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  1. Just announcing that Call of Cthulhu the Card Game is finally available at Trade Cards Online. You can trade, buy and sell CoC cards there now. Please post here any suggestions on how to improve the site and make it more useful to players and collectors. Thanks a lot.
  2. Lord of the Rings CCG, the game that got me into the whirling world of collectible cards! **** you, JRRTolkien! Battlestar Galactica CCG, another game I got hooked on to but fortunately they discontinued it soon enough. huahaha!
  3. MarthWMaster said: Aww c'mon! Cthulhu is not evil. Nor is he good. Both "good" and "evil" are constructs of the feeble human imagination. They are incompatible with concepts as foreign to humanity as the Great Old Ones. WISE...! VERY WISE...!
  4. I loved it! Cthulhu looks great in comparison to those mere paper-cut humans! Favorite quote: Cartman: "Cthulhu, dude!"
  5. What about 'silence'? It is always there just before havoc is unleashed!...
  6. There is now a new way to play Call of Cthulhu online. The game has been added to Trade Cards Online so that we can now trade cards, write card reviews, build decks, and even play online. Please check it out and post here any comments or suggestions, specially if you think there is anything that can be improved. Thanks a lot.
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