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  1. I wonder whether someone could help me understand how the Forced effect on stage 1B of The Hunt for Gollum works with respect to the calculation of threat in the staging area. Entry 1.24 of the FAQ specifically addresses this card and explains, "Questing successfully and the physical placement of progress tokens are two separate game occurrences." The Forced effect therefore takes place before tokens are placed, but I am unsure whether the total threat in the staging area should then be recalculated before placing the tokens; entry 1.43 of the FAQ leads me to believe that it should be recalculated, but I note that at least one prominent member of the community does not play it so (https://hallofbeorn.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/beorns-path-part-8-playtesting-the-hunt-for-gollum/). To give an example, say that, in a solo game, I have committed 8 threat to the quest and after staging, there is 5 threat in the staging area. I have therefore quested successfully and the Forced effect resolves. If I then choose a card with 2 threat to reveal and add to the staging area, does its threat count against the number of tokens I place (i.e. do I place 3 tokens or 1)? How about if I choose The Old Ford, which has a threat of X where X is the number of ally cards in play, and I have four allies? There would then be 9 threat in the staging area against my 8; would I no longer have quested successfully, and would I need to increase my threat by one? Thank you for your help! Apologies for bringing up such an old quest: I only recently got into the game.
  2. Mighty Jim said: Hunt for Gollum isn't at my local store. Right now I'm starting to wonder if any of the expansions will ever reach the FFG radar blackspot that is the UK I ordered my copy of The Hunt for Gollum from Maelstrom Games in the UK (I'm in Australia), and they posted it on the 27th of June; I received it in the first week of July, well before the American release. Maybe try other stores to see whether it's just your local store that doesn't have it?
  3. Note that the rulebook contradicts what that announcement post says; to quote: "These quests take place during a timespan of 17 years: from when Bilbo celebrates his 111th birthday to days just prior to Frodo's leaving the Shire."
  4. Actually, in theory, you could play with more than four players if each player has only two heroes. The rulebook certainly doesn't support it, but if you're keen, you could always give it a shot and let us know how it goes.
  5. Personally, I feel that Thalin wouldn't deal any damage in this situation, based on some subtle wording. His text reads that he deals damage as cards are revealed by the encounter deck, but the card text of "Don't Leave The Path!" says that the player adds the Spider card to the staging area. I would interpret it that the encounter deck is not revealing the card as it would usually do, but rather the player is intervening and hence, in a way, is the one doing the revealing. Maybe I'm trying to read too much into it, but that's how it would seem to work out for me.
  6. That is absolutely brilliant; I wonder whether FFG will release some kind of compilation of the artwork for the cards.
  7. From what little we've seen of the cards, I'd hazard a guess that Tactics/Leadership decks and Lore/Spirit decks might have difficulty questing and in combat, respectively, but hopefully they'll still be viable. I think, though, that this could be counter-balanced with cards like Steward of Gondor, in that hopefully you're able to generate enough resources to offset the weaknesses of your combination of spheres.
  8. Looks brilliant, Darksbane; I'm sure it will prove of great use to those of us who have no experience with card games (for example, me). The only thing I'd point out is that the Cost/Willpower/Attack/Defence/Hit Points graph on the deck page looks a bit difficult to read clearly, but it may very well just be me.
  9. Is anyone able to make out the title/text of the card to Bilbo's right?
  10. An image of Haldir's card, for those who are interested:
  11. I saw both of them at around the four minute mark in the fourth video. As for the Hummerhorns, I wonder whether there is something to be noted in that it reads "After Hummerhorns engages you"; that is, maybe the effect doesn't come into play if you decide to engage the Hummerhorns voluntarily, as opposed to them engaging you because of the threat cost.
  12. In that same video, you can see two new enemy cards. The first is "Cavern Guardian" (8 threat cost, 2 threat, 2 attack, 1 defence, 2 health), whose trait is 'Undead' and who has a keyword 'Doomed 1'. Its shadow effect is that you must discard one attachment you control (discarded objectives are returned to the staging area). If the attack is undefended, you must discard all attachments. It seems to be a part of the Escape from Dol Guldur scenario. The second is "Misty Mountain Goblins" (15 threat cost, 2 threat, 2 attack, 1 defence, 3 health), whose traits are 'Goblin, Orc' and who has a card text reading 'Forced: After Misty Mountain Goblins attack, remove one progress token from the current quest'. Its shadow effect is to remove one progress token from the current quest, or three is the attack is undefended. Ouch. It looks to be a part of the Journey down the River Anduin scenario.
  13. Dam said: Exhausting Legolas the other way freaked me out. Or maybe there's something to be read between the lines about dwarves going one way, elves going another way . I do have to say, I love that every thread seems to have at least one joke at Legolas' (or Legolarz', as per the video) expense.
  14. micheni said: maybe you need double encounter cards for 4 players game? I wouldn't think so, as when the encounter deck runs out, you just reshuffle its discard pile and use that.
  15. Dam said: servant of the secret fire said: One dwarf is enough and we allready have three. Need at least 13 . Bombur just plain rocks! What would his special card text be? "At the beginning of every turn, exhaust Bombur. If the active location is Enchanted Stream, exhaust two other characters in play as well."
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