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  1. Hello! For anyone lucky enough to have gone to Gencon 2014 (and maybe even participated in the first ever Conquest tournament), do you recall what the prizes were for the top several entrants? I know about the Blood Angels Veterans card given to anyone who entered, but were there playmats handed out? If so, does anybody have a description, or picture? Thanks in advance!
  2. During the In-Flight Report at Gen Con 2013, out of the mouth of Christian Petersen, FFG CEO, the new scale to be used for transport and capital ships is the "feels right" scale - which he explained is not going to be static, but will likely change for each and every release. Probably not what you were hoping to hear, but looks like that's what it's going to be.
  3. Whoa, wait, what? There are cards that allow us to cancel When Revealed effects?
  4. For a player on a budget, it seems to me that The Hobbit: On the Doorstep would by far provide the most value for your money. Not only do you get a significantly greater number of Hero and player cards than you would in an adventure pack, but you also get three entertaining, radically different and in their own way challenging scenarios. They're no Lake-town level of difficulty, for sure, but I enjoy them nevertheless. Plus, checking prices on Amazon, it only costs about 30-40% more than an Adventure Pack / Print on Demand scenario. For the remainder of your purchases, I would suggest you pick up Lake-town only when you want a significant challenge. Otherwise: Shadow and Flame (reasonably fun, can be challenging) > Encounter at Amon Din (kinda fun, interesting theme - easy, but maybe more difficult than the other APs you don't own yet) > The Long Dark (can be fun with many players) > The Hunt for Gollum (I have some great memories of this quest, and it can be pretty fun, at times) > The Dead Marshes (can be fun or annoying)
  5. Pretty interesting that the devs have apparently changed their mind about a couple rulings, in this FAQ. Historically, they've ruled that attachments can be played on encounter cards that are "immune to player card effects." For example, Ancient Mathom onto The Carrock. Also, the ruling that card text is not active on any player cards attached to a Nameless enemy (by merit of its Forced effect), is new; they mentioned in the past that it would be a funny and legal (albeit, likely unintentional), means of attaching a Forest Snare to such an enemy. Huh.
  6. Thanks for the offer, Glaurung, but we already have the first set of nightmare cards ready to go for as soon as we wrap up our first three "Against the Shadow" adventure packs.
  7. Oh, lots of different reasons. For some, their interest in the game itself has waned over time, and for others, they've just gotten increasingly busy - kids, work, other hobbies, etc. That, combined with scheduling conflicts (primarily because of yours truly), makes COTR as a whole a little bit of a tricky affair to record, let alone any additional projects. It's certainly something that could and likely will happen in the future, though. To everyone else, very glad to hear you're enjoying the series! New episodes should be due out soon, and I'll be headed home to work on editing together our playthrough of The Steward's Fear in just a few minutes, actually.
  8. I lol'ed. Geez. The series started so long ago, it's hard to remember exactly what made me want to start it in the first place! A long time ago, I used to write unecessarily thorough and (quite literally!), exhaustive reviews for each and every expansion for Amazon, but ended up burning out on that, once they started becoming a little too analytic and narrative to be useful, succinct reviews for consumers. Once I started using OCTGN as a means of playing with people over long distances, I figured that videos would be a fun, and much better method of showing off each and every scenario. Cardboard of the Rings is certainly a fun show to be involved in, but due to the different playstyles and preferences of each host, it doesn't always go into the depth of analysis for each card and scenario that I would prefer. I could often drone on and on about each and every card, but almost always choose not to, so that COTR can be what it should be; a light-hearted, fun, and mostly unedited collaboration of a bunch of different folks that are irresistibly drawn to LOTR LCG, with the opinions and personality of each host taking precedence over analyzing everything to death. However, The Progression Series gives me creative control I would never want to take from Brandon (the creator of COTR), and allows me a convenient, appealing means to discuss this game I am so passionate about (in the depth and intricacy that I prefer), and to also provide pleasing visuals for the viewers - though the "card review" videos weren't something that was planned for in the beginning, I love being able to show each and every card, on-screen, for quick viewer reference, which is something that is unfortunately impossible on a purely audio podcast. I think that Matthew and I first started talking when he, as a COTR listener, got involved in a game-related discussion with me, and he and I just became fast friends. We played a TON of games of Summoner Wars on the iOS, Orcs Must Die 2, and a number of other games - we just kinda bonded over time. After the Amazon reviews stopped, but at the height of my interest in COTR, I used to make videos of myself playing solo games on OCTGN, or sometimes with viewers, but due to a very vocal minority of my viewership and COTR critics giving me and COTR as a whole quite a bit of unrelenting and destructive criticism, I was slowly but surely discouraged from continuing to put effort into generating content for the community. As a result, my interest in recording COTR waned, and I stopped making videos entirely for something like 6 months. Eventually, COTR recorded a "2012 year-in-review" episode, wherein we discussed our "naughty list" for the year, among other things. I kinda opened up and shared with everyone that I had lost most of my interest in recording COTR, and all interest in doing videos, but I couldn't help but remember how much love and passion I have for this game - as a dedicated player for two years now, there's just something about this franchise that always pulls me back in, even when community response to my contributions has me down and discouraged. Thus, after recording that episode, I thought to myself "what would be a fun, exciting and useful project to work on?" and I came up with the idea for the progression series. Since Matthew and I play through each expansion in sequence, and gradually increase our card pool just like we did when we were all new players, I thought it would be something that will in many ways never be outdated; for example, since we assessed the Heirs of Numenor cards without comparisons to any of the Against the Shadow adventure packs, if a new player years from now doesn't own any of those "future expansions," the reviews should still be relevant, so long as they make their purchases in chronological order (as FFG "intends"). Matthew was the natural choice for co-host, as he and I had grown to be great friends, and the COTR co-hosts' schedules either didn't match my own, or wouldn't allow for a lot of time spent making a video series. Plus, Matthew and I are both pretty analytical people, so our personalities mesh fairly well. Certainly a lot to read, but that's pretty much the story of the series. Though my motivation took a bit of a dip recently due to some silly and unfortunate game-invalidating errors (necessitating re-recording and re-editing of a few episodes), my motivation to "complete" the series to catch up to current content is back in spades. And as an aside, benhanses, that's funny that you have friends in Yakima that play LOTR LCG! That's where I live, in fact.
  9. I'm glad that passion comes through in the videos - and thanks for the kind words! I've certainly never claimed to be an expert player, and though I love talking about LOTR LCG (particularly evaluating player cards and encounter decks), my actual play for this game, be it solo or multiplayer, is pretty much limited to a handful of games to test out new scenarios prior to recording COTR, and then whatever you see recorded for the Progression Series. Alas, I don't have the luxury of an IRL group of friends or an FLGS to play with, or at, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to remain a contributing part of the (with few exceptions), fantastic community that has developed for this game over the last two years. I'm by no means the most experienced player, but I nevertheless have a blast playing this game, and love sharing that enthusiasm and passion with anyone interested.
  10. Though Matthew and I have met before (between Episodes 003 and 004), we live very far apart from one another. I'm in Washington State, for instance, and he's all the way over in Arizona, so unfortunately, any time we want to record there's a lot of schedule coordination that has to go into it!
  11. Glad to hear everyone is enjoying the series! 1. Yes. I've had the physical cards for months now, but haven't actually ever gotten around to trying them! Matthew and I have the ability to create our own, custom sets for OCTGN, so you will someday see videos for not only the first season of Nightmare decks once we "catch up" our series to current content, but also the upcoming season two that I have pre-ordered. Furthermore, once we get back from GENCON 2013 (both Matthew and I are going with much of the COTR crew), we'll be eventually releasing a video for The Stone of Erech, as well. 2. Originally, I tried to put out videos once every 3 days. I think I maintained that for about 3 months, and it sucked away every drop of my free time. As a result, I ended up burning out and not wanting to touch the series for about a month, and am just now getting back into the groove. I'm currently feeling motivated to try to finish, though, so hopefully videos will come out no slower than once a week, and ideally a little faster than that. The card review videos in particular can be fairly monumental editing tasks! 3. I can guarantee that things will be changing up in the near future. Once we reach The Steward's Fear (which Matthew and I intend to record today!), we'll at the very least have to put the Outlands deck through its paces, and I am excited to eventually deviate from Dwarves. Here's hoping that FFG does end up elevating the power of "Hobbit," or "Gondor" and other traits so that players end up with more "top-tier" options.
  12. Greetings, forum goers! My name is Mitch, and I'm one of the co-hosts of the Cardboard of the Rings podcast. I haven't posted here in an age, but I wanted to share with those in the LOTR LCG community that are as of yet unaware of it, a project I've been working on for some time now. Since December of last year, both myself and a gentleman named Matthew (user Dain Ironfoot of these forums), have been slowly but steadily creating HD-quality video play-throughs of each and every existing scenario. We just recently published our 50th Episode, are looking to release many more installments in the near future, and wanted to spread the word. The name of our project is The LOTR LCG Progression Series, wherein he and I play through each and every expansion for our beloved franchise in the order of its chronological release; for instance, when playing through Conflict at the Carrock, we built decks as though A Journey to Rhosgobel and other, future releases do not exist. However, we also adhere to the most up-to-date version of the FAQ, so that all of these cards nevertheless function as the developers intended them to. In this way, hopefully the videos appeal to beginners and veterans alike. At the present moment we are working our way through The Hobbit: On the Doorstep Saga Expansion, and in our very latest installment we try our hand at playing The Battle of Lake-town. Beyond merely releasing scenario play-throughs, we also do in-depth card analyses for each and every release, and the series has been a blast to produce thus far. For an example, check out our recent review of The Hobbit: On the Doorstep Player Cards. If you've never heard of our videos, I strongly recommend you check them out, and if you've only seen our early episodes, I would definitely encourage you to take a look at some of our later adventures - we had a great time with Heirs of Numenor. In any case, we hope you enjoy the series! We love sharing our passion for this game with everyone.
  13. richsabre said: you must remember that silvan is perhaps the poorest devleoped race in the game. in time i see that she shall become more useful….afterall, thinking at it like this- FFG pruposely created this character..they had no real narrative to go on or anything, therefore for them to make a weak hero seems a bit too much of an oversight for me rich I think someone is forgetting about Esgaroth and Dale!
  14. Welp, looks like Forlong is easily a contender for best Ally in the game. I don't want to proclaim "broken beyond all comprehension" quite yet, but wow.
  15. Glaurung said: I think i will get it in few days. probably wendesday….. Can you tell me about a quest? HOw is it? Interesting? Difficult? What about encouner cards? Spoiler alert: you are not going to like the new scenario, Glaurung.
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