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  1. Hi all! Very new to this edition of L5R and I’m hoping to make a capable and proficient Iaijutsu duelist. However, I’ve heard that there is some issue with building a new character due to some shortcomings with air and the Kakita stat offerings. Does anyone have insights on building a solid starting character who goes this route? Do other builds, clans, schools, rings just do this better?
  2. If the times line up and there is room, then that sounds like a perfect set up! I am certainly interested in playing.
  3. Eastern timezone, and I'm generally free after 7:00p Est. If I've committed to a time slot, I shouldn't have any issues making a game session if it's scheduled in advance. I've been RPing for years, am an avid fan of the Warhammer Fantasy Old World universe, and understand online group etiquette. I'm new to the WHF 3rd Edition system, though I currently run a Star Wars game using the similar mechanics. I've played some WHF 2nd Edition in the past and really enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any seats at the table, I'd be happy to join in. Thank you!
  4. For the record, after a few days of scouring the web, I have found some pretty great pockets of WHFRP 3E product if anyone is looking to expand their collection! 1. Miniatures Market has a considerable amount of the game, all mark downed in their Clearance section, and is the absolute best deal I've encountered so far! Sadly, they don't have many of the hard to find OOP items, but the prices are stunning! https://www.miniaturemarket.com/searchresults?q=Warhammer+Fantasy 2. Good ol'War Store has stocked several hard to find products such as "The Enemy Within" and "Lure of Power." I couldn't find these anywhere else without a staggering mark up so I was grateful to come across them. Warstore also has all of the POD expansions and dice sets at a discount! http://www.thewarstore.com/cgi-thewarstore/sb/productsearch.cgi?storeid=*1a5e955bf0a04bcc181772cec95a56&search_field=Warhammer+Fantasy+Roleplay I ended up finding the Adventurer's toolkit for $10 over retail on amazon today. I don't usually purchase over retail, but from all accounts the toolkit is a must have so I pulled the trigger. Updated Want List: There are still several items I am interested in buying/trading for if anyone has any leads! I'll be updating my original post. The Wind of Magic Hero's Call Gamemaster's Guide Thank you!
  5. I am interesting in playing in an Online WHFRPG. Is there anyone running one looking for players? Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the suggestions guys! I picked up the Adventurer's Toolkit and the Game Master's Vault for close to retail. It appears I can get the POD items directly from FF currently if required. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any of my other desired items for anywhere close to retail. I suppose I'll keep on the hunt for a good deal or hopefully run into someone looking to offload their used copies. I certainly appreciate all the input and links!
  7. Erathia, I am located in Wilmington, North Carolina. If you could PM me the contact info for any local stores who have the products and are willing to ship, I'd be very grateful. I cannot seem to find the desired items (save the POD decks of course) online that aren't priced drastically over retail. Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for the following items if anyone is interested in selling/trading: WANT: *updated The Wind of Magic Hero's Call Gamemaster's Guide HAVE: Black Crusade RPG Books Rogue Trader RPG Books Descent 2E Collection Imperial Assault Collection Conquest LCG Collection The One Ring RPG Collector's Boxset I also have Paypal on hand! I showed up late to the party regarding this game, but I have a fresh group and we are eager to play it to the fullest! Let me know if you have any of the items listed and are interested in trading or selling. I am only interested in items that contain all of their parts and pieces, though it certainly does not have to be New if it is in good condition. Used is fine. Thank you and Game Well!
  9. I was very interested in the Top 10 monsters thread, especially with veteran players explaining their choices and personal tastes on the matter. I was curious, if you had to pick, what would your Top 5 Heroes be? Top 5 classes? How about Worst 5 Heroes? Worst 5 classes? Why do you think said heroes/classes deserve that standing? Thanks for the insights!
  10. Hi all! I've fallen in love with Descent, and every week it seems my collection grows. While I don't own all of the Hero and Monster packs, or the Ltn packs, I do have all of the large and small boxed expansions and the game contents are spilling out everywhere! I currently have everything in baggies, but it all feels very haphazard. How do you all store your Decent collection?
  11. Thank you for the helpful replies! As stated, we've only played a few intro missions and used the IA LoS rules mainly due to the group being familiar with the mechanic. I have no intention of making the Descent experience a mess, I was just curious if some of the IA changes translate well and if they enhance the game. As it stands, it looks like the rules for not moving through enemies is a must for Descent and should remain the same. As for LoS, I think we'll try both ways and see which my group prefers!
  12. Thanks guys! Great info! I received my first wave of Descent goodness and we played a few missions. I'm a bit torn with some of the rules differences, however. Here are the 2 big changes I'm looking to make, but I'm not familiar enough with Descent to know if this will throw the mechanics out of whack. 1. Line of Sight- I prefer Imperial Assault LOS rules to Descents and so far it's what we've used. Does this houserule work in the long run? 2. Moving through enemy models- In IA, you can move through enemy models at the cost of extra movement points, but in D2E, you cannot. If we switch to IA rules on this, will it screw up the balance of the game? Will it overide special abilities or items? I'm sure we will come up with a few more differences as we continue to play, I'll post them here as we come upon them. Thank you dungeon delvers!
  13. Thank you for all the great feedback! It has really helped shape my expectations for Descent and I couldn't be more excited! With all I've seen, I have decided I'd like to collect the entire line eventually and get it painted up. I had some Christmas cash squirreled away and have already made my first purchase. It includes- *Descent 2E Core Box (hoping it is a newer edition that includes the "Heir of Blood" campaign) *Labyrinth of Ruin *Lair of the Wyrm *Manor of Ravens *Trollfens I looked for Shadow of Nerekhall everywhere, but every copy I found was over MSRP, I am guessing it is between printings. I'd like to purchase two of the Heroes and Monsters packs and two of the Lieutenant packs to get started. Does anyone have any suggestions on which ones to start with? I'd like viable monsters and neat heroes to begin with as well as two very different types of Ltns! Thank you again for all your help- Really enjoying the community here!
  14. Hello all! I am a dedicated Imperial Assault player, hosting several campaign sessions a month, and constantly drawing in local players. I am also a collector and avid painter, owning all of the miniatures and expansions for the game, fully painted and ready for battle. I say all this to let you know- I'm serious about my Imp Assaulting! With that being said, I am looking for something new and was promptly pointed towards Descent 2nd Edition by my LGS. After looking over the box art and a few reviews, I am eager to take the plunge! So, my first question is, how different is Descent 2E compared to Imp Assault? How do the two compare in both quality and mechanics? Secondly, for a player who currently owns nothing for Descent, what products should I start my collection with? There is a considerable amount of expansions and minis packs to purchase and I am not certain, outside of the core game, where to truly begin. Thank you in advance for your insights and advice!
  15. Hey guys! I am a long time player of RPGs and LCGs, and have recently been drawn to the wild galaxy of Imperial Assault! I have many RPG books in good-new condition that I'd love to trade for pretty much anything in the Imperial Assault line. I also have a brand new copy of Forbidden Stars. Here is a detailed list of what I have available: Want I am looking for anything from the Imperial Assault line and am willing to trade in your favor if it is a decent sized collection. This collection has brought countless hours of enjoyment for my friends and I, but they have spent too much time on the shelf and it's time to find them a new home. I am ready to take to the skies! Thank you for looking, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have Forbidden Stars: New! Dark Heresy Core Rulebook Disciples of the Dark Gods Daemon Hunter (new) Blood of Martyrs (new) Ascension The Radical's Handbook Book of Judgment (new) Purge the Unclean The Inquisitor's Handbook Rogue Trader Core Rulebook Edge of the Abyss Lure of the Expanse The Frozen Reaches Fallen Suns (new) Citadel of Skulls (new) Into the Storm Only War Core Rulebook (new) GM Screen Enemies of the Imperium (new) Hammer of the Emperor (new) Final Testament (new) Deathwatch Core Rulebook The Emperor Protects (new) The Jericho Reach Black Crusade Core Rulebook (new) Hand of Corruption (new) Tome of Blood (new) Tome of Excess (new) Tome of Fate (new) Call of Cthulhu RPG Call of Cthulhu Corebook 6th Edition (new) The Keeper's Companion Vol 1. (new) Masks of Nyarlathotep Adventure (new) Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Adventure (new) The One Ring RPG The One Ring Boxset: includes Adventurer's book, Loremaster's book and sealed diceset (new) The One Ring GM Screen w/ Laketown sourcebook (new) Tales from Wilderland (new) Spycraft RPG Spycraft Core Rulebook D20 system Spycraft: Modern Arms Guide Spycraft: The 1960's Guide Pathfinder Core Rulebook Ultimate Magic Advanced Player's Guide Inner Sea World Guide Bestiary 2 Bestiary Pawn Box Inner Sea Magic Rise of the Runelord's Anniversary Edition (Hardback) Rise of the Runelord's Pawns (new) Rise of the Runelord's Map Folio (new) Jade Regent Adventure Path 1-6 Skull and Shackles Adventure Path 1-6 Isles of the Shackles Campaign Setting Pirates of the Inner Sea Skull and Shackles Map Folio Flipmat Pirate Ship Flipmat Theatre Skull and Shackles Pawns (new) Second Darkness Adventure Path 1-6 We Bee Goblins Too! Adventure Mod Serpent's Skull Adventure Path 2-3 Heart of the Jungle Sargava: The Lost Colony Wrath of the Rightious Adventure Path 1 Harrower's Handbook Deluxe Harrow Deck
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