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  1. Hi Is it posible to move an item two spaces in one week. By having two lieutenants one step apart. Then have the first move to the other with the item (ie. sunstone) then had it over to the other lieutenant and have him move it once. With Kratz it works well as he can move two steps without an item. Seccond question: If we have just gotten to gold level and I have the monster categorys in silver. Can I upgrade one category first to gold then to diamond, without upgrading the others to gold. Third question: Can the hero party move into a city where a lieutenant is standing without engaging him.
  2. or try ebay.com ------------------------------------>
  3. Hi When the campaign changes from bronze to silver do all the monsters automaticaly upgrade to silver level or can you have bronze monsters i a gold level? In other words, do the overloard allways have to upgrade his monsters?
  4. Well we played last night, we are playing RTL in silver now. And there was a lot of questions, so we agreed to find out til next time. Does the water in encounters work the same way as in dungeons? If there is a corridor of 2 spaces and one hero is filling one of the two spaces can a large monster filling 4 spaces walk past him? Or does he block its way? If you have a troll with the bash ability, can you choose not to use the skill, but still use the black dices? And what if you have something that gives him ekstra black dices another way, what happens on blanks? The heroes can get web weapons. How does web work on monsters, sience they dont have traits? And on large monsters? What about the if a monster is webed by a hero on gueard? Does he stop there or can he roll at once to get out of it? In an encounter, what happens if the heroes have killed all the monsters but there is reinforcements waiting in an entrance. Do they win or have to kill it as well? Is it total conquest token you count for legendary areas? Can the heroes bye more thatn 5 black dices with fatigue? The throne obstecal, WTF? What happens if a monster has reach, does he have to count an ekstra space if a hero is on top If a large monster wants to get on top of the throne, can he stop his movement half way up. So he is only standing on two of the spaces og the throne? And what effect will that have? It does not block line of sight so you can shoot through it. If a person is standing on top of it does he block line of sight then?
  5. Thanks, I forgot to mension that it was RTL, sorry. I dont find it that hard to stall the players so that I shuffle, but twice is hard.
  6. Hi I have searched the faq, forum and the net for the answers. But I have not found the answer pointed out. I know when I start that a dungeon that I should shuffle the OL deck and take 3 cards. But what happens when I go to level 2. I keep my hand, threats, and flip the eyes. But do I shuffle the deck here? Put the discarded cards into the deck and shuffle. Because if I am almost at the end of the deck the players go on. Then I shuffle the deck almost at once, then I could properly get it shuffled once more and kick them out of the doungen. Another question: As OL can I bye mutiple treachery as one ol upgrade? So i one week buy 2 treachery at the same time or does it count at one upgrade each?
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