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  1. Hi, here is a quetion about retreat and archers. When you look on the board, and you a have the unit witch is attacked by archers. from this unit you go 2 hex to the right and than one hex down, take the left hex, here stands the archers unit. This archers attacks the other unit and rolls a flag, in witch direction must the other unit retreat, i don´t know, because in the new retreat rule you must retreat in the opposite direction of the attack, but how does it work in a ranged attack and there is no 1 opposite direction hex, there are 2 hexes in this direction. Thanks for helping Strat
  2. How often does the 3 stark archers in the forest attack? The scenario says in the beginning of the command Phase. Is it so, that in the first round of the game in the command phase, the stark player can use this arches, after this he make the commands, and than Lannister make his commands. Than the stark player may use again his archers, and make his commands and so on. Or can stark only use his 3 Archers 6 times, because you have 6 rounds, and than the game is over ( 18 shoots ). Hope you understand Strat
  3. When Addam Marbrand attack for example an unengaged unit, he may use a flank attack. There are a few comanderspecific leadership card with a little icon of Addam Marbrand, witch allows you, „if Lannister moral is green or better, then ordered units gain +1 attack die, when flanking this turn.“ Can I use this leadership cards with Addam Marbrand´s unit, when he attacks a unengaged unit, because normaly you only can flanking a unit when you attack a engaged unit? Hope you understand my question. Thanks for helping Strat
  4. Hallo, I do not really understand. For example, my forest hex has level 2 and I put a new fire token on, so it is on level 3 and i put a devastation token on this forest hex, why do I increase to level 4, I only had one fire token ( from level 2, to Level 3 ), why 4 ? Thank you for you´r help Strat
  5. Hi, this is a question about "fire". Is it true, that fire does not spread from forest areas, because it´s burn level is 3, and fire only spread with a level of 4. When a forest field reaches level 3, it reaches it´s burnlevel and a devastation tokken will be place on this field. And so this fire can not spread, because fire spread only with a level from 4. Or can you put on a field with a devastation tokken, other fire tokkens, so you can reach the 4. Hope you understand my question, and thank´s for helpin Andi
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