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  1. In regard to the question about ship transport; no. The ship does not affect the size. The army you are moving through the ship does not stay with the ship, they only move through it. Your army marches from their starting location and then move to the final destination.
  2. This would make an excellent video game. No doubt about it. They could even make it so there would be cool little battle animations that took place during combat. Also, as long as there was a timer for each phase a game woulnt have to last too long.
  3. Is FFG going to have any sort of AGoT Board Game event at the Event Center? Right now there is a ton of enthusiasm for this game with my gaming group and I was hoping that FFG would have something going on. Has anyone heard of anything?
  4. If you have read the first book or seen the first season of the show (and really, who hasn't if you are playing this game?) its a spoiler free game. There are a good deal of unknown characters but other than that, its all good. In my group three of the players had only seen the show and they did not seem concerned with the content of the game.
  5. The next book will be out in two years, at best, probably five. So, FFG will have an expansion a year after that. You are looking at a solid four-five years waiting on that.
  6. Units such as Skeleton Archer and Bowmen get to "destroy an opposing unit." Who picks which unit is destoryed? Is it the player who played the card? Or the player who's unit is going to be destroyed? Thanks.
  7. Great work on the paint jobs. I like your laser troops, its looks like they have the xbox logo on their guns.
  8. Woot! $35! Thats all I gotta say. Well done on keeping the price point well within reason.
  9. The artists at FFG are top notch, they should produce an apparel line for a their most popular games. Something like what GW does with their shirts.
  10. DoctorDH

    Hero packs

    Yeah thats a good price if they cost the same as the Spec Ops squads.
  11. That papercraft is insane. I have a hard time just creating the 3D dust bunker walls. That landing craft looks incredible.
  12. Wow these are fantastic. I cannot wait. I really hope the price point isnt too rough. I like the idea of being able to transport troops inside of them but I would also like to see a fast dedicated transport (think Rhino). With armor 7 they really need to create some new anti-tank troops. Its too one sided if the only thing that can take out Heavies is other Heavies.
  13. DoctorDH

    Hero packs

    I agree. Its a great way to get some more models without having to buy the expansion sets. Any idea on price?
  14. Well done. I think it is safe to say that the original Joe model is one of the most hated of all the DT minis.
  15. Yikes that a pretty huge printing error. How did FFG miss that?
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