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  1. Sad news, I stopped keeping up with releases just after Hero's Call when my group split - looks like I didn't miss much? Would anyone recommend picking up the Enemy Within? I think if I were to get a group together again having a coherent campaign would be nice, last time I ran the individual adventures from the other expansions and Edge of Night which everyone enjoyed but it was a little disjointed.
  2. That's why many of us use {hit} or {crit} in our posts: to indicate the hit or crit icons on the die."{hit}" is the icon on the die, "hit" is a hit as defined in the rulebook. But I agree, it would be nice to add these two, and the {focus} and {evade} icons, as smilies in this forum. Yep, here though I specifically wanted to avoid using {hit} because I wanted to stress that the only time there is a hit in the rules is when you compare dice results. Otherwise you're telling people that you rolled these {hit}s but didn't actually hit...
  3. I don't remember that being the rule for initiative but it's the method given in the rule book for resolving rules disputes and marginal measurements (i.e. is my ship at range 3 or not?). Maybe a TO decided that was better than a coin flip?
  4. Have a look at section 6 on p.12 of the rule book. Rolling 'filled in explosion' or 'empty explosion' (I really wish we had those as emoticons in this forum!) on the dice is not a hit in of itself. A hit only during occurs during the 'Compare Results' step of the attack when the defender is unable to cancel all of your explosion results with evade results/tokens, so if the target of an assault missile evades the attack, the assault missile deals no splash damage. That is a rather long winded way of saying that you're playing it correctly!
  5. I think that with the CR-90 FFG are pushing what can fit in the X-wing game - something they've implicitly conceded by revising the scale. Given what people are doing with the system behind X-wing at the moment (Attack Wing, Sails of Glory) I really wouldn't be surprised if we got a capital ships game (Star Wars: Star Destroyer) with ships the size of the Nebulon B Frigate scaled to small ships, ISDs/Mon Cals as 'large' ships and the Executor/SSD scaled to match the CR-90 size in X-wing. That would be pretty Epic! (sorry)
  6. Derricote is possible, I can't think of any other Rebellion era 181st pilots of note (though I'd forgotten about Lorrir as well).
  7. From the newly-released FAQ: Q: If Soontir Fel would receive a stress token, but Captain Yorr receives it instead, does Soontir Fel’s ability still trigger? A: No. Q: Can a card effect be used as many times as desired when a ship has the opportunity to use it? A: No. A card effect can be used once per opportunity. For example, the opportunity on the Luke Skywalker Ship card is “when defending,” so he can only use his ability once against each enemy attack.
  8. I agree, the new FAQ has clarified this (and a lot of other contentious debates). You have one opportunity to use Elusiveness or Opportunist per attack, regardless of what happens to the stress token generated.
  9. I'd go with the Rookie Pilot and would also swap the Ion Cannon for Advanced Sensors on the B-Wing. Roark can be hugely useful - firing before an injured high PS enemy pilot with one of your ships can be game changing.
  10. As others have said, I can't see either of these characters being the pilots in the new expansion. Derricote isn't a pilot, Yage isn't born in the Rebellion era in which FFG have set the game.
  11. Can someone help me find this? EDIT - ****, Ninja-ed by Ravncat! Page 13. of the rulebook: "Resolving Rule Disputes Situations may arise that are too close to call (such as a ship being within a certain range, etc.) If players cannot agree on the correct ruling, follow these steps: 1. One player takes three attack dice while the other player takes three defense dice. 2. Both players roll. The player who obtains the most {focus} results wins the dispute. The player who wins the dispute determines the correct ruling for this situation. If this situation arises again during this game, apply this same ruling. Remember that what is most important when playing a game of X-Wing is having fun!"
  12. Sounds like we've all put more or less the same question to FFG then (I did this on page 1 in a vain attempt to stop this discussion going the way of the Vader one). At least with the volume of questions we should be getting a response in the next FAQ at the latest.
  13. Advanced Sensors or fly two shuttles, one of them being Captain Yorr to take the stress away from the collecting shuttle. Warning - running two shuttles will hurt your chances of winning anything!
  14. Thanks for posting that - I'd seen the expansion packs in my FLGS but seeing the zoomed in photos really shows just how bad those models are. I'll happily give Attack Wing a miss I think...
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