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  1. I bet it was already decided before the core set was released. Here is my 50 bucks. So now, where is my Lair of the Wyrm expansion pack box?
  2. Stop…. please….. for the love of… stop…. this is unbearable…. …. ….
  3. I have to admit, the designers at FFG never cease to amaze me. The artwork of the cards is top-notch. I like the breaking hexagons design effect on the card structure, it gives it that nice cyberpunk atmosphere. Cannot wait, sure buy… again.
  4. When i get that game, i will play test it like never before =)
  5. I saw lot of people getting confused between the Units and Enemy concept in the game. Both are different meaning you cannot destroy it in one blow with that kind of combination. I have to admit, i asked myself the same question first time i played. There, sorted out. Have fun playing =)
  6. I hope for the game to be released tomorrow. The pain of waiting and the major excitement are unbearable. Descent is my favorite FF game. Where do they get the illustrators for that new edition? they are amazing.
  7. yohko2

    Expansion arriving

    Hmmm… Orcs and Dwarves. Sweet. So far, Rune Wars and Rune Age have been standing next to each other regarding the playable races. Does that mean that an eventual Rune Wars expansion would also feature the Orcs and Dwarves in it? Would be awesome, don't you think? No matter, cannot wait to play the new Rune Age expansion, that is a sure buy.
  8. Here is my money... So now, where is my ''The Hobbit - Over Hill and Under Hill'' expansion box ?
  9. The party i'll play with oughta be destroyed... mercilessly...
  10. I played it solo and it`s great. I love it.
  11. If it's true, i'll get the game and all adventure packs, isolate myselft in a dark playing room with candles and LotR music and play cards until my hands grow sore.
  12. Sadly no, you are not. Since i know about this game, i keep watching the movies and play LotrO. I used to try developing solo rules for old MECCG without so much success. That game is a dream come true, awesome artwork too.
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