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  1. about the setting: http://www.lexicanum.com/
  2. Has the Wolfpack hull been deleted from the RTSU?
  3. Just checked back with my supplier. Official sales date in Germany: 14th of March.
  4. My "Battlefleet Koronus" book should reach me tomorrow, first sales day in Germany is today.
  5. DW Core Rule Book, starting page 211
  6. It`s the squad mode abilities iirc.
  7. It depends, i think. If its a former ship of the Imperial Navy, just recently turned rogue, the Navy might want it back. If it`s an old ship, lost for centuries in the Expanse, you might take it as your own prize, maybe paying the Administratum their share to be allowed to keep this ship. In the end, it`s a question how you and your GM like to handle it.
  8. You are right. It`s in Into the Storm, Upgrades for the ship.
  9. Do as you like, but in my opinion, the "not so mighty" lasgun is part of the style and grimdark effect of WH40k. For lasweapons with more punch, there are Hellguns, assault lasguns and so on.
  10. Galaga: Content-based unavailable in my country. Replicant: nice idea. Thanks a lot.
  11. Well, think about the quarters for the crewman on old naval warships, especially large ships of the line. Cramped is the right word.
  12. I try to use music that can play as background. Metal, especially Bolt Thrower, is nothing that rests in the background.
  13. For a while, I`m using music to support the flair of my RT group, especially music from soundtracks (not famous tracks like the PotC theme, that`s just a tad too obvious) and from composers like Two Steps From Hell and Immediate Music. We`ve got special tracks for lifting anchor and the call to battlestations prior to a void battle. How do you keep it? Do you use music or other multimedia elements?
  14. According to some BL novels, Space marine ships are crewed by chapter serfs with a command crew of Space Marines.
  15. I just tried to look up the differences in quality for spaceship weapons, but didn`t find any, only an example how to aquisition. Can anybody help me out? do the rules for personal weaponry apply or what?
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