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  1. I was trying to think of other witty quote mash ups until I realised I don't know any LOTR quotes >.<
  2. Ooh finally a dragon themed deck may be achievable...so excited The new dragons look Fierce, love the art for them. The new Dany art's a bit meh but she's a really great card, both this Dany and the Dany coming out in the next chapter pack will be quite formidable, which is a pleasant change because the core set Dany's not that exciting. Can't wait to see what new burn effects and attachments they'll come up with too, as well as the sort of strength the Unsullied will have.
  3. Hmph. I dunno what he'd Do with a dragon. Only Dany is allowed have them!
  4. I'm not actually blonde with purple eyes...
  5. *ahem* I'm in Dublin! We should go for cards & drinks sometime
  6. I agree. One can always use more dragons *faint longings of a viable dragon deck*...
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