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  1. Just a bit of fun. What I love about SWL is that nothing is useless and everything can be good. However, in the reality of competitive list building somethings seem better value across a range of list than others. 6x Z6 troopers is hard to beat competitively on price. *New units - I’m unsure because haven’t played them. Tier 1 – biggest bang for your points Z-6 troopers Luke Leia *Sabine Wren *Tauntaun DLT Storm Troopers Veers Boda fett Speeder bikes Tier 2 – A good deal Commando Snipers Han Chewie AT-RTs Wookies *Rebel Veterans Scout Snipers Snow troopers E-Web *Krennic Tier 3 – These cost me for the value they bring Jyn Path Finders Commando’s FD Cannon *X-34 landspeeder Vader Palp Royal Guard Fleet Troopers AT ST *TX-225 Assault tank *Death Troopers Tier 4 – struggling to justify their points Scouts AT-47 Ion Weapons (only because vehicles are not a enough of a threat to get these, if they did they are probably over powered) views?
  2. Hi FFG hive mind I assume you can have multiple officers leading different units ? Could you have two officers as commanders? I won an extra set of scouts - probably use the 3 minis for strike teams - that leaves 4 minis. I'm not a fan of the normal scout unit, but feels a bit of a waste. I'm thinking of using some these as custom officers - Although i'll buy 2 or 3 specialists so I have the cards and droids etc.... having multiple officers just wont look right out of the box. Cut the heads off the scouts, use 3rd party heads, paint a bit like IA infiltrators. I think they will look the part. 2 questions Do you think according to the rules these models will be acceptable as replacement officers in organised play. Any suggestions for heads.
  3. I think im right. Its hard to tell, but I think its the personal upgrade type (not heavy weapon). It doesn't say replace just add and it becomes, presumably your unit leader turn into your spare normal trooper. I assume that you could use the card on one unit leader with unit leader model and have the commander as well. Its basically the addition action that snow troopers will get that makes this so good because they are harder to suppress. This makes it better than use a cheap second commander.
  4. Its not the generic commander thats the issue, its the ability to use them as unit leaders. I really like the fact that we have two new character models. I want the releases to be a mix of classic and new to keep things fresh and enable new battles, plots, stories etc... I also really love the box sets enabling the buffering of existing units, in principle. However will unit leaders be OP, or at least the best thing to do? The problem for me is the unit leader. Its a problem for 2 reasons. 1) the sculpts don't lend themselves to multiples. specifically the rebel one. it will look odd with that sculpt at the lead of multiple units that could also be different. e.g. leading a unit of rebel troopers and next to them leading a unit of fleet troopers. As a one of commander who would be played as a back-line support unit, he would look ok, but multiples. I really wish the kits would come with a few alternative heads or arms and allow some variety. I was very disappointed with the rebel troopers. I play miniature games because, well I like to create scenes that look like the type of things you may see in a movie. They are not even that easy to mod. 2) the biggest potential issue is the game play. I may be wrong here. Not play tested, but multiples of these guys actually feels the most points effective thing to do. The problem with core is that they are easily effected by suppression. You need a commander to keep them from panicking. You take a Vader only army and Vader dies because, well you need him out front killing stuff and that puts him in harms way, watch your army start to panic. Its why Leia & Luke works so well. Take Snow Troopers, my understanding is that you take to 20 point leader instead of the 12 point additional model. So the unit leader is actually an 8 pt upgrade card that grants inspire 1 and plus 1 courage (i.e. to 2) with the condition you take an extra guy. That's a bloody good upgrade card. Here the problem - lets say I want to field 3 core snow troopers (the rest are not core in the army for this example). My best option to to buy 3 unit leaders. Its 60 points, but actually its only 24 points, because 36 points is the 3 extra troopers (i.e. 3 extra guys). So its a 50 point commander and 3 units of snow-troopers without extra guy vs 60 point unit leaders that grant additional guy. However with individual unit leaders the snow troopers are much better than they would be if buffered by the unit leader. You have 3 units of snow-troopers who have courage 2, they are now far less likely to lose an action because of suppression and the 1st suppression is actually a benefit because it grants cover. They also have inspire 3 among them, improving the 2 action activation chance further. Snow troopers are suddenly much better. If you want to get to the price of veers you can take 4.5 officers, buffering 4.5 core units or even specials. Amazing!! Or have I got this wrong.
  5. Q4 2018! lol FFG are so bad at managing releases. Even they don't know. I wish this was true. What do the big gun things behind say? Q3 2018 or Q1 2019 - I can't tell.
  6. I love them (maybe not the imp sculpt, but that is a personal thing) I think that the real issue is around the role the commander plays in the game. Vader, Luke and Probably the Emperor (I say probably as I've not seen him played yet for obvious reasons) are killing machines in their own right. They occupy a different role from generic officer. They stand and fall on the effectiveness of their cost vs their killing and game winning potential. The Q is are they cost effective vs infantry spam. This would still be the Q even if Generic officer didn't exist. Its really Leia and Veers as back line support commanders thats the Q. Generic commanders occupy the same space in terms of role. Infantry morale and unit buffering. The Generic commanders are basically Leia and Veers lite. Is Leia worth an extra 40 pts (= 4 reb squad unit)? I agree that it maybe that it could be no in most cases, but until this is play tested across many games its hard to tell.
  7. ok, so its raining and I have a bad cold. So thought what the **** ill look into this legion thing and figure out if I should buy. Rules look great. Mini's are much better than IA. Love Armada (I have everything and play regular) and X-wing. Bored with GW's bland and boring game system for 40k and AOS?. Concerned that the games range will be too limited to be interesting for many miniature fans in the med to long term! Concerned lack of variety in games will result in limited retention of many gamers. Would you like to play my empire list - its basically the same as last time, but now with a slightly different storm trooper type? Concerned that Star Wars obsessional fan's (Sorry you know who you are - that's not canonical, i only want stuff only from the films otherwise I quite) will suffocate the games variety and FFG will be resistant to get new stuff out (A mix of new and old designs) that may keep normal miniature gamers happy and allow the game to expand and remain fresh. 2 factions may not be enough for a game that wants to be around for longer than a few years and wants to grab and retain players from other systems? My concerns may be invalid - i'm undecided. So what do I expect. Certainly no Prequel stuff (I'd be happy - but it ain't going to happen from FFG). The sequels? (Maybe but they are just the same stuff as Galactic Civil war stuff - The sequels are only remarkable in that they are totally un-remarkable copy of the original films with more rubbish characters and storyline - what a massive missed opportunity Disney!!) That leaves 3 original, rogue one and Rebels tv plus any new films like solo I guess. If FFG are conservative and canonical, here is what I think we can expect over the next 2 years (If Disney gives us nothing new in the next couple of films). Released / Previewed = x Infantry Pack Storm troopers x Rebel Troopers x Infantry Pack Snow troopers x Hoth Troopers Infantry Pack Jetpack storm troopers Jet Pack Rebel Troopers Infantry Pack Elite Stormtroopers (Death Troopers) Rebel Elite unit Infantry Pack Officer / fleet troops Fleet Pack x Infantry Pack Scout/infiltrator pack Commandos x Infantry Pack Probe Droids C2PO and RD2 Hero Lord Vadar x Luke Sky Walker Hero Commander (Gen Veers) Leia Hero Storm Trooper (Captain) Han Solo Hero Imperial agent Chewie Hero Admiral (Thrawn?) lando calrissian Vehicle / other large tripod gun P-Tower (saucer gun) Vehicle / other large AT-ST x AT RT x Vehicle / other large Speeder Bikes (Scots) x Speeder Bikes (rebs) Vehicle / other large Assault tank / transporter Light hover tank (Converted land speeder with tripod gun attachment) Vehicle / other large Light Tie Fighter (Inquisitor?) T-47 Air Speeder x Neutral Hoth Laser Turret terrain pack Endor Bunker terrain Pack Yep - i think 18 months to get these out, if not 2 years. FFG are not quick. Would I be happy with this release schedule? Would it have the variety to justify how much it would be to buy it all? Im not 100% convinced for many it will be? Other stuff which I think may come later, but FFG will not prioritize. It becomes very difficult for the Rebels without lots of hero sets. Vehicle / other large X-Wing (Epic version of game) Tie Fighter (Epic version of Game) Vehicle / other large Storm troopers on dewback TaunTaun Vehicle / other large AT-AP ? (Captured vehicle) Vehicle / other large Imperial Patrol Transport ? (Captured vehicle) Infantry Sharif Storm Troopers Wookie's Infantry Royal Guard Ewoks? Infantry Military Droids (K2SO) Hero's from Rogue one Hero Inquistor Hero's from Rebels? Hero Darth Maul Ben? Hero The Emperor Yoda ?
  8. It's not quite right, but I'm trying to keep lots of bombers. I'd love the great crazy armada fan base to make any suggestions. Garm 4 y 2 h6 Faction: Rebel Alliance Points: 400/400 Commander: Garm Bel Iblis Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Contested Outpost Navigation Objective: Superior Positions Nebulon-B Support Refit (51 points) - Lando Callriassian ( 4 points) - Slaved Turrets ( 6 points) [ flagship ] Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points) - Garm Bel Iblis ( 25 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Enhanced Armament ( 10 points) Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - XI7 Turbolasers ( 6 points) 2 HWK-290s ( 24 points) 2 Scurrg H-6 Bombers ( 32 points) 4 Y-Wing Squadrons ( 40 points) 2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points)
  9. Thanks guys for your response. My negativity is passing, I've made a real effort to play this game a lot because I see the potential. I've avoided vassal because I'm surrounded by several clubs within 30 miles and thus I pretty much get a couple of games a week in. On a recount it may be closer to 60, but I've attended several tournaments. Wave 2 tournament season is starting in full swing. Or maybe I just need to play another game for a bit lol. I guess players better than me (and those I play against who I respect a lot) need to explain the other list that work. Hopefully I'll see other talented players show me these other competitive lists. My complaint is about competitive play, not variety of play. I'd love to see a game were a well flown Ackbar mobile (not conga) is beaten. Any examples?
  10. Edit : I can't edit the title and its missed off a section. Should say ,and I don't think I'm alone. I'm sticking with the game out sheer determination to make it work. I love the theme and what the game does well, it does really well. The range of ships, upgrades and squadrons is brilliant. I love fleet building and I love the love the ffg design team have given this games options. It puts other games to shame and continues the high quality of x wing. I just wished they had play tested more. I have a problem and after playing some 80 odd games, it's not going away. I hoped wave 2 would help, but after some 20 odd games it's not. I want this feeling to go away because when armada is fun, it's really fun. I'm also struggling with the fact that a lot of other players say the same thing about armada and its struggling to get the attention it deserves. I can't convince new players who quickly point out the games issues, that they aren't problems with the game when I can't convince myself. X wing is still king and most players are going back to it as there only Star Wars game. I think an x wing player friend hit the nail on the head at an Armada tournament. 'I'm really trying to convince myself that this is fun' I think the basic game is a bit slow and can be surprising uneventful if two players pass each other and then move out of range. (After all round 1 and commonly round 2 are used mainly just move close enough to shoot each other) I think wave 2 is helping with more points, boosted comms and bigger ships, although it's not solving the issue. in 6 turns you can quite easily spend two hours moving towards each other passing and exchanging fire and then running away. And the game doesn't really have an answer to running away. What has worked and is fun is this - lists that contain a variety of different ships, squadrons and upgrades with a random mission card that encourages fleet engagement. These are great fun both from a competitive game perspective and theatrical setting. But they aren't tournament competitive. This game is not balanced. I have pounded and destroyed balanced variety list with great ease to the point I've started apologising for winning. I've got bored of winning. I'm not the worlds best player, but I've won a few tournaments and I probably played this game competitively far more than most. But I'm only average at other games. The thing is, that when I play an opponent and I take a balanced variety list ( a nice mix of ships, squadrons and upgrade cards) and I give advice with their power lists (because I've played a lot) I'm really struggling to win, in fact it's frustrating difficult to win. It's not me that's good, it's the list. And the lists that do well in this game are boring. Armada suffers from an age old war game problem with free game builder systems. Over exploit one aspect of the game. Variety doesn't pay. Its was a problem in fantasy battles for example but I really don't think the solution is the age of sigmar approach of tossing competitive play out the window and just not bothering anymore. I have far more respect for ffg than gw. Let's start with the worst but now very common lists. However after analysing and thinking it over for far more hours than I should, the game is not a million miles from actually being competitive and fixed. i think a few changes would make a massive difference. The 2 biggest issues are actually with the rebels. Arkbar highly mobile gun lines. This in my opinion is almost going to ruin this game for many players. In the hands of someone who can nativgate AF s and CRs these will easily beat 90% of lists with long range firing. 4 AF with gunnery teams are highly effective, but boring as hell. Invest too much in squadrons and these guys have far less ships to get through before your squadrons go puff into thin air. The carrier ships required to make the slow squadrons competitive go down too easily. The mobile smaller ships that can get away are no good at activating squadrons. And raiders/victories, don't make me laugh. I might as well just hand over the points. All ship rebel list with an A wing swarm. The easy answer to 90% of empire list that bother to take squadrons and are quick enough to actually be useful against empire ships. But the real problem is this. The answer to the empires superior ships should be balanced by effective rebel bombers. A swarm of bombers (and the Rebs have a nice selection) should take down an unprotected star destroyer forcing the imp play to really consider the importance of a fighter screen. In reality good manvouring is that that is required because empire ships can just fly away. Imps Empire heavy all ship lists. The problem that dogged wave 1 but has been lessened. However this has been achieved via Ackbar. With out Ackbar 3ISD are a boring yet highly effective solution to most rebel lists. Demolisher is still the best if ackbars not around. But demolished is actually fun to play. Maybe if his ability was not so unquie amongst ships. RHYMER ball/fire ball. Not as bad as Ackbar and not as boring as a heavy imp list this just over exploits a particular ability way above the effectiveness of other imperial squadron combinations. It's makes the rebel bombers look even more ineffective. How boring to think that you need 4 fire sprays and dangar when we have all those other ships to use. What I think is needed. Faq Ackbar. I agree with a commander that can improve firepower, but he is not far from ruining the competitive scene. He really will put off all but the most experienced imp player from returning. Make rebel bombers better, it's not ackbars red dice that the Rebs need to compensate for less fire power and hit points, but improved bombers that can terrorise unprotected imp SDs. They need to be much more effective at chasing down unprotected ships and doing real harm. Not just chipping away. This in turn would force imp fighter counter lists making for much more variety. Why are they so slow? In the films they are flying all over the bigger ships. Could the answer be that bombers can engage ships and actually stay with them. Maybe only at speed 4 should they get away or with engine tech. Or can we just provide abilities to make them faster. Squadrons are already penalised by 1) limitations on points you can take 2) inability to hold objectives 3) auto die if all your ships are destroyed 4) having to use squadron activation commands. The ability to provide rogue upgrade cards for squadrons. After all the x-wings of a new hope didn't need a command ship to take the Death Star out. Improve small ships for reb list and imp lists with better at anti squadron, to give them more of a role in protecting big ships. Give more ships the ability to move and shot to help speed up the game and provide more options. This should be limited as shooting first and then moving should remain the most effective. E.g. An upgrade card that allowed small ships to move and shoot, but only if they shot once. Or even a card for SDs or MCs that gave reduced armament after movement. Again limited to prevent swarm abuse. Of the 3 mission cards selected I think the first player should randomly select to induce more variety. This really helps stop the same bloody cards. Ideally the game would massively benefit from a cap of no more than 2 ships of the same type or 4 squadrons. I understand why ffg wouldn't to do this, so I think more named cards that are unique or limited upgrade cards (say some cards are limited to 1 per 200 pts would really help). In summary Faq Ackbar Improve rebel bombers instead of red dice as the balance to imp ships. A helping hand to other fighters would not go a miss. Improve small ship anti squadron to provide better big ship protection role. Inject limited number of move and shot abilities to help speed up the game More named cards and limited qty's on upgrades to support variety. Random mission selection from 3 to open mission selection up. This doesn't sound like much, but it's an all too common observation and compliant. Die hard fans may disagree, but I think most less invested players wouldn't and they are simply not playing this as a result compared to other games (x wing in particular) The game is far from doomed, but to be a real success I just feel it has some underlying issues that can make armada, well bit boring at a competitive level.
  11. Well thank you for your post - I've just had a read. I'm very much learning this game, but have another 6 games to play at 400 pts over the next week against 3 opponents lined up. I'm not totally inexperienced, I must have played 50 + games at Wave 1 and had 10 games had wave 2 level. Your right about no squadrons, so list 2 is this. its a build to handle both lists that I'm trying to work at. SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 UPGRADES PTS Admiral Ackbar 38 Gunnery Team7 Boosted Comms4 Electronic Countermeasures7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 138 SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 UPGRADES PTS Gunnery Team7 Boosted Comms4 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 93 SHIP: MC30c Scout Frigate 69 UPGRADES PTS Gunnery Team7 Assault Concussion Missiles7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 93 SHIP: A-wing Squadron 11 SHIP: A-wing Squadron 11 SHIP: A-wing Squadron 11 SHIP: A-wing Squadron 11 SHIP: B-wing Squadron 14 SHIP: B-wing Squadron 14 Total = 396 Objectives 0 UPGRADES PTS Advanced Gunnery 0 Hyperspace Assault 0 Minefields So far the Victory has basically been great - great that is for the rebels as a great way of scoring easy points. Its totally outclassed and has basically being completely ineffective in every game its been used against Ackbar list. Its outgunned and out maneuvered (its also worth noting that not all games have been against Ackbar a couple of bomber command games using Mc80 carrier and multiple bomber/fighters has shown the Vic to be less than useful). The empire lists that have worked have been boxers - 1 ISD 2 and 3 GSD with Con Missiles (inc Dem) or 2 ISD 2's and Dem, each with a couple of fighters. Tactic fly at Mc80 and box it and kill it. The Empire take a beating, but can just do enough. However its the Mc80's size and maneuverability that allows the empire to do this. I not sure its so easy against a AF2, a skilled pilot can keep them away of medium/close range. I'm interested to find out. So higher Emp bomber lists are still to be tried. I've got another 6 games to see, i'll provide my findings.
  12. Hello all, I never post, but think I need help. I love this game (as well as x-wing) playing both nearly every week. I'm lucky enough to have won some wave 2 stuff and play others who have won stuff too. Wave 2 is great and so far played about 10 games of 400 pts wave 2, so just getting the new units and understanding how they work. Ackbar is good (too good?), but so far all games have played him on the Mc80, which has major weaknesses (Lack of Gunnery team, Slow and poor movement, large base). Don't get me wrong Mc80 is far from ineffective, it is a ship of strengths and weaknesses and fits well into the game. However I will be playing with and against the following this week. I want to understand from the great Armada fan base what suggestions people have to beat this list with Empire. So thoughts. SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 Admiral Ackbar 38 Gunnery Team7 Electronic Countermeasures7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 134 SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 Gunnery Team7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 89 SHIP: Assault Frigate Mark II B 72 Gunnery Team7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 89 SHIP: MC30c Scout Frigate 69 Gunnery Team7 Enhanced Armament 10 Total Points: 86 = 398
  13. I'm think they may come in Dust warfare. Something needs to fill the book! However army structures become more important in unit activation games and as far as I know DW will be army activation (for reasons beyond my comprehension). Generally the points values seem to work well. Only a few of the units appear to not worth taking (most are priced really well) . However with all activation games you can get a significant advantage by have long card decks. Thus you can break the game buy fielding lots and lots of very cheap infanttry and then having elites at the bottom of your deck. Underpowered units include LIGHT ASSAULT WALKER ''HONEY'' LIGHT PANZER WALKER ''HERMANN'' MEDIUM PANZER WALKER ''LUTHER'' AXIS GORILLAS (Without Marcus)
  14. Does anyone remember Operation Paperclip (OP), Operation downfall (OD) and operation Harpoon (OH). Once I got my head around a ww2 game with Mechs (it was fairly easy as an ex at-43 player) I got the core set. I was very impressed with the orginal core set (Its was like two army boxes in one! and contained what I considered all the basics to build upon a new and interesting alternative world) - our group was very surprised to see at the back of a rule book a section called THE FIGHT GOES ON SECTION. After the Cyclone - adds more basic units to pad your Axis and Allies army we were told of - OP - A terrifying castle in the heart of Germany. - OD - Vrill expansion - OH - This expansion will allow you to play the aircraft provided in the box. These powerful vehicles can ravage the battlefield in one pass. Things change and to my (and our groups) disappointment - the German Castle was scrapped. Seelowe got both zombies/Apes and the next generation of solidiers promised in the seelowe description. Then things completely changed. The revised core set came out expanding on Seelowe from a story point of view and Heavy walkers ( never mentioned ) came out. Not that thats a bad thing. We have seen lots of great things. But I'm starting to feel a little under whelmed by the diversity of the dust world and the the story development. Not thats time to pack up and give up. The models are great and are ready to play (and the Premium models are the best in the industry - by a mile). I look at other games e.g. SOTR and although they have a world that seem much more developed with a greater diversity of units and effects - the models don't compare (Largely because they are metal blister packs (Which need painting or look terrible) and the moulding is not as clear, well defined or realistic looking as DT) So whats your point. The Russians models - AK-47 and troops look great - as to be expected. We have a helicopter which is not alternative - except they were not really used in the major battles of ww2 and came later. But its seem a bit plain jane. I was always looking forward to the German castle expansion because it apppeared to offer a world of mad scientists and de-ranged experiments. Should Dust tactics be more alternative in the sci-fi/horror/ideology sense or is it an alternative world (ww2/early cold war) with just Mechs and a couple of new techologies (lasers/phases etc..). Should we see (ramdon brain storm) More Zombie types (we only have little zombies currently) A dark German Castle with mad deranged experiements. Psych powers Genetically made humans troops (this is how I understand the German heavy troopers to be) Vrill tripods towering over the battle fields Russian cloning facilities Gentically enhanced guard dogs. Etc.. Or do people want this to basically stay a ww2/early coldwar military game (with mechs and a couple of new tec weapons like - lasers). Just interested in view?
  15. WOW just WOW Just into 2012 and what a surprise. Worst Miniture of 2012 and its only the 3rd week. The good thing is that my 3 year old Newphew has a bath toy helicopter and its very similar in design. Granted it would need painting and the toy helicopter wings are more fat. But the toy will be alot cheaper. Although alot of people seem excited - this is worse than I feared. Our group knew that the SSU was going to be under whelming. They should have been released mid last year before the other factions got some much stuff out. The troops are ok (just basic stuff you need to pad your SSU force out), the paint job is remarkable for branding the SSU to look like the allies (With the exception of the Chinese Volunteers - who look 1960/70s). The KV-47 are nice (but already known about) and will also be required to pad out your army. The real debate was - to make the SSU different FFG would need to pull something out of the bag (beacuse most standard units were going to be basicallly slight varitaions of the German and allies troops already out). The transport is a good idea, but its got to be the worst looking model ever released and totally out of character for the game. Zombie hordes attack Starlingard and toy helicopters (that look more Vietnam and ww2) circle above. God I hope that don't release these for the Germans and Allies. I want Alternative second World war (Mechs, Zombies, Aliens etc..) but not a ww2 that had helicopters flying around.
  16. Hi all, Anyone interested in a dust Tournment in Northampton England? My LGS owner asked me if anyone would be interested? So any interest?
  17. Hi, Any you uk player want a fury of Ivan with Card. I have put one up for sale on ebay. Cheers
  18. I totally agree. I think this will happen - the campaignes are designed to be playered with the units that accompany them. Although back playing missions using models from further expansions will be fun - I think we will find missions that are now weighted heavly in favour of certain new units. Your example is Text book. (I also think that Heroic attack is a bit too power full for a unit that can fly 4 and where a lot of missions require you to capture an objective square)
  19. My fear was that this would happen. It actually makes me angry because its careless. Here we have 2 zombie/genetic hero's for the axis. A great opportunity to take the game forward into the dark recesses of the deranged minds behind Blutkreuz. With so many hero's for a board game war game you get the feeling that what should have happened, is not. I get the feeling that these models were made in prototype a couple of years ago for the AEG castle based expansion that have never seen the light of day. The great thing about dust tactics was that with boxed sets expansions it expands the universe, introduces story based campaigns that allows new hero characters to enter (story based campaign games that use a new hero as a key part of the story and purpose of the mission – whatever happened to this idea) and brings new environments through the tiles. I was really disappointed to see no further expansions announced at Gen con (unless I missed something). It kinda of feels like a bit of an offloading exercise in light of warfare coming out. (Don’t get me wrong I see Warfare as a positive step expanding the world and player base, but it needs to run parallel with the campaign based boardgame). What we get is a card who's basic stats are - erm just make something up. Don’t make them too rubbish - they have to be better than the old hero’s. Make sure they can damage walkers. Oh ok - 4/1 against a medium - yep that will do. I do really like the models. But they don’t really add much as just additional miniatures
  20. I agree that this is alternative WW2 thus its sci Fi feel should match the source material. To your point it does appear that some of the new stuff is a bit hi-tec looking - more AT-43 than AWW2. Don't get me wrong love AT-43 world and I like the new dust models - but I would rather they were more ermm....primitive looking. Experimental - not quite perfected. Basically alien techology meets the limitations of 1940's. Basically I agree - however this is an alternative reality. There seems to be a number of players who want this to be basically a second world war miniture game, but with walking tanks? I do find this odd. This is fundamentalyl a sci-fi game - just WW2 influenced so expect all things we have had and more. Personally I can't wait for the Vrill and more crazied German genetics stuff.
  21. Peace maker - I meant peacekeeper. And cost means cost in points. If lara was 35 points - it would be a difficult decision. But at 20 you will always take her.
  22. The Lara Model is great (You can't beat the style)- yep fine example of power creep. This was going to happen - lets face it how many different balanced units can you make for a game with rules this simple. My concern is cost. She is a hero, but if we start to see power creep in units and they cost the same then the game becomes power play and thats no fun. Who ever can affford multiples of the latest power unit wins (pure power play). It sells models, but destroys the game ultimately (it along with other things totally killled at-43 - which unless you house rule is basically unplayable). The zombie card is another good example of power creep. They are basically the monkey's just much better for your points. (thats right folks 20 Dice against infanty type 2 and 10 against tanks type 4) Dont get me wrong I love them and they help balance out the game as a single supporting unit (how we play is 1 unit of each type allowed) as the germans are the under dogs at the mo stats wise (They are also a terriffying unit that the allied play has to stop at all costs - they will be great fun in sealowe). But if you got lots and lots of these - well it kinda unbalances the game. I agree with Peace maker - some sort of army structure system is required. One that allows different army build list for different campaigns and avoid the game becoming all about power play. Oh - and whats a panzer killer that so upsetting. What Parente done? I'm confused?
  23. Love this. Great to see the gaming grow from strenght to strenght. - The background is fantastic. I hope its the start of more. - Agree with Loophole with the disappointment with the change to charge. I love the base set - the out of the box armies are balanced , but in my gaming group we have come to the conclusion two minor changes were needed to balance 1) Hero's can't join BBQ squards. We play this and it really helps balance. 2) The Luther is a bit under powered (you would always take a second Ludwig instead) and the charge ability could have been upgraded to make this a better unit. Auto re-rolls on the claw attack would make it a scary tank even for another tank to approach or even giving the Luther fast. This change makes the Luther an even less likely choice. - Love the fact that this expansion makes the units different and very happy that phaser is not the same as laser. Cyclone having all troops types are being identical - although good for balancing was hardly an interesting development for the sidesA fear that both armies would continue to be very similar has not been realised. - A another concern is the Apes - I would love a random squard of apes, but without the ape hero they are going to die very quickly. Its bad enough that their are only 3 of them and armour 3 is only very slightly better than 2 (it only reduces multi-shot weapons), but when the apes attack they can be attacked back.(the standard solider squard has 5 return dice against an attack) I guess they do have 12 dice against infantry and 6 against tanks and they are less points than BBQ squard. But I do wish they would have been a bit tougher for the story side. I want the allies (who are the from our games are the slightly better of the two sides) to fear the apes. They absorb bullet after bullet before finally been taken down. But they are more of a once or twice use suicide squard. Against a Gunners squard (without UGL) roll 5 Dice against standard infantry (inc bazooka). Against Apes 5 Dice, but there is only three of them!. Rangers alittle better 7 Dice vs 5 Dice against apes, but again only 3 apes so you hitting much less. Against Grim Reapers DEAD DEAD DEAD. No Match. 9 Dice at range. At close combat so like for like. Grims have 12 Dice (3 from gun and 1 from power punch) against Apes - apes have 6 back. At range 1 no match at range 4 no match in any sense of the word. Slight Concerned that the allies will continue to grow in strenght. Would have liked apes to have been more points and tougher with multiple health points each. Have to wait for the zombie rules vs tank buster to see howv they fair. (this is based upon the leaked stat's cards) But I'm being critical because actually as a miniture game is simple and fun and really needs to remain balanced to remain good. -
  24. Totaly agree. This game really needs to expand the story line element. Its alternative WW2 and it needs padding to get people into the universe. The game is simple and based upon lots a rapid play games in a campaign mode. It really needs the story element to keep the campaign going. The starter set campaign is fun, but it under sells it potential. Its a bit plain jane as is the cyclone expansion. Its the world of aliens, zombies and Nazi's (or ex Nazi's), a bit more in mistery, missing scientists and terrible secrets weapons.
  25. I played as part of a small group in the uk (ex AT-43 players). Does anyone else in the uk actually play this game (and use the forum as if to state the obvious)? Are there any events being arranged?
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