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  1. Hi, we are starting up something during open play (saturdays) @ Games and Stuff in glen burnie. moslty biding our time until warfare comes out
  2. you have the best party ever. let them go for it. in a pinch you can have them work out but make them spend a fate, for it to give the bonus
  3. i really doubt that a barracks can carry as many soldiers than a ship can crew a tempest only has 30500 crew. a barracks probably carries 1000 on frigates maybe 5000 on cruisers
  4. he doesn't want to be a marine for the power factor but he does tend to like big explosions, the request just caught me on a frustrating day of learning a new system while running a game. in truth i'm being overly nice to my players this game myself and three other players have had some 2 years of terrible games under other gm's recently we were in a great one using the old alternity system but we had some changes and could no longer make the game, it was a bit of a blow to our gamer moral so this is meant to be a very easy and glory filled romp in space. He wants to be a marine cause they are the marines. the holy of the holy go kick ass in the name of the emperor angels of death. he doesn't care about being supped up and ripping the head off of a hive tyrant. he just wants the back story of a chapter and the weird organs. I took what a lot of you said and did the math. but in the end I had an evil thought so I have made him a full on marine with no starting xp. I will be only allowing rouge trader cs equipment. scout armor starting, no deathwatch skills or talents, no killing strike, no unarmed master, and depending on his chapter choice i may yank out a few organs. he is a fan of the white scars, salamanders and blood ravens. with that kind of power man in the unit now i can not feel bad when i hit them with a carnifex every now and then. also to bring the rest of the party in line i'm gonna give my non marines some serious bio enhancement. oh and he is so getting a major enemy (disgraced battle brother)
  5. wow your a bigot. do you get really angry at volkswagons too.
  6. ok good points. hadn't even looked at a space marines fate yet.
  7. so i started my first rouge trader game, with the third session coming up this Tuesday. I have been GMing games for over 20 years and i have run into all kinds of players and have several ways to deal with the different types. so here is my situation. I have a player that after a few intro sessions wants to be a space marine or nothing. (i know, i know) so i have decided to deal with him be giving him what he wants with a twist. I'm going to allow him to be one but i'm making him a lowly scout in exile. any tips on de-leveling a space marine down a few levels
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