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  1. It's good to come back some years after seeing what they were doing with the new edition and telling people that trading the beloved system that lasted successfully for four editions and 20 years for a poorly tested mess of a system just to sell special dice would not work, just to be yelled out of the forums for "not being supportive", that behold! The new shoddy system broke the RPG and removed players interest from it. Rest in peace, L5R RPG. Here's hoping some company will bring you back with some respect for you in the future.
  2. I do realize I am a tad late for the conversation, having returned here just out of a morbid curiosity about how terribly this game is going, but I will take the chance to, instead of attempting to invent excuses to sell you this game, just warn you to quietly back way from this trainwreck of a system and go back to playing the older editions. ^^
  3. Marshzd, I have read it, and I actually do not hate the idea behind it. But D10s and the R&K have been literally the foundation upon which the entire system was built, since the 1st edition. It's like rebuilding D&D with GURP's 3d6s system.
  4. No D10s. Sadly, I'm not surprised, but still managed to be disappointed. Basically, this will be D&D 4th Ed. all over again. Ironically, I'll go back to my L5R 4th Ed.
  5. So, I have just fast-read most of the beta rules, and I have one main question, which I believe will be the focus of the discussion here: Why have you abandoned the D10 Roll & Keep system??? After all the high talk about respecting the setting and system, you have basically went against all you said and flushed one of the foundations and best aspects of the game down the drain. Will there be an explation for this gross mistake and, more importantly, is there still time to fix it and actually, as you had promised, respect the franchise?
  6. Although I mentioned above how much I liked the story, my RPG group pointed out something, which really bothered me: the whitewashing. Although the art is beautiful, Hotaru doesn't look asian at all. Give her a cutlass and she can freely go from Rokugan to the 7th Sea. I seriously hope that this won't be the new standard for L5R art. Despite its beauty, it's the kind of thing that can quickly remove all the immersion from the setting.
  7. Well, I have just read the story and I have to say: you are forgiven for changing Hoturi for Hotaru.
  8. I smile as Cade moves up the ladder. "Good soldier", I think. Well, time to work on the trigger. [i Roll init: 5+3 = 8]
  9. Well, now I know how my next Dodge action is going to look like!
  10. The problem is time. We can't stand here disarming it knowing that the guys are either close enough to attack us or running away. But I digress, I think it's Cade's decision to do what I told him to or to disagree... Wow, those are some tense seconds happening there!
  11. "Mover over it and take a firing position, Cade, I'll handle this." Assuming Cade doesn't manage to blow himself up, I disarm the mine and - of course! - fetch the grenade. [Roll 28. With int 32, that's 3 DoS]
  12. Would there be any problem with just avoiding it? BTW, I'm assuming it's rigged to detonate a grenade or land mine, am I correct?
  13. Gaunt, How long would it take me? Just a flick of a knife or is it a complex action?
  14. That's why I wanted Cade to scan the area. As he is on higher ground, he is able to have a good look up there, while I check down, with Dammek giving us support. Note that it is only a very quick look, so that after it Cade can move up, cover me and we may either move on or I'll release the trigger.
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