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  1. Hi FFG, Are there any plans to reprint this game soon? It's completely impossible to acquire at the moment, unless "you" want to pay a heavy overprice (60-70$Above normal price). //L
  2. Adding to this list: - Updated Combat (The threat dice idea is fine, but it's just a bit to harsh - in the very binary combat, feels very random - kind, that begs to be changed/houseruled) - Potential New Role (The Intelligence Officer) - could potentially be shared between the Central officer and Commander , perhaps even Scientist. - Better more intelligent App, that will either be better at adapting or changing out methods, instead of just being a whole lot of random. - Make Scientists and Satellites more important, and perhaps be like Soldiers/planes a bit. - New units, Diplomats / Spies / infiltrator, Better Interceptors (just like troops have different strength, so could the interceptors), Officers on the board, Cannons/Turrets //T
  3. Same, I love VTES, and I would love to see FFG blow some new life into this one, the LCG format would be Peerrrrfect for this kind of game, and a multiplayer game like VTES with some new and more detailed card art/setup, would just make this game come alive in ways it could not do as a trading game created by Wizards/WW 20+ years ago. There is such a large community still playing VTES and at the moment it feels like Paradox isn't doing much with its IP for VTES... :/ Anyway, it's not likely to happen and if it is, it would take 2-3 years before they would print it //T
  4. I have pulled so many it's it feels like it's not even funny. - please don't do this again FFG. Collection base is: Rey and a Kylo Starter and 3 displays. I have x8 BB-8s.. x6 Reys Staff x7 Tie Fighters And that's just from memory I even had a Displaybox with only 10 Characters, with 2 of them being Leia, and 2xStormtroopers. It was also a really wierd display box as it was completely messed up with dice-to-card matching, and after tallying up the cards/dices, I found that I had a Diplomatic Immunity card with a IQA-11 die, Beyond that, I love the game, just feels a little bit like something was rushed in those display boxes! I still haven't had a single Nightsister, Padawan, Bala-tik, padme, Infiltration, Scout, Jetpack or Holdout blaster, - but I have 8x On the Hunt, and 6x Leias, 5 Jango Fetts (which at least is easy to trade these days:)) //T
  5. Hi People, I was wondering if there was a Armada List Juggler (like the one for x-wing: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/tourneys)that shows tourney lists, heat maps, and popularity for Armada lists. I tried searching for something similar, but it seems that Armada is way more reserved and lists are almost secret, for a tiny group of people "scared" of sharing? There are lists in the forum, and there are lists on 100 different kind of blogs - 70% of those seem to be outdated (ie. have died out within the last 6-7 months), But nothing seems to come out from the different countries world wide unless one searches like a crazy - sharing is caring and all that. why is the Armada Community so silent when it comes to this part. - or am I just looking the wrong places? - could be. Best Regards T
  6. Hi FFG and people in the know it says "Pick up your copy at your local retailer or through our webstore!" no one here in Denmark (or rest of EU) have heard of this yet, and the shipping for Denmark is intense Currently it stands at $19.68 in postals alone for a $12.95 item... just feels like a it's a bit to much. (more than I just paid for Omens) So what is the "date" for it to be in the shops here? //Tallens'out
  7. I get that the card games you're referring to gets less attention at times, I'm guessing they focus more on new stuff than the old stuff- which I guess is only fair if there isn't actually any new stuff. - But I also believe you're mixing The BOARDGAME and the CARD GAME up a bit, this is for the Boardgame, not the TCG card game - the TCG is "the new black" for FFG and since they are pumping out a new expansions every 1½ month to catch up with the show (just a guess) - it gets a lot of attention compared to older titles. But this is for the aGOT2: Boardgame - this game havn't had attention since April 8th 2015 - which is to say just before the new season 5 of GOT starts on HBO last year. I don't say that this game needs much upgrading/changes/new stuff - it is already in my top 1 games of all time - just that the topic made me think there would be something for the game, something new and exciting that we hadn't seen before and that made me all giddy! //T
  8. I saw the post https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/4/11/return-to-westeros-1/ ....on the News page and I was like "YES FINALLY" something for AGOT2, then disappointment when it turned up that it was only a repost FFG don't do these things, you completely messed with my day! - though I don't know what you could have done to make this game any better I would have bought it! Will there be a 3rd edition soon? //L
  9. Awwwww, oh well had to try - would had been nice, since it's such a lovely game //L
  10. Hi FFG I have a question if it would be possible for you to give the old "white-wolf" (Wizards of the Coast) - created by Richard Garfield (MTG, Roborally etc) game a look, there is a rather large community (www.vekn.net/) which are at the moment struggling with a way for theyr hobby to be played. and this game has such an insane amount of "lore" behind it. VTES is easily compared with Game of Thrones but set in a modern dark fantasy environment. With a unique gameplay that supports both offensive and defensive stratetgies, it's a card game made for group play, (4-5 people) and relies very much on social interactions between the players who play. VTES originally was designed as a LCG with the thought that - yes there was rare cards, but the cards you really need are always reprinted and available to you. there wasn't a restriction on the amount of copies of one card you could have in your deck, and the interactions between you, the vampires you control, and how the vampires you control can interact with the table was very unique and at the time of the games creation very unheard off.. VTES biggest weakness is that the rules - while being simple at it's core, - has so meny cards that can change / bend / manipulate the rules in different directions - from the silly (game of Malkav) to the more serious and there is a lot of text that tend to scare a lot of people. - some steamlining in that department would be nice. - like what you did with GoT 2nd. Card Game. Best Regards //L
  11. Really helpful for newbies (like me and my friends), this list also helps invite people into the game, teaching it to new players, using list that real people are using, and the short description of weaknesses and such gives people a slight understanding behind the squard. so Instead of people going grey with panic: Me: lets play x-wing Friend: to many options, I don't get it, lets play something else. I can go: Me: "what ship you like to play"? Friend: "I like the B-wing, what can I build with that"? Me: "Here, look at this, this is a REALLY great setup - great firesupport, or try this one its really sneaky and easy to use". Friend: "thanks that makes sense, I'm ready to play" . Also... I can see there are already some really solid Scrum and Villain lists out there, any chance of an update to the list? //Me not you
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