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  1. Hi, this app is available worldwide but is designed only for iPad. Primary app purpose was to replace game sheets and iPhones is too small for this. Hejki
  2. New versions contains some custom Investigators and Ancient Ones from community and more comming.
  3. Minor version update with two fixes. Repair Gloria Goldberg's speed/sneak stats Fix missing rules on older iOS versions
  4. New version is available, check the AppStore. Application now contains: Herald, Guardian and Institution cards Investigator Personal Story cards Random selection of Investigators for the game
  5. New version is available, check the AppStore. Application now preserve its state across launches. Some bug fixes Selected options on players reference sheet are now more visible Content of rules was wider on older versions of iOS Ability text for Lily Chen investigator was formatted to fit with selector for more players
  6. Hi guys, me and my team developed app for iOS. We call it Game Assistant for Arkham Horror. It help you with playing, so you'r tokens will not fall down from game sheets any more. We will be really happy if you can try the app and write us review. We still developing it. So we will add new features. For more information check our website or AppStore directly.
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