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  1. At which point you can just levitate, hover over the water, land at the other side of the pool/river and laugh at the puny fleshbags (if you have an emotions cogitator, you can just look at them coldly and wonder why they don't accept the blessings of the machine god as readily).
  2. Do remember that a ballistic mechadendrite is exactly that, a mechadendrite, a tentacle. You can perfectly bend it around a corner and shoot blind without exposing your body at all. If the GM won't allow it, you can then take your optical mechadendrite (you have to have one, if you don't you're doing it wrong as a tech priest), narrow it down to the width of a pencil (rulebook states so), bend both of them around a corner and shoot at something quite sneakily, without exposing your body at all. Shoot above cover, shoot through bars or fences, etc. If you're a myrmidon, you can mount a machinegun in there and have sneaky fun.
  3. I would argue that the bionic eyes are not affected because of the processing power of the (living) brain on the person with the bionic eye greatly surpasses the capabilities of the wetware etched into the servo skull and the processing capabilities of it's minor cogitators. At least he would get a +30 to that test. That's just me though.
  4. If by cyberware you mean cybernetic implants, then yes you can. You can pretty much change and swap every part of your body including partial brain swapping. You can be 99% metal, and only have the left side of your original brain, and the rest with machine, and still be considered human in the DH universe. And yes, there are eye implants, in the cybernetics section of the core book I believe. You can make them see in the dark, have zoom, thermal sighting, infrared, microscopic enhancement, etc. Get creative, ask your player what he would like, and propose a cost, and have him try to make his character justify it and do a good long search for a place who would have such a device or some sort of merchant or deal with a mechanicum faction or such. I like DH because pretty much anything you could think of, might be possible.
  5. borithan said: Fgdsfg said: I guess I took the position that things like Primaris Psykers and Temple Assassins were just not suitable characters for PCs. I decidedly take the line that certain types of character are too powerful for players to play (though I will admit I am not a fan of various systems which all involve playing gods/demi-gods/high level supers etc). That's where you set up encounters to be a real challenge, even to a Primaris Psiker, or buff up the other characters to be on par. Then toss 48 necron warriors and a couple immortals their way. If they are extremely powerful, make the rest of the party extremely powerful, and give them extremely powerful enemies. Don't just have a demi-god slaughtering lowly minions while the rest of the party just walks along.
  6. Phi6891 said: Wow those medkits do more healing then Seal Wounds psychic power, how much do the medkits sell for? Umm 50, 200 and 400 thrones iirc. Up until very very recently we didn't have a psiker in our party, so we had to rely solely on medicae for in-combat healing, so we kinda had to adapt it to be more "diablo potion like" if we wanted to do any kind of exciting combat. And our psiker wants to go for divination, so I don't see that changing for a while.
  7. Where did you find that information? It's not in the 3.0 errata, nor on the basic Dark Heresy book, Inquisitor's Handbook, Radical's Handbook or Ascension... Might free me up to install another custom mechadendrite I've been thinking about...
  8. Uhh my magos has 8 mechadendrites O_o 83 toughness so far, I think I'll be doing like 190 effective toughness with unnatural x2 at the end of my magos career. 1 medical, 1 utility, 1 manipulator, 1 optical, 1 servo, 1 bolt pistol mechadendrite, 1 custom "shield" mechadendrite, 1 custom "heavy weapons holding mechadendrite" (helps me brace as a free action). We like to house rule a lot of things
  9. Medicae in this game is a mess. There, I said it. In our campaign, we housed ruled it to act sort of like a potion in any hack and slash video games. You buy a medikit, and it can be used a number of times depending on it's quality. If you succeed the medicae test, you heal an amount of damage depending on the type and quality of the medikit used: First Aid Kit: 3 uses, heals 1d5 + degrees of success Basic Medic Kit: 6 uses, heals 1d5 + intelligence bonus + degrees of success, +10 medicae bonus when using it Advanced Medic Kit: 8 uses, heals, heals 2d5 + intelligence bonus + degrees of success, +20 medicae bonus when using it. The limited uses are based upon the fact that the individual parts inside the medic kit are spent, things like gause, anesthetic shots, needles and such. The basic kit includes a rudimentary diagnostics kits, that is reusable, so you can just replenish the expendable things in the kit. The advanced kit has an advanced diagnostics unit, as such it gives a better bonus. Our party is combat heavy, in any combat situation we're dispatching upwards of 15 to 97 enemies (our record so far), and our combat sessions, the way we like to play them, can last for 5 to 6 sessions, and we get hit a lot during this time. We have also ignored the lightly wounded and heavily wounded rules, though we still use the critical damage rules. It feels a lot more action packed and fast paced our way, imo.
  10. That is a nice and detailed explanation of the scatter mechanic. Thanks all. And currently my shotgun only fires 2 shots, but I think I will have the opportunity to upgrade it to 4 shots. Our GM made it up, it does 2d5+3, Pen 0, Impact, 30m range, 8 shells loaded, fires - / 2 / -, that is, both barrels at once, reloads a t 2 full, which is 1 full with quick reload, and even a half action if your GM rules you can use a quick loader and it halves reloading time, and it's called a Veldoran Pattern Combat Shotgun. It can loads shells individually from the top or it can use a round quick loader underneath. Sometimes it just fails miserably and does about 4 damage against tough enemies, and sometimes it goes mad and does 30 damage to one dude. I'm starting to grow fond of it!
  11. Oh I'm well aware of the costs associated with the boons, pacts and rituals. I actually want my character to reach 100 corruption and become a daemon host, and eventually ascend to the dark crusade rulebook, if I understood the rules correctly, that's what's needed to qualify for a dark crusade crossover. For now though, he's just a secretly nurgle adoring Adeptus Via arbiter, with a daemonic book held in secret, and a terrible urge to skin the faces from the enemies he takes (which will then be sewn together to form a really nasty looking, puss filled, maggot ridden, horrible smelling human face cape, once he "comes out of the nurgle closet").
  12. What would you tipically ask from a daemon aligned with nurgle? My character is going to have a pact and a daemonic ritual in a couple levels, and I can't think of what to ask. Some background, he is an arbitrator, corrupt to the core (we're using the radicals handbook), he is focusing on ranged combat, with shotguns, and interrogation/torturing, he has the justice not law background, and comes from the blighted schola. His parents were killed in a trap raid because of bad intelligence by a bunch of cultists, and his mentor who took care of them and took them to the blighted schola was killed by himself from afar because of a bad intelligence. Currently he has a malignancy where he takes the faces from people he kills, it's a disorder. He skins their faces. If you need more info just ask! Please help me decide what to ask for him!
  13. As topic says. I don't really understand what they're trying to say in the Dark Heresy rule book. Do the extra shots go to the same person? people behind/adjacent to the target? Do the extra shots use up extra ammo, or are those supposed to be extra pellets? what if I'm firing at long range ( >20m)?
  14. Our GM is mean and gives righteous fury to all NPCs. We even fought Tau once and the firewarriors do crazy big damage with a righteous fury. One our party member's (now missing) leg can tell you all about it. Last session I went from 5 to -9 critical and had to burn one fatepoint from a simple heavy crossbow bolt from a simpleton cultist named Cultist 584. (We use MapTools) I guess it's up to your GM.
  15. A chaos lord marine? vs acolytes? Uhh no. Fluff wise, he wouldn't bat an eyelash and all your PCs would be smears of blood and feces laying across the room. If you want to give them something to think about, toss 30ish low level cultists at them at the same time and sprinkle a few very minor daemons for an extra scare, then at the end just have a weak-ish daemon pop out of said ritual if they are not succesful with an interruption.
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