what would happen if they do. Banishing all unnecessary thoughts from her mind, the dusk-skinned Sororitas tried to imagine her would-be targets as just that, almost as if they were back in the schola and undergoing a war game. Her right hand index finger slipped into the triggerguard in preparation of the shot, awakening the red-dot projector built into the gun.
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